Saturday, 11 May 2013

Too much expectations will kill you

  Hello to my lovely readers! I spent my Saturday afternoon with my fashion bffs Shaira and Rica. We planned to watch a fashion show but we didn't expect we're going to witness a not so... uhm let's just say we're truly disappointed of what we have witnessed. Don't get me wrong, but still... it made us happy that much. Shaira's laugh is so contagious! Si Rica? =___= Like that!  Hahahahaha Eh yung unang pasok ba naman ng model ay lalaking bata tapos yung mga sunod eh akala mo'y humiram ng balakang sa gay. I'm sorry but I have to say all of these. I have to use my freedom of expression. I have to express my own thoughts. Yeah I really thought it would be a high fashion runway... but it was fun after all because we got to spend time together. I just realized, parang late ata kami nagbonding! Oh well high school never ends!  :) 


  Dad's top: Hanes ( YEAH My mom have worn it also. All around?! Naghihirap sa damit!!! hahaha I love plain shirts during lazy days. It's so comfy like heaven ) Shorts: Penshoppe ; Belt: SM Dept Store Watch: Timex; Flats: Barbie; Bag: Thrift Shop

  Rica told me that she needs to go home before 6'oclock. I asked her why. We both laughed na kelangan nya daw maghabol nga araw for ootd! Then I said, eh why not ngayon? Tara sa labas. Thereeee! Bloggers experience this chasing the sunlight for outfit posts! It's not easy after all. People who were passing by... it's so embarrasing hahaha whatever na lang.





  I'm so qualified for NO HAIRCOMB REVOLUTION!!! haha but I don't use Palmolive! I used to. Fashion Girl shampoo! I was addicted to free hairclips and the endorser, Julia Baretto. :))

Yes. We didn't finish it. 

Sneak peek!!!! :)

  I just wanted to spill these... Yeah I've been receiving creepy messages from unknown people. Last night before I sleep, I received a text message from a SUN user. I was so scared and all. She's telling me crazy things about my cousins and myself. I'm so clueless about that girl. It's so obvious that it's not a boy. Idk what's happening to my social life. I mean, how come? Maybe my blog is really a big deal... yes I state  harsh expressions or i really don't know why and what? Awwww. I just have to ignore all of these ( I guess. What can I do? The world is getting smaller. Technology is everywhere. Scary people, scary world.)

Fashion is my passion. Life is my runway. I love my life. I love my passion. I love my blog. I love my readers.