Monday, 23 September 2013

Fallen Angel

  I just finished Fallen! You know naman how I'd love to share everything I love here in my blog. Super speechless ako pagkatapos ko mabasa. Sobra nyang ganda. Alam mo yun, lagi silang nafafall sa isa't isa everytime na magkikita sa different time sa buhay. Ang sweet kasi they always find each other. It's not pure romance kasi nashock din ang brain ko sa reincarnation, demons and fallen angels. Ayoko magbasa ng mga ganitong story kasi nagugulo ang patas ng paniniwala ko. HAHAHA. Just like what I've experience a year ago. From our speech class, 1 month ako minumulto ng idea about heaven and hell kaya urgh lang talaga this book. HAHAHA. Pero okay naman, nothing changed! :) I'll share some of my favorite lines from the book. Caution, sobrang pang-hopeless romantic mga choice ko. AHAHAHA. BTW, Super thankyou to all your views. OMG. It's so shocking because I reached 95 views from my old blogpost entitled, "Fell under the spell" I know it's not that big pero my usual views noon ay 20 plus lang, one time nag 60 plus siya because of Chicser stuff and can you just imagine, 95? OMG. Nakakauto na pala ako these days! I love you. Kilig talaga! I promise to be more effective blogger for my next coming blogposts! Just stay tuned, new adventure this coming week! I CAN'T WAIT. >:)<

Watching a movie with a guy is the best way to get to know things about him, things that might not come out in a conversation.
- I was like kaya pala ang daming couple na nanonood ng movies may psychology thing naman pala. Kaya pala. Okay. HAHAHA. 

As soon as her eyes found him, it was hard to look
anywhere else.
- Oh well, nakakarelate ako. HAHAHA. >:)<

She liked the way he smelled-- kind of free and open, Like driving with the windows down at night. She liked the way he tuned in to her completely when she talked, holding still like he couldn't see or hear anyone but her.
- Sarap mainlove naman pag ganito mga descriptions diba? Yay. Kilig kilig for Luce Price and Daniel Grigori!

Kindness, she decided, knowing she was being hopeless romantic.
- Minsan kasi akala natin sweet na. Oh, assuming alert on. I-off na yan! Uy mga apple friends, off nyo sa settings>general> refresh battery app> bilis malowbat dahil sa iOS7. =))) 

She wanted to know what he was doig right now at Gabbe's party and when his birthday was and what size shoes he wore and whether he ever wasted a single second of his time wondering about her.
- Girls always overthink. No matter if its a guy or whatever, always overthink. Natawa ako sa size ng shoes, nakakarelate. HAHAHA. When a gwapo guy passes by, "Ano kaya size ng paa nun." >:)<

Will you stay with me? Forever.
- Luce asked Daniel. Whatever situation sa life, basta word na FOREVER, oozing ang kilig. AHAHAHA. Oozing talaga. :)) Pero right naman! Forever is not whatever. That's why I really hate flirtations through my timeline na, "I love you baby forever." Kelangan public pagiging forever, mahiya naman kayo sa mga single na followers nyo. Just what I've read from Twitter! AHAHAHA. 

"...I know that whenever I feel my world turning upside down, nothing grounds me like a manicure."
- Hindi naman lahat harot sa book. It relates with girls also. They're all studying in Sword and Cross kasi na parang crazy people lahat nag-aaral tapos ang dress code nila ay black lagi. Tapos, mostly girls ay bitches. Ayun, mga manicures. Lahat ng girls ay sumasaya sa magandang nail polish, I swear. Lalo na kapag sa Posh Nails or Dainty pa nagpamanicure, selfie selfie sa instagram ano. HAHAHA. :)))

"Well, now that we've knocked over one another's books, isn't the next step for our hands to accidentally touch while we're picking them up?"
- Line from Cam. He's a guy na super attracted kay Luce. Medyo attracted din si Luce pero si Daniel talaga siya tinamaan, una pa lang. Natawa ako sa line na to kasi they bumped into each other literally. Cam has point! Cliche yung mga scene na magkakabanggaan tapos sasabihin, "*picked their books* Are you okay? I'm *insert a name here* tapos magkakasalubong lagi tapos magdadate tapos boom sila na". Blame those movies and teleserye shows. :(((

The person I fall inlove with each time is you.
- Medyo pahuling chapters na to. Kaya ayaw magmahal ni Daniel ulit kasi he's damned. He's been burned so many times. Burned by the same person over and over again. Si Luce ay nabubuhay at namamatay every 17 years. Yeah, fiction nga diba? Si Luce yung lagi niyang minamahal kaya pala familiar din si Luce kay D.

I get to live forever.
- Napanganga ako dito. Forever? Because he's a fallen angel. He's immortal.

You come along every 17 years. 
- this!

We meet. We always meet, somehow we're always thrown together, no matter where I go, no matter how I try to distance myself from you. You always find me.
- *Melts on my seat* Everyone likes to experience this feeling ko. Alam mo yun, PAST na nga. PRESENT mo pa. Pero yung twist ng story, they're not sure if sila in the future kasi may whatsoever na war. Di ko rin gets. =))) Pero gusto ko lang sana magmura dahil ang hayop nung teacher nila na si Miss Sophia dahil they thought, she's on their side. Angel din kasi yun. Bale, what I've understood ay sa mga angels daw parang may mga sectors tapos by group. Ayun, kampon pala ng kalaban. Hinabilin ni Daniel si Luce at si Penn yung bff ni Luce. Pinatay ni gago sophia yung si Penn tapos di natuloy kay Luce kasi to the rescue agad si Daniel my love. 

The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment. That's all I was doing.
- There. It applies to everyone of us. God's gift which is life ay eternal to be true. Yolo. Cherish every moment with your family, friends and loved ones. You just can't say na, "Ay 16 pa lang naman ako, matagal pa ako sa Earth." Oh, I love you kayo ng i love you sa mga jowa nyo, mag- I love you muna kayo sa Magulang nyo! Hahahaha. Magtwitter kayo for more quotes like this! 

I'm inlove with an angel
- Back when I was in elementary, I had a favorite song na I'm inlove with an angel. Wala lang. =)) Super sweet lang kasi if I was Luce, shet di ko alam sa saang sulok ng kama ako magtatago. Ikaw ba namang makawitness ng enormous shadows and angel battles, die. =)) Atleast, si Daniel laging andyan tapos kapag nandyan si Daniel, feeling niya safe siya. Safe na safe. In fact, Guardian angel niya pala si Daniel kasi he always finds her too. Jeez ang sweet lang talaga! :">

D: Try to remember what I said
L: which part
D: as much as you can--but mostly, that I love you.
- This was the part na pinapaalis na ni Daniel si Luce kasi nga labanan moments 101 na. Ang sweet lang, kasi tandaan daw dapat ni Luce lahat. Magtiwala lang daw siya sa gutts niya. Just believe to him. Pero kilig talaga pag translated na, "Tandaan mo kung ano ang kaya mo pero dapat mas tandaan mo na mahal na mahal kita." :"> 

Fight to stay alive long enough to live out her life next to him. Fight for the only thing she knew that was good enough, noble enough, powerful enough to be worth risking everything. Love.
- Last paragraph of the last chapter.

  OH! Picture picture muna after reading! Hurray! Don't mind my "double tap to add text" =)))

"What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?" Thumbs up ako sayo Lauren Kate, iba ka. :)))
Thankyou for dropping by. Grab your fallen book na if you haven't read it. Don't forget to tune in classic and old songs kasabay ng raindrops sa windows, oh diba talk about feel na feel. How I missed reading a good book. <3

  Next in line. I'll just download a pdf like what Sandra Ambida told me. ( Oh mentioned si Sandra! haha kaway kaway sa baliwan kong friend. Book friend ko yan sa wattpad at even good books pala! Naman girl! hahaha) Who has a book? MIND TO SHARE? This Sembreak if ever pwede. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. *Imagine we're in showtime studio. :))* For real, I have to say goodbye. Btw, two more last chikas. Remember our rats from psycho? Nanganak po si Japet ng 8 kiddos and nawawala yung isa so 7 na lang. Shocking revelation! AND, we have two new puppies! Nag over the bakod ako today because I think I lost or misplaced my keys tapos may maingay (kala ko nagmumulto si Tonya and Mickey kasi) and then boom, two super cutie puppies. Yay. <3

Reading a long blogpost isn't serious at all, saranghae! 
Patricia <3

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Updated Version of Yourself

  When was the last time you re-read your old dorky diary? A year, months or maybe few weeks ago because you had your general cleaning up in your room. How about the last time you unlocked your phone? OMG, what if you're holding it right now and you're having this multi-tasking moments 101 with your television, runny notes or worst with your favorite comfort food! Gross. Everybody's been getting crazy about the updated version of Apple, iOS7. Have you updated yours already? What's the updated version of yourself nowadays? ( AM I MAKING SENSE HAHAHAHA) 

  This is late post from Tuesday's visitation with mum. I'm just hoping, everything will be alright. *Pray*

  My just got home look since the light from the sun was never more available. Have to deal with green lights, white lights and editing. HAHAHA.

  I'm proud of my big braso. I am macho. I just discovered that there are exercising routines to have a lesser size of braso. Have faith for those who owns big brasos also. I only own 1 muscle tee. I shall make a diy or watch out for sales or major hanap na lang around BTG. :>
   Just to share how iOS7 is really great at the moment. It's really worth the wait. Hanep, saludo ako sa mga software analyst ng Apple.

  Love it so much. It's like a Samsung system with Windows 8. COOL ENOUGH.

  Leaving you a short blogpost because I consider myself ( now) a busy person. Lol. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you're having a good throwback Thursday all the way. Be good, be yourself. Strive to be a better person everyday you'll wake up. 

P.S. Watch out for my coming album jk haha, I mean I will post my sketch creations. I don't know what's happening to my hands but I'm loving my sketches recently. Alam nyo yun, dati di ka marunong kahit stick figures e ngayon, daig ko pa si Francis Libiran? AHAHA OA na! It's a matter of practice and passion. Wait for it yo!

Patricia <3

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Think of Happy Thoughts

  Life is like a transaction, it needs to be balanced all the time. For example, you gain cash from your revenues, your cash will debit and your revenue will credit at the same time. #PushMoYanPatrice lol. Life has its ups and downs. There are times you'll explode of so many funny sessions with your favorite people and at the end of the day, you'll cry  over things. If you can't relate with me, think again. 

1. Open your windows. You have to get up and avoid staying late on bed. It makes you lazy and it will affect your mood the whole day. You have to do things and be productive especially on mornings. Start your day right.

2. Let's get physical! When was the last time you have worn your running shoes? Stretch your muscles and do simple meditation with yoga routines also.

3. Reunite with your family. There's nothing more than spending a little of your time with them by having small dinner. Take pictures, talk of issues and laugh out loud all those crazy things under the sun. 

4. Lunch dates are somehow dedicated to our trusted friends. Go to a not so familiar restaurant and have good food with you. It's a matter of deep conversations too!

5. Appreciate compliments from people. Whatever they tell you, as long as it boosts your inner confidence, accept it. Those simple, "Uy ganda mo!" "Yie, galing mo naman!". All those little things!

6. Read good books in a silent place with oh-so-relaxing musics. Linger is the perfect song or any forever 21 songs and yeah ofc, Regina Spektor! I always tell myself, " Have faith Patrice, you'll be good in English sooner." It takes time. :)

7. Reward yourself. Buy something you've been eyeing for so long. Treat your friends when you're sad!! Remember, seeing people happy makes you happy too!

8.  Serendipity, big word. 

9. Thank God for everything. Spill your prayers. Tell your secrets to him. Ask for forgiveness. Love him and do things according to his will.

Make happy happen! Mag-enervon. Joke. =)) Thankyou for always reading my blog. Have good times all throughout. Au Revoir!

Patricia <3

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fell under the spell

"Don't you ever say
I just walked away
I will always want you. 
I can't live a lie,
running for my life.
I will always want you."

That is my favorite part. I don't know but I really like the song. Don't judge Miley ( naks. Defender! ) Don't judge me. Don't judge others. Why? We are people not a judge. HAHAHA. Sabaw mo kanin, Patrice!!! I was so intrigued from Miley. I just recalled that I saw a picture of her and Liam. Kasi all this time, I thought, it's really the fault of that Liam Hemsworth guy pero  nung naalala ko yung page sa candy na nasa airport sila tapos si Miley boycut na tapos may dala silang dog. They're still okay. Sakit lang, alam mo yun ikakasal na kasi sila... biglang schnapps! :(

  I wore an old dress from F/X Fashion. I paired it with my Ninang's gift a long time ago from Ann Taylor. I opted to ballerina flats from Solemate. 

  I used this sling bag given by my aunties again. :)

  I'm reading a new book entitled, "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. I've known this book for so long and it's just only now! lol I also have one book pending in my reading list I borrowed from my cousin, "Diary ng Panget 1" by Have you seen this girl. I've know this book for so long also.I already started reading it when I was still in 4th year high school but due to my laziness, I stopped on the first chapter. I find it boring and not too realistic. She's living in her own, renting an apartment and she crossed her windows because she doesn't have bucks to pay like really? :)) But everybody seems to like it so I have to find what's that fuss all about. And!!! There's a book released of my all time favorite wattpad story, THREE WORDS EIGHT LETTERS IF YOU SAY IT I'M YOURS. It's Kean my baby! :"> Wow, I sound like a bookish! all stuffs about love only <3 haha 

  I look so happy in this photo! I was so bored the whole Sunday like I want to kill myself except in the afternoon! I watched the whole live stream of UAAP CHEERDANCE COMPETITION 2013! Not so goosebumps compared from the last year but it was great too. I saw Jeron Teng <3 Natawa ako sa tweet ni Vice Ganda na kung nagtwerk daw si Jeron, panalo daw Dlsu. =))))

  If you have a boring dress, pair it with a petite cardigan. Always a win! I love earthly colors but sometimes you have to break the color variations that's why I added a pop of color from my neon flats! Don't you love it? Again, thanks for dropping by. Uy salamat sa lahat ng nagbabasa ng blog ko because I heard ( naks haha twenty pesos per view dapat haha jk ) I saw my last blogpost views, nakakakilig. :"> <3

P.S. Speaking of  kilig, Vern Enciso and David Guison are having love affair!! OMG SHAIRA AND I ARE THE HAPPIEST talaga. Yung mga comments namin sa insta! Pati sina Julia Baretto at Derrick Monasterio! We are wishing all the best for you guys. HAHAHA. 

PS Photos of what I've mentioned earlier. :)

  It breaks my heart. 

Patricia <3


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Black is sexy

  This morning, I checked my wardrobe to see what I'm going to wear. I held a candies dress at first but decided into my LBD instead. I came up with an all black attire. I'm still mourning for Tonya :( My high school friends can't believe she's already gone. I'm so touch with my college friends too, natawa ako na nakatambay kami sa may cr tapos sabi ni Glecie, "Sinong iniintay natin dito?" Monie said, "Wala, nakikiramay ka friend." lol I miss her already. We have a nearest pet shop here, I'm eyeing a white with choco fur shitzu. It's so small and cute from afar! haha I'm imagining her name as Chloe, omg. Money please or rich boyfriend please. HAHAHA. If I'll have a lover in the future, I won't let him give me or I won't give him a dog because we won't end up together. Just read from Vern's formspring! There it happened to her and Dondi! She has a new lovelife now while Dondi is enjoying his life climbing on mountains and other healthy life style stuffs. I know too much, I do believe I have a space for The Buzz or Star Talk industry. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN AB COMMUNICATIONS! My fourth choice, seriously. HAHAHA. If you're a loyal reader of mine, you'll notice that I write a lot because hell yeah, I think too much. I guess, I can't change my real self for formality. :p

Dress: Mint; Belt: Get Laud; Heels: Gibi; Watch: Swatch

  I've worn this million of times and I always have to tell that if you're buying a new dress this season, oh la la! Check your wardrobe first and you're might missing a piece of Little Black Dress! Lucky to find this at Mint!

  I'm getting fatter and fatter till the fattest version of myself. I don't know what to do because I want to gain height but UHHH WHATEVER. :>

  You can never go wrong with Black, I swear. Make sure you have a pair of black pumps that you can use in whatever you'll wear. A black sling bag, too!

  Meet my love! NESEYE NE ENG LEHET, MENEMEHEL KETENG TEPET. Grab your Candymag September issue now! 2 more issues and it's already my 2nd anniversary of collecting Candymag!! :) * Sa panahon ngayon, hindi kailangan ng lovelife para mag-anniversary dahil nandyan naman ang candymag lol* I'm a true blue Candy girl! When I reach 20 years old, I'll transfer to VOGUE!! Yes, another dream magazine. :) This is late post by the way! I found a time for this blogpost after semi finals! It went good except for Accounting. I didn't study well on the last part. I hope the last part won't cost that much! I'm gonna kill myself if ever. This is so frustrating. :( We checked our Algebra results, it's not line of 9 this time. When you round it off, close enough naman. I think it's good enough compared to others HAHAHA YABANG SHET. Ako lang talaga yung nag-iisang babae sa room na ang hilig magpadagdag ng score sa professor sa results, aba sayang naman 6 points ko. Close na tuloy kami ni Mam Maganda. :"> Hindi ako makapaniwala na yun lang. Pati guys, may hinahabol ako kaya kung kailangan dumanak ang dugo, makikipagpatayan ako sa studies. College foundation, next week. I don't care, I love it! =)))  Just keep in mind that you are what you wear. Dress to express not to impress! Email me at for collaborations and drop your comments here.

P.S. I want a red lipstick from REVLON. The one I like costs for 475 pesos. Red shade please. I'll study hard so that I'll get good grades and my mum will be you know. HAHAHA. I'm trying to keep in mind how to save money. I realized, " Kunwari may pamilya na ako." What do you think? Christmas is getting nearer. Shoe size: 8; Dress and Tops: Medium; Jeans: 27; I love strawberries, lipstick, accessories please haha and everything. I love myself so much. I love you all! HAHAHAHA.

  Throwback Thursday. I miss my short hair. =))) I love you, Tonya! 


Friday, 6 September 2013

Farewell my baby

Have you a dog in heaven, Lord?
Is there room for just one more?
Cause my little dog died today;
She'll be waiting at your door.
Please take her into Heaven, Lord.
And keep her there for me. 
Just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord,
That's all she'll ask of Thee.

Taking care of dogs is one of the things I didn't expect in my life. I grew up with pakalat kalat cats in our old place that's when I saw those 2 dogs, I knew I'm gonna love them forever. When Mickey died last August 10, I really cried so well. It's really heartbreaking. This morning, it happened again. My Tonya, has gave up her life to God. I was studying for a quiz in Accounting when my mom screamed, "Si Tonya!". I ran immediately to see it. Tonya was lying and her eyes were just like Mickey's before her death. I went in front of her, "Tonya!" She didn't response. She's just lying and I think she's already barely breathing. I earthquake-D her shelter. ( I moved them rapidly para magising siya kasi pumipikit na talaga siya. Alam ko na sa sarili ko na ito na yon, alam ko namang aalis na talaga siya kasi she's suffering hard from dog's lice tapos hindi na talaga siya pasaway and loud dog ever. Alam ko naman eh. Pero ang sakit pa rin kasi kahit alam mo na mawawala na sayo yung bagay, nag-expect ka na NO, she'll be okay in time.) It was a success na hindi niya pinikit mga mata niya and napaluguan pa namin siya and applied the shampoo that Monie told me to cure her nga. It was really unexpected when I checked my phone during our Fil class, 11:38 AM. Mom: "Patay na si Tonya". It broke my heart...

  Tonya, you know that I love you more than Mickey. Hayst. You're one of the best sister ever! I treat them sisters because my mom treats them like her children too. You are my buddy whenever there's no one I have to talk with. You are my toy sometimes because I'm so gigil with you! I like pinching your face, anything that's cute in you, I will do. You are so cute and so lovely creature. I miss seeing you rolling yourself after your bath. I'll miss your shower sessions. I'll miss everything. I can't believe times flies so fast that God has finally called for you my little angel. I'm still lucky because we met! I'm so blessed to share a life with you. You and Mickey are irreplaceable. I love you both. I cried in our room and hugged Monie. Natawa ako na na kasalanan daw niya, late na kasi kami nakapag open about our pets. Huhu. Pero natawa talaga ako na kasalanan niya daw! HAHAHA. Naiisip ko baka mapanaginipan ko si Tonya tapos gagayahin si Anna Kendrick na magcucups tapos kakanta na, you're gonna miss when I'm gone! :(((( 

  You'll stay here in my heart, forever! Love you two! Thanks for reading and understanding with sympathy. <3

Patricia <3