Sunday, 19 May 2013

Miranda Kerr Inspired Outfit

  Hello my sexy and lovely readers of the Universe!!!! I know this is the most awaited part of my blog. The ootd segment every Sunday! I love Sundays because yes it's the only day I get to visit the church, have my best ootds and ofcourse the high ranks I'm craving! So let's go, sit back relax. Chos. ( I  missed my screen. I was out the whole day. :( tired but fighting!!! yay!) 

  Cardigan: Red Head; Top: For Me (sponsored by my Tita Maricar! Thanks to my tita :) ) Tube: Genevieve; Bangles: Chanel; Bag: Lacoste; Heels: Fioni by Payless; Jeans: Esprit

  I hope you know Miranda Kerr. She's a Victoria Secret's Angel. She's an Aussie. Definitely, a fashion icon for every girls. She's one of my idols because damn of her sexiness and loveliness. I just can't believe she's already a mother. I'm just jealous of her life. Yay. Let's talk about her style. Most of the time, she's just like me. I mean she wears jeans, flowy tops or button shirt with pointed heels (pero la ako pointed shoes eh when we say inspired outfit you'll not copy the whole thing still yours pa rin in the end) and a statement bag. Yay. It's very nice. 

  I really need to go on a diet. Excuse my big braso.

I'm inlove with peach colors now.

  You can visit Miranda's website. This is a very busy evening for me. I don't know why. I missed a lot of people! I have lots of stories to kwento and now I feel so dumb...... anyway please visit my tumblr pa rin ah! Plus favor for IG users, follow nyo naman ako guys. Pretty please? (Kahit maging maganda ang please mo, please pa rin yan! yay Kean!!!!!!!!!! <3 Wattpad po ito hahaha sorry I'm just a fan of lots of people) I love you my readers to death!!!!! Medyo nag effort ako this day because I went to bathroom so early just to end with a semi-dry hair and added some make-ups haha Imma girl no reason para hindi mag-maarte! love you again, xx