Sunday, 26 May 2013

Last shot for summer

  Oh no. Do you feel sad with my title? Aw me too! But bed weather is my favorite season of the year and I'm so excited to deal with raindrops, sad songs and especially my lovely sweaters! <3 Before that, let's give summer last one style!!!! 

Boyfriend Polo: Dollhouse; Dress: Candies: Sling Bag: Sm Dept Store; Shoes: Payless; Stockings: Maycy's :P

  My mom always tells me to wear prints on solid pieces only but I disagree with that thought. We can wear prints on print. Say what?! HAHA. Floral dress is a big yeah for summer. I went with stockings on my sunday pictorial only to add kpop style in it. And... sad to say it's my first time to realize the real meaning of "RUN" of stockings. Okay. Here's  the story. I borrowed it from Maycy. I told her na may butas. She was clueless. So guilty na ako. Haha. Eh medyo little butas pa naman. So earlier, I wore it with care (Really? YESSSS!) I saw another butas. I pulled it hard!!!! There I realized, THIS IS A MAJOR RUN! Sorry stockings, sorry maycy. :( 

Major Liar. Hahaha. I hope you didn't see me today!

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How's your Sunday? I have my June ish of CandyMag already!!!! This is my favorite issue so far. It brought me to excitement for college. Yay. Froshies, we need this stuff! I swear, there are so many tips and all. Don't miss it. I love you my lovely readers! Don't forget to visit my Tumblr, I'm giving it a new look! Yup step by step because html and I are good enemies. We never understand each other since the eight grade like IDK? DID WE MEET? HAHAHA