Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Thoughts

  Yeobseyo!!!! Bonjour!!! I had a great day with my family today. We went to Alangilan because my mom is  a registered voter there. We had a sumptuous merienda also since it's our NINANG'S 73rd Birthday!! I got to see my cousins and all.

  Ig photo. Too lazy to connect my usb connector... forgive me. Top: Zara Kids (Hehehe. I received this top when I was in 2nd year. I'm too grateful for my cooperative body!! haha) Bottom: Random; Flats: Sponsored by my auntie. Thanks to my little cutie pie who took these photos. How I wish we live in the same house so that it would be an easy blogger life for me. Yeah. She's really sweet little girl. When I arrived, she showed me her cutie chicky ( a chick she bought from a street vendor last fiesta! those chicks with colors!!) she gave me an ice candy. She also served me some chips with my favorite sawsawan, mahanghang na suka!!! Those little things I so much appreciate...

  Yeah. I'm referring to this munchkin. I really admire her not because she's my cousin. She's very cute, talkative, curious and yeah such a bright kid!! :) :) My dad used to tell us "Matalino yan paglaki" She's also stylish like meeeeeee! Just like her older sisters. Hehehe. Mana sa akin ang kaartehan!! hahaha atleast may napapag-experimentuhan kami ni Jen. May nauuto. May napapagtripan. Hahaha. I love you Baby Sofia. You will be my forever baby. Mwaaaa!

I'm so happy and blessed with my family. When i'm with them it feels like forever not alone. Hehehe. I  can't imagine my life without them. When I was a kid, I'm thinking of what if I'm not born to be with them? That's how much I thank God. Though I miss our travel bondings... like having a picnic. Spending time at the amusement parks. Having an outing. Sana meron na ulit sa sunod! Mga balikbayan, nanawagan ako sa inyo. Haha. Soon!! :)


Binay is in the fifth place. I can't believe it. What's happening to the world? Vote wisely. Sino si wisely? LOL Goodluck PH! We're our looking forward to the best-est results...  xx

P.S. I'm inlove with different songs!!! I'll share it tomorrow with you. I love you!