Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Selfie Pictorial

  Hello my readers. I was really bored awhile ago ( even now?) hahaha so I checked my wardrobe and yeah I did a selfie pictorial! It was fun :)

  Stockings from Maycy ( Maycy the run isn't obvious here. I will give this back to you whenever! haha loveyou!)

I will never be shy of my waist. I will never be shy of myself.

  Top from my bff from London! I love you Camille... I haven't used this one outside!  :) Well I almost forgot this top. -.-"

Shorts from Giordano. I thought I lost this one also. :D

Geek in me.

  Black stockings will always bring you to a classy look. Skater skirts are also so cute!! Just like what Karla Aguas told her readers, skater skirts will emphasize your long legs. Pulling of skater skirts will flatter your inner girly look. :) White shirts plus high-waist shorts for lazy days!! Awesome. When Patrice is bored, she goes for dress-ups!! Thankyou for reading! I love you so much :)