Monday, 6 May 2013

Healthy lifestyle = Good Life

Not full! Saka na pag meron na haha joke time lang yon! Dreams do come true. :)

  This time we'll talk about fitness :) haha I am a body conscious person. The first person to know my secret was my old crush back in the eight grade ( again let's pretend that I went to the American curriculum hahaha I want to confuse you again because you might guess him! Haha actually he's the first guy I noticed in the first day of classes! Ui medyo nagkaclosure kami ni crush nasa junior times na yon haha pero ibang tao talaga yung naglast! Chariot!! haha naging taekwondo?! well  I miss high school so much!) 

  I'm doing an effective workout recently. Just download "Workout" on your androids and iPhones. I chose the abs workout because I love abs. Girl's abs are sexy to see and it's a fashion thing for me also. Yeah!! This is the hardest...  While following the procedures I kept on shouting "SHIT!!!!! This is painful!!!! WOAH!!!" but this is very effective, I'm telling you :) Those crunches!! hahaha Eventually, you'll  see those lines... hahaha. To maintain those stuffs, I recommend to work on a diet first :) Diet means eating right foods everytime not one time!! Because if you skip meals, it will  loosen your metabolism that won't bring you to a good result. Plus I drink a lot of water. A lot, I am a water lover too! hehehe. Plus I always read yahoo articles about healthy life style. To achieve fitness, be sure to eat healthful foods, get an exercise and have a good sleep. :) Fitness shouldn't be that expensive but it's better to work out on a gym for best orientations. Leaving you a message, If you have a healthy lifestyle, you have a good life! :) I love you readers. xx