Thursday, 2 May 2013

First Note

  Dear Readers (My very first readers who witnessed the jeje side of me
back in my junior year in highschool) (Those who saw my evolutions in blogging from "DREAMS BEYOND IMAGINATIONS") (My hippie side in Tumblr from TODAY IS SIZE ZERO AGE  to which I got from a fashion book "SILVER LININGS AND SEQUINS" at the library during my senior year) Finally, ( TO MY NEW READERS) who'll see the new me in the real world of FASHION through my eyes! I would love to welcome you all to my official and hopefully the last one (Because it's really tiring!)

LEAVING YOU VOICELESS takes it another spotlight on web!

  Leaving you voiceless is so much different from my past blogs. I swear! You don't know guys how much I'm excited to bring out the newest topics to be discussed here! I promised not to speak too much tagalog here! Haha. Except for words that's too funny, okay? Happiness is more important than formality! This time I'm now in college, I want to become more mature when it comes to styling and ofcourse blogging itself. Yup, you guys are right! You're too great to think of what I'm thinking too! As I take another step from the stairs of success my no. 1 rule for myself is "DON'T CHANGE YOUR REAL SELF" I don't like pretending another person to achieve coolness on Earth (Like those girls... I mean let's just say they hate famewhores which is sila din naman don't tell me they hate themselves? HAHA okay I forgot no bitterness allowed in my blog haha)  That's not cool actually! I'd rather be a jeje for the fact of being yourself.
  But, i'm still nervous about everything. I just have to deal with changes. Even though you might not like me at first, AHA! I'll blog til I drop. Check out those tabs inside my blog, be entertained by my widgets at the side, leave some comments, ofcourse please smile (I like it when my readers tell me "Uy natawa ako sa blog mo! haha) and READ! LEAVING YOU VOICELESS. xx

Welcome back to BLOGSPOT
(It feels good to be back home!)

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