Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIY Nail Art

  Yeoboseyo! Bonjour my pretty sexy madlang readers!! Haha I'm back to share a few knowledge about nail arts and all. :) Take note, we'll start in a very simple design because experts start with basics. Don't forget it!

  First, prepare your nail polishes (?) hahaha polishes?! Haha those nail polishes are given by my cutie patootie friend, Camille Banaag. :P Except for the colorless one. That day, I was so confuse of what color will I put on my nails. "Mameee! Ano maganda pink or violet? Di ko talaga alam kung ano." MOM: "Parehas mo ilagay"  and I was like, "Hala omg oo nga no?! That would be cool!!"  I got a pencil to serve as my guide on painting my nails.  

And there! Kyahhh my nails are so pretty without spending any penny.

  Excuse my hair, I mean the whole look. I'm this little girl who doesn't mind her look inside the house. I don't comb my hair at all. Grabe ang tamad ko. Joke. Nawawala kasi ang suklay ko. Joke. Ewan. Maybe both. Hahaha.

  It's so pretty right? :"> I knew it, there's an artsy side in me! Oh well, there's a major story about nail arts when I was a young dork. I do putting nail polish ever since. My tita found out that I'm good in that field so she asked me to clean her nails. Then my another tita asked me to clean and paint her nails. They gave me money in return. I shared this story to my Dad and he said, Huh bakit ka nagpapabayad? Di pwede na bawat galaw ay may kapalit. Nayyyy. Yeah. I was so guilty that time. :( I realized that wait I can't express it in english. Hahaha. Sa life, if you're doing little or big things or works, it's not the money or reward that counts. It's how you see yourself being happy from what you do. It's all about seeing people happy because you serve them with all your gratitude. I am really thankful to my Dad because this is one of the few things I learned from him that I brought when I've grown up. Unlike my brother, kada utos ng mom ko, may bayad. Sa akin, wala. =) Yup. So much for drama. For a girlaloosh like me, it's really true that choosing pretty colors for something is the hardest decision to do. I always love to discover and experiment new things in my life. It always bring me to happy thoughts just like this! I hope you learned something from me. I hope you enjoyed  reading this blogpost. I love receiving good feedbacks from all of you. They're just so inspiring. :) 

P.S. How's my blog new look? I can't believe I'm on Verniece Enciso mode. Nothing. I feel so pink recently. -___- I LOVE YOU READERS. SO MUCH. I WISH I HAVE A HANDSOME READER AND THEN IN HIS MIND HE'LL REPLY "PATRICE I LOVE YOU TOO" HAHAHA xx