Friday, 31 May 2013

Lazy Friday

  My mom and I had a fridate this afternoon. I will miss this when I get married hahaha chos joke lang siyempre. Lalo pa ngayon? Alam nyo ba, i'm starting to freak out from the articles and blogs I've been reading about my course. Nakakaiyak eh. Yung mga napasa sa board, 38 lang. May school nga sa Manila na walang pumasa out of 2 pa. Made my day!! HAHA. Am I that bad? Forgive me. I want to laugh it off. I want to laugh despite of these scary stuffs na naeencounter ko. Feeling ko, I have so many tears to release for the next 5 years. Favorite ko pa naman ang Math! :) Hahaha. Pero favorite ko talaga Math. Lagi ko lang talagang iniiyakan mga quiz ko noon. Ha! That's why I kept on laughing because you'll never see those smiles again... ( Scary as it sounds pero i believe) Plus, I think I'm in good hands. Rank 33 ang BSU guys. I'm contented with it. Like what many people always tell me, "Neng nasa kapalaran mo yun... Kung destined ka, mararating mo." Hehehe. Let's study well this coming school year ( I mean forever)!!

  I don't know. I went with a gym outfit. I dress up according to my mood.  That will be my forever fashion sense. I brought a bench towel with me also. Ya. So whenever people see me inside the mall they think na "Yung girl halatang nagjogging. Di man lang nagpalit ng outfit eh, ganda pa naman ( hahaha jk yung ganda pa naman)" I'm just cheering up myself. -___-

  THAT WAS A HEAVY TRAFFIC. I SWEAR. THE GOVERNMENT IN BATANGAS SHOULD IMPLY EFFECTIVE TRAFFIC RULES SO THAT HINDI GANITO YUNG PAGMUMUKHA KO PAGKARATING. Pero malala na talaga sa Diversion. UNJAENA YOUNGWONHEE ANG PEG. Btw, thanks for reading. I owe a lot to my readers. I love you so much. I don't feel so alone. :P Goodnight! Don't forget to pray. Remember Japan? Just Always Pray At Night. x Don't forget to visit my other blog in tumblr. Yup, still alive and kicking sir. :)

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Songs you might love (3)

  Yeoboseyo readers. We're down to the third week of SYML!!! I'm so proud, i really consider myself a very responsible blogger because every friday I get to publish this segment!! hahaha pasensya na talaga po sa mga thoughts ko, ito nagpapaligaya sa akin hahaha. Back to my serious tone, *coughs*... These are the songs I've been listening for a week. Again, i'm just savoring the moment of my staycation because college is fast approaching. I'll miss doing this thing. I don't want to lose sa isang pustahan na pataasan ng grades namin ng pinsan ko hahaha. As much as possible, no blogger on school days. 

Linger by Cranberries

  It's my first time to watch Click last Monday or Tuesday? I forgot. I really fell inlove with the movie. It's so romantic and full of life realizations. Linger is their theme song ata. Nung ginagamit na niya yung remote ng buhay niya, bumalik siya sa time na naging sila nung wife niya kasi nalimutan niya yung song na tumunog sa bar. Aw. Iyak ako ng iyak noong malayo na yung narating niya with the remote. I was laughing also kasi nakakatawa din yung ilang scene. Nabaliw ako that time actually. Haha. Please watch the movie if you haven't. Plus from wattpad, this is part of She's Dating the Gangster.  Hay. I miss those sdtg days, super. This is my favorite song. :)

Here's to never growing up by Avril Lavigne

  Aw yeah. Imma big fan of Avril. I think this song is kinda different from all her past musics because it's not a sad song. WOAH. Here's to never growing up. This is my jam. Wohoo we can stay forever young... lalalala. I love the song. I feel so rebellious with the lyrics kiss my ass. Ahahaha. =)) Must listen. 

Cups Pitch Perfect

  I know this is old already but this is the first time I didn't forget to download this song hahaha. I now make sure to include stuffs on my notes. :') I would love to record myself a video doing the same thing. Haha! What do you think? I'll study about those cups. It's so confusing. Yup, VJ Karla did already a video, so being one of the Karlashians, i'm gonna copy her. Hihi. Sad to say, I haven't watched Pitch Perfect :( Blame Karli for giving a copy of the movie without any sounds. :| Hahaha. Kidding. I love you my sister Karla Lisette De Chavez. Maycy and I are very grateful (I think so) because you always give us copies of good  movies. Idk what happened to your copy of Pitch Perfect. -___- Could somebody lend me a cd or any copy so that I can watch and be not outdated from pitch perfect world? :) x

Get it started by Pitbull ft. Shakira

  This is another party party song! Hahaha. I only like it when it's Shakira's turn. Tsss remove pitbull. Hahaha.

Tongue tied by Faber Drive

  Got this song from another wattpad story. You'll fell inlove with this song too. Believe in my taste. Hahaha.

Yeah, finish! Thankyou for the trust guys. Hahaha. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend also. Let's enjoy our vacation. *Sniffs* I love you all. xoxo

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIY Nail Art

  Yeoboseyo! Bonjour my pretty sexy madlang readers!! Haha I'm back to share a few knowledge about nail arts and all. :) Take note, we'll start in a very simple design because experts start with basics. Don't forget it!

  First, prepare your nail polishes (?) hahaha polishes?! Haha those nail polishes are given by my cutie patootie friend, Camille Banaag. :P Except for the colorless one. That day, I was so confuse of what color will I put on my nails. "Mameee! Ano maganda pink or violet? Di ko talaga alam kung ano." MOM: "Parehas mo ilagay"  and I was like, "Hala omg oo nga no?! That would be cool!!"  I got a pencil to serve as my guide on painting my nails.  

And there! Kyahhh my nails are so pretty without spending any penny.

  Excuse my hair, I mean the whole look. I'm this little girl who doesn't mind her look inside the house. I don't comb my hair at all. Grabe ang tamad ko. Joke. Nawawala kasi ang suklay ko. Joke. Ewan. Maybe both. Hahaha.

  It's so pretty right? :"> I knew it, there's an artsy side in me! Oh well, there's a major story about nail arts when I was a young dork. I do putting nail polish ever since. My tita found out that I'm good in that field so she asked me to clean her nails. Then my another tita asked me to clean and paint her nails. They gave me money in return. I shared this story to my Dad and he said, Huh bakit ka nagpapabayad? Di pwede na bawat galaw ay may kapalit. Nayyyy. Yeah. I was so guilty that time. :( I realized that wait I can't express it in english. Hahaha. Sa life, if you're doing little or big things or works, it's not the money or reward that counts. It's how you see yourself being happy from what you do. It's all about seeing people happy because you serve them with all your gratitude. I am really thankful to my Dad because this is one of the few things I learned from him that I brought when I've grown up. Unlike my brother, kada utos ng mom ko, may bayad. Sa akin, wala. =) Yup. So much for drama. For a girlaloosh like me, it's really true that choosing pretty colors for something is the hardest decision to do. I always love to discover and experiment new things in my life. It always bring me to happy thoughts just like this! I hope you learned something from me. I hope you enjoyed  reading this blogpost. I love receiving good feedbacks from all of you. They're just so inspiring. :) 

P.S. How's my blog new look? I can't believe I'm on Verniece Enciso mode. Nothing. I feel so pink recently. -___- I LOVE YOU READERS. SO MUCH. I WISH I HAVE A HANDSOME READER AND THEN IN HIS MIND HE'LL REPLY "PATRICE I LOVE YOU TOO" HAHAHA xx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Last shot for summer

  Oh no. Do you feel sad with my title? Aw me too! But bed weather is my favorite season of the year and I'm so excited to deal with raindrops, sad songs and especially my lovely sweaters! <3 Before that, let's give summer last one style!!!! 

Boyfriend Polo: Dollhouse; Dress: Candies: Sling Bag: Sm Dept Store; Shoes: Payless; Stockings: Maycy's :P

  My mom always tells me to wear prints on solid pieces only but I disagree with that thought. We can wear prints on print. Say what?! HAHA. Floral dress is a big yeah for summer. I went with stockings on my sunday pictorial only to add kpop style in it. And... sad to say it's my first time to realize the real meaning of "RUN" of stockings. Okay. Here's  the story. I borrowed it from Maycy. I told her na may butas. She was clueless. So guilty na ako. Haha. Eh medyo little butas pa naman. So earlier, I wore it with care (Really? YESSSS!) I saw another butas. I pulled it hard!!!! There I realized, THIS IS A MAJOR RUN! Sorry stockings, sorry maycy. :( 

Major Liar. Hahaha. I hope you didn't see me today!

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How's your Sunday? I have my June ish of CandyMag already!!!! This is my favorite issue so far. It brought me to excitement for college. Yay. Froshies, we need this stuff! I swear, there are so many tips and all. Don't miss it. I love you my lovely readers! Don't forget to visit my Tumblr, I'm giving it a new look! Yup step by step because html and I are good enemies. We never understand each other since the eight grade like IDK? DID WE MEET? HAHAHA 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rainbow Paddle Pop

Here's what happened today! Excuse my selfie photos. (: 

  I really want a long hair. Longer hair I mean. I accept hair extensions hahaha kindly email me. I need sponsors hahaha Tony and Jackey at David Salon, hoy!! hahaha kidding

With my very naughty baby.

I missed buying ice creams that are passing by on the road.  This rainbow paddle pop never fails to bring me on good vibes. I felt like a little kid once again! (:

Sofia's choice. This one is not so delicious. So don't buy! hahaha It's like a violet hotdog haha


Top: Aero; Shorts or Pedals? ( IDK): F and H. Sandals: Ipanema 

  How's your Saturday? Mine is quite boring. Tsss. I want to go school already. My eyes are ready to search for......... hahahahahahha to search for informations about my subjects, duh! We go to school to study. Hahaha. Idc if I sound sabaw, atleast nabusog kayo. Hahahaha. Gets? AHA Corny bigla. Hahaha. Good evening. I love you readers!! :)

Friday, 24 May 2013


  Basics is now my favorite word. Haha. I know this is the funniest blogpost I ever did!!!!!! Hahahaha atleast I made you laugh, HUH!! Hahahaha. Don't get me wrong, okay? I don't want to hear some thoughts like "Ano ba yan pati yun blinog na!" Ehem excuse me lovely, this is my own blog. I believe experts start with little things. Besides what if i'm not the only one na nagpapakatrying hard sa pagluluto? Atleast he or she's not alone! Okay! Smize!! 

  Purefoods cornbeef is deifinitely my favorite cornbeef. That's the only brand of cornbeef I eat! Kahit hayinan nyo ako ng Cdo, rejected yan! At kahit yung tig 150 na cornbeef na laging dala ng tatay ko, hindi ko rin trip. Sakto lang Purefoods for 43 pesos only. :) 


2. Slice some onions. Don't stare that much, i hate how it brings me to tears! 

3. Break the garlics into pieces.

4. Prepare your frying pan. Put the garlics, onions and potatoes first. 

5. Afer 5 minutes, drop the cornbeef na!!!

6. You can add some pepper, vetsin and salt for flavorings. 

7. Wait for 3-5 minutes and there!!!!  

  Hahaha. We had this for dinner. Lol! Ganyan talaga pag tamad magluto ang nasa bahay. We had left overs the last time my mom prepared this one. Last evening, we ate them all. Then my mother said also, I mean paulit ulit nyang sinabi "Ay ubos eh." AHHHH She's smiling. I don't know if she's teasing me or what. Compliment tho? :P HAHAHA. This late morning mom was preparing for lunch, and it's Adobo. I was so disappointed when I saw her earlier na paluto na. :( She doesn't want me to learn cooking? :O Pssh. Next time! Ahaaaa You can read my tumblr blog ha! I'm still running it!! :) Expect more food blogposts here. Believe me, I will learn them all step by step. I hope you had fun with this blogpost!!! =) I love you so much readers! xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

SYML for this week! (Songs you might love)

  Yeobseyo my readers!! It's Friday and so? Haha anyway!! VJ Patrice is down to the last chosssss chika lang haha. I'll share another set of my new favorite songs!! :)

Never say never by the Fray

You all know that I read on wattpad, right? I've been seeing this song on different stories... usually when I know the song, I sing while reading the lyrics. I got curious so I made an effort to search the song. Kinikilig ako sa song na ito. I love the intro so much... feeling ko kinakantahan ako ni Top ( Talk back and you're dead bida na guy) yayyyyy I'm inlove... low husky voice hahahaha anyone?! 

You and me by Lifehouse

Huh! I've known this song for so long :) Kasamahan siya ng I'll be na song hehehe. Mga ganitong type na song nagkakasundo kami ng Dad ko. Hay. Namiss ko bigla guys. Haha. This song reminds me of a scene na crowded like concert or what na don siya nakita ni guy tapos nainlove agad. Hahaha mga co-hopeless romantic dyan, damayan nyo ako sa imaginations ko. :)))

More than words by Extreme
I think this is another old song too. Nako yung totoo? Nasa playlist ata tayo ng tatay ko hahaha welcome! lol From the story I'm reading now 'Facebook boyfriend for real' :) again this is not jeje, the title yes but the content? Kakainin nyo words nyo kasi sobrang utas ako habang nagbabasa hahahaaha

What's your name by 4 minute

We're not on my father's my playlist anymore hahaha because this is a kpop song. Influence of boredom and Arirang!! You'll love their moves <3

Hung up by Hot Chelle Rae

I already told you this song before. AND I'M LIKE YEAH EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE!!!! Ilang araw din akong nagsisigaw sa bahay ng lyrics na yan. Parang sira lang! Hahahaha.  

  Yeah we're done guys! I hope you'll love these songs too especially Never say never! Download 'em all and have a great weekend my loves! This is Vj Patrice, saying if you fall seven times then get up to 8 times!!!! ( Hula kayo kung kaninong line yon!!! Yun balak ko maging stepping tones next year haha secret secret muna baka mapahiya ako eh hahaha pag sure ball na chika ko agad!) I love you all! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Last na naman!!!"

  It was a great Wednesday with Bene people. We're just 7, 3 boys and 4 girls. Still!! I had fun with the girls.   Kelan kaya maaalis ang chika sa mundo? Let's not dream of it!!!  Life would be boring! Haha.

(c) Kimberly :)

  I went to a not so prepared ootd. Hello, it's very near to my place. Fiesta din sa amin pero hindi naman kami taga dito. Hahaha!  Thanks to Kimberly and Gabby for inviting us to come over to their houses! Shock naman ako alam nila yung the very first blog ko ever sa tumblr. Pati mga kalokohan ko and all! Ayos ah. Hahahaha. Tapos nagkakagulo kapag tumblr usapan. Yay. We talked a lot of things. Hindi ko na tanda yung pinagreresign nila si Rojen na nagpakalat noon ng paper sabay pirma na lahat, haha I just realized nakakaloko pala noon mga kaklase ko. Hahahahaahaha. Those High School days... it's really true you'll laugh about everything  that happened from the "Yesterdays". 

P.S. Anyway! I have a new favorite song! Hung Up  by Hot Chelle Rae. I think this is already old but not so! Haha. The song reminds me of New York City!!! Did you watch Kris TV today? I got so many fashion tips. Sige promise hindi na ako gagaya ng styles kina Vern and Miranda. I learned that I should enjoy my youth days first. Don't rush things. I can't bring back the old times anymore. Yay. Sweet sixteen! And it's true we should invest on basics first so that we can easily mix and match things. Yay. I wanna try also online shopping! Apartment 8 is the most affordable online shop because Olivia and Fifth is kind of expensive!!!!! I love you readers! :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

"There'll be no sunlight if I loose you baby..."

  It's Monday and it's okay :) Could you imagine guys how many days are left before school time? *Mega Sigh* I hope all of you are enjoying every moment of vacation!

Top: Jag Thug; Shorts: Cangaroo; Flats: Barbie; Belt: SM Dept. Store

  Thank you so much to my photographer, Jen. I hope you're just my biological sister so that my blogging life would be easier.

  We planned to make a video from a Taylor Swift song but we ended up with photos only. Next time, next time. Gusto ko kasi sana ay yung What's your name by 4 minute yeah it's a Kpop song hehehe I'm inlove with that girl group hay my favorite station, Arirang!!!  I believe I'm destined to a korean guy and he'll bring me to Jeju Island haha this thought is so lol :)

I love this photo of us

Bawal ang sad! Do you watch Ryzza Mae Show? I'm a big fan of that cutie pie

Look Up!! Yay. Thanks to Ninang Mila for accpeting our offer... hahaha! :)

  How did you spend your Monday? Mine was fun! Having funny conversations with my cousins are so much priceless. I'm Dumb. Patrice the dumb girl. :( Atleast wala naman akong sabaw thoughts siguro ano? Hahaha! I love you, promise I'll share a lot of stories next time. Mwaaaaaaa xx

P.S. I chose the lyrics from It Will Rain by Bruno Mars because I remembered last Saturday how cray cray I am. I was singing from the bottom of my diaphragm while nagflaflash yung lyrics ng song from Breaking Dawn Part 1 ng Star Movies, hehe para talaga akong baliw. Atleast hindi tayo magkapitbahay. I'm safe! >:)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Miranda Kerr Inspired Outfit

  Hello my sexy and lovely readers of the Universe!!!! I know this is the most awaited part of my blog. The ootd segment every Sunday! I love Sundays because yes it's the only day I get to visit the church, have my best ootds and ofcourse the high ranks I'm craving! So let's go, sit back relax. Chos. ( I  missed my screen. I was out the whole day. :( tired but fighting!!! yay!) 

  Cardigan: Red Head; Top: For Me (sponsored by my Tita Maricar! Thanks to my tita :) ) Tube: Genevieve; Bangles: Chanel; Bag: Lacoste; Heels: Fioni by Payless; Jeans: Esprit

  I hope you know Miranda Kerr. She's a Victoria Secret's Angel. She's an Aussie. Definitely, a fashion icon for every girls. She's one of my idols because damn of her sexiness and loveliness. I just can't believe she's already a mother. I'm just jealous of her life. Yay. Let's talk about her style. Most of the time, she's just like me. I mean she wears jeans, flowy tops or button shirt with pointed heels (pero la ako pointed shoes eh when we say inspired outfit you'll not copy the whole thing still yours pa rin in the end) and a statement bag. Yay. It's very nice. 

  I really need to go on a diet. Excuse my big braso.

I'm inlove with peach colors now.

  You can visit Miranda's website. This is a very busy evening for me. I don't know why. I missed a lot of people! I have lots of stories to kwento and now I feel so dumb...... anyway please visit my tumblr pa rin ah! Plus favor for IG users, follow nyo naman ako guys. Pretty please? (Kahit maging maganda ang please mo, please pa rin yan! yay Kean!!!!!!!!!! <3 Wattpad po ito hahaha sorry I'm just a fan of lots of people) I love you my readers to death!!!!! Medyo nag effort ako this day because I went to bathroom so early just to end with a semi-dry hair and added some make-ups haha Imma girl no reason para hindi mag-maarte! love you again, xx