Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rainbow Paddle Pop

Here's what happened today! Excuse my selfie photos. (: 

  I really want a long hair. Longer hair I mean. I accept hair extensions hahaha kindly email me. I need sponsors hahaha Tony and Jackey at David Salon, hoy!! hahaha kidding

With my very naughty baby.

I missed buying ice creams that are passing by on the road.  This rainbow paddle pop never fails to bring me on good vibes. I felt like a little kid once again! (:

Sofia's choice. This one is not so delicious. So don't buy! hahaha It's like a violet hotdog haha


Top: Aero; Shorts or Pedals? ( IDK): F and H. Sandals: Ipanema 

  How's your Saturday? Mine is quite boring. Tsss. I want to go school already. My eyes are ready to search for......... hahahahahahha to search for informations about my subjects, duh! We go to school to study. Hahaha. Idc if I sound sabaw, atleast nabusog kayo. Hahahaha. Gets? AHA Corny bigla. Hahaha. Good evening. I love you readers!! :)