Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm feeling 22

  It's feels like a perfect night and dress like hispters, oh oh. Yeahhhhh. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers in the world Di lang halata! I feel so old today. At the same time, fulfilled! Why? I did so many errands for today! I got to deposit my own savings not my first time pero wish ko lang hindi ko na talaga siya agad agad i-withdraw. That's it. I inquired at SMART live more oh yeah haha for a wifi plan. Bought my things and etc. Yay. I want to become a working girl someday, with a very very good corporate job. I'll be the happiest worker ever. SAY WHAT MY FRIENDS! HAHAHA. 

  I'm wearing my Tita's Top. Can you believe it? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOO. BOYFRIEND POLO FROM TITA TESS! :)

  This get-up is close to perfect. Ikr. My mom told me, " Para kang artista..." Oy ah! My mom is one of my haters, I really appreciate what she said. I always appreciate people who tell random things about me. Haha. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. My reason? ATLEAST, I HAVE TOUCHED YOUR LIVES ONCE IN A WHILE. :)

  Some bloggers are liar. JUST LIKE ME. :P I didn't opt for these booties. Comfort first before style, don't forget! :)

  I just bought these sneakers from KEDS. 

  I was really hesitating between Vans and Keds. Same color and same style but DIFFERENT BRANDS.  Nakakaloka nga guys because parehas ko silang sinukat. Litong lito ako even my Mom. Consistent talaga yung salesman ng Keds. Pero gusto ko kasi talaga noon ay Vans. Naglapitan na yung mga salesladies doon and all. Juske, parang may famous na bibili. Hahaha! Tapos, pinaglakad pa nila ako. Hahaha. Yes naman, kunin nyo po akong volunteered model sa runway ng mga brands nyo please. Kahit ako na magbayad. HAHA.

  It's a good choice after all. Choosing shoes has always been my waterloo. Pero lagi na lang ako napupunta sa mga shoes na never ko pinagsisihan. Parang love. Chararat! I mean, just like our lives or my life. It always bring me to good results.

  Special thanks for my photographer, Karla Lisette F. de Chavez! She knows my taste about taking photos for ootds. Karla is one of my girl soulmates talaga. Parang yung mga pinagdaanan ko, pinagdaanan niya. Yung mga dream or gusto ko, love niya din. Basta, so amazing. I wanna meet the boy version of her. Haha!

  Kung anong tinago ko sa katawan, siya niyang inilabas. Hahahahaha! Fashionista din yan. But i'm more stylish than her. Even Maycy. All of us. Pero si Karla lang di nagbloblog! :P

  Thanks to those get laud people who aren't strict!!!!! We had the chance to take mirror shots and everything.

  Nakakatawa kasi yung feeling na ang tagal nyong di-nagkita. Grabe ka Karla, you hugged me sa may For me. Ew you! :( haha Kaloka lang kasi walang tigil bibig ko kakwekwento. Hahaha. Naeexcite ako kapag si Bea Theresa ang nakita ko. Sobrang hug na yan! HAHAHA. Nothing much. I can't find the perfect words for this blogpost because my mind is flying to someone's heart hahahaha asa pa. Iniisip ko kung paano ako mag-aaral mamayang gabi. Wala namang quiz pero hobby ko kasi talaga mag-aral eh! Haha. I'm also worried of my hair tomorrow. Mom bought me already the hair color thing. Sana hindi ako ma-late bukas. Before pumasok, Imma dye my hair in black again. Till next summer. This time, mega blonde. Bleach! HAHA My parents will kill me. I also want to have another piercings... I'm so jelly with my ka-close blockmates na meron. It looks so cool and stylish. Bahala na! The whole clan will throw me under the bridge, If I'll do it!!! Haha. It's a great Sunday for me. Thanks again to Karla ( We miss you Maycy so much! ). Off to books. Lol I love you all my lovely readers. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

I think I'll have a heart attack

  You make me glow... Ohh. But I cover up. Won't let it show, so I'm putting my defenses up. Cause I don't wanna fall inlove. If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack.... Hahaha. This is my jam for today. I don't want to share it here. Even in tumblr! I told this awhile ago via chat with my cousin, Jen. Bahala na if I'll tell this to Karla, Maycy or Bea Theresa. (Omg. Naalala ko, 2 years ago. I was with Bea when I saw this creature and I grabbed Bea's hand so fast tapos tumakbo kami. Wtf. This monster is killing me. It's so scary that's why I decided to keep it from you guys. Yiie. Oy ah I know how to make secrets, SOMETIMES! :P) I'll share to you what caused me today from HEART ATTACK! :)

  This is an Angel Locsin inspired outfit. Do you watch Toda Max? Hahahaha She's always with this get-up! Except from the pants. She'll be in boyfriend polo with sando and shorts. She's effortlessly beautiful!

  I'm loving this Aero tote bag. Hihihi. It's floral and easy to handle. 

Ang taba ko naman ata dito? :> It's still okay, medyo mukhang bata ako! Hehehe. I'm crossing my fingers na sana wag talaga ako magmukhang losyang sa course na ito. Did you know that I smile while reading my books on different subjects? Hahaha I don't want to obtain plenty of wrinkles at a very young age. You should try this also. Just smile while reading so that you'll avoid getting wrinkles and everything!

  I'm so inlove with this white sleeveless top because it's so kalokalike with Ate Karla's!! Hahaha You don't believe me? Check it here!

  Heart Attack REASONS for today!

1. First Quiz in Math

 I was so pa-easy easy with the lessons. Not much. Pero I did study naman, yung type lang na hindi nag-isip ng mga possible problems. Saan ba magkikita ng complicated? Atsaka, di talaga ako magaling kapag analyzations! Nahirapan ako ng sobra dun sa problem na nakakalito. May Venn Diagram pa naman yun. Ayos na eh. Getchable ko na yung mga atleast at at most. Yung problem lang yung nagwalang hiya. Patrice, goodluck.

2. Secret :P

3. Keys left on the table

  We, Filipinos have this tradition that we'll leave our house keys under the dormat, under the kettle and ours is inside the toot! :P So I checked it there... It was opened! I was like, Yung totoo? May nagnakaw? Shit! Thank God no, because I opened the windows and I saw the keys on the table! I thought my mom put it in the storage already. She's responsible for that! Omg. How will I get them? .....
Thank God once again because I was born with natural knowledge and wisdom and all. *Light bulb! Bright idea!!!!* Haha. I got the mop with no rug in it. So it's like may kawit yung thing na yon. I moved those keys using the mop! It took me 10 minutes or less. Holla!!!! I'll tell it to my mom and I'll scold her. It's payback time!!!!! Hahahaha! Wtf. How's your Thursday guys? Thanks for reading!!!! Virtual Hugs.

Love, Patricia

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Required RED

 This blogpost is dedicated to my good friend, Karla. Charot, she'll kill me after Ikr haha It's another petiks day for us. We had our orientation at the amphitheater. I'm so scared of my course... Few people have survived. I'm so jelly to those who are in the fifth year already! Sobrang bow ako sa inyo mga ate. Tips naman dyan oh! 

  Today we are required to wear something in RED. Why? DUH it's because we're celebrating the drug awareness day fyi. :P Dinaig pa ang Valentines at Birthday ng school eh.

  I borrowed this top from my Mom. It's from Bench. This is a very old one, she said. Wag mong isuot yan. Luma na! Since I'm too lazy to change, I wasn't bothered at all. I've been wearing old clothes, let's just say I'm used to it. There is just something I find romantic about things that have been around before me, and the idea that they naturally hold stories I can only dream about!

Left to Right: Joice, Ate Zel, Moni and Glecie! :)

  Left to right: Me, Clarissa, Christine, Mattias ( we call him Sloppi too! I'm not sure of the spelling. He's half swiss), John ( Wait John ga nga name? Not sure hahaha sorry! ) and Jude. Hahaha. 

  With my chika buddy, Joice! Some of my friends call her Ate because she's undeniably tall. I can't call her that way... di ko feel. Haha! Medyo maaabot ko naman height niya! Hahaha sanay na ako  dahil nina  Rica and Shaira. Omg I miss my fashion bffs! We have talked a lot of stories. Kpop, family matters and everything. I'm comfortable with her!! :)

  With Andrea! She's my girl crush in the room. So pretty at walang kaarte arte. Single. Bat dumadami ang populasyon namin? Bakit?! Hahahaahahahaha Just kidding! It's a nice day again. Pero gustong gusto ko ng mag-aral. Haha. May quiz kami bukas, thank God!! Oh di ba? Saan kayo nagkita na ako na nahiling ng quiz? Di ko kasi magets bat wala akong maaral. Pwede namang mag-aral, ayun advance study. Lagi silang wala eh! Haha. Bahala na sa Accounting. Self study na to! There! I'm done with this blogpost! Thanks a lot for dropping by. Virtual hugs! xx

Love, Patricia <3

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Royal Prints

  Another fine day with my friends and classmates. Why? We didn't see our loving professors on three subjects for today! Well that was half good and half bad. Good because I got to share a lot of stories with my seatmates. Joice and I talked about Kpop, Girl's Generation to be specific! We watched certain music videos on her phone! I'm inlove with Yoona so much! I think what Kerstein Clarete texted me last week is true! Wow ah! Nagpaconvert ka na?! Hahaha. While Almira and I talked about Elmo Magalona because she's a fan. Me? I saw him on personal once and I follow him on twitter, that's it. But I know how it feels to become a fan girl that's why super relate! Haha. While Venessa accompanied me on commuting to go home since we're barangay mates naman. I had fun with her, she's so funny and loud. Actually I am one too, I just don't feel acting hyper these days. Charot, arte ng lola mo! Lol I learned a lot from her. She's so nice. Everybody is!!! :) Half bad because our prelims is fast aprroaching. Goodluck for July 8-10. 

  Top: Style Co ( from Ninang Mila. I'm so shocked when I saw the tag! I asked Ninang. "Ninang alam nyo yung style co? Omgggg! She said it's a gift from our relatives in States. Whew. I thought yung online shop dito sa Batangas City eh! hahaha ) Shoes: Naturalizer ( Pasalubong from Ninang Cel! The shoes are so comfy. I won't ever trade it with somebody! )

  I chose Royal Prints as my title because naks do I have to explain ba talaga?! haha The color of my top is Royal Blue and It has prints on it. Royal and Prints. Just like Plains and Prints. Lol. 

  Yeah! At dahil nagladlad na ako hahaha I'm not a gay guy! I mean, medyo showy na ako sa Fashion sa klase. Hahaha. Today, when I opened the door... it's like... They're like "Tingin head to toe marathon" hahaha Hashtag medyo mayabang! A lot of people asked me also, Ba't hindi ka nagfashion designer? Yeah. Tapos na-encounter ko din na mahinhin daw ako. Naiinis talaga ako sa sarili ko pag ganoon. Ayoko ng pa-girl sa arte. Ewan. I don't know. Napapansin ko din ang private ko. Too much twitter in my head that's why I was influenced by the artists I follow! Hahaha. I'm completely opposite of what they think. One thing I'm sure, Mabait talaga ako! Hahaha "Mabait ka!" made me laugh awhile ago. Thank you blockmate! hahaha

  I have a chika also! Who would have thought that I'll be elected as PRO of the class? TELL ME. Yung feeling na wala kang pakialam sa mundo, yung di ka na naboto kapag di kasali mga kaibigan mo. The feeling na last position na, last nomination pa and suddenly Shanne  our president said, " I nominate Patrice for PRO." I was shocked ofcourse. Wow ah laki ng tiwala ni President ah! We're not even close. We had some small conversations only. Hindi naman sa maarte or what, tamang reklamo lang! hahaha I told my mom the story and what I got? BAKIT PRO lang? Ayaw nga mapasali diba. AYAW. 

  Stuffs I got from my aunties. They will always be the sponsors ever. My favorite picks are the aero bag, levi's skirt ( How I wish it's a short instead! ) and the boyfriend polo from Dockers! Yiheeeee. All I have to buy are plenty of jeans and good brands of make ups! <3

Thankyou so much for dropping by! I hope you gained something from me. Haha. Virtual hugs!!

Love, Patricia. <3 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dainty Pink

  "Humas have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them - J.K. Rowling"     Giving you my readers a beautiful quote like this. I saw it from tumblr. I don't blog about fashion only. I want something literature thingy entry also. How I wish I have a Lit majors on my subjects. I can relate with thing quote very much especially when I was young. I did a lot of mistakes. I was like Elle Clemente hahaha joke not so harsh like her naman. I'm very grateful that yes I bumped into the right wall of life. Atleast hindi paurong ang pagtanda di'ba! I'm stronger and tougher than what people think and see from me. 

  I'm so excited for these coming days. I can't wait to have our Photoshoot with Ate April and ofcourse my little sister from another mother, Jen! All I have to do is to prepare myself for a free time and my savings as well. This is another major bonding i will love!

  Sweet 16 is my old favorite tv show at Etc? I forgot. Not sure. I think it's Starworld? HAHA HELP We should enjoy our teenage years that why I pulled of something girly girl in dainty pink today! Those are my old clothes from my imaginary walk in closet. I can still remember the first time I created an account here in blogger, I can't blog that much because I have no clothes to wear. Wala lang. Naglelevel-up talaga lahat ng tao even the whole world. It's Monday again tomorrow, 8-10 AM class at PE. So sad. I'll go home after since we still have 2 hours break! My ass needs some rest! Haha. Yeah, wait! I just wanted to share something inspiring I got from tumblr also. It's a reblogged text from Julia Baretto. It's so........ omg judge it instead!

 The Types of People You Will Fall in Love With In Your 20s by Ryan O’Connell  

You will fall in love with someone who annoys you, whose orgasm face looks and feels pathetic. Despite all of this, there’s something keeping you drawn to them, something that makes you want to protect them from the harsh world. What you fail to realize, however, is that you are the harsh world. You aren’t their noble protector — you are someone to be protected from but it takes a lot of dates, a lot of nights where you question whether or not you are actually a good person, for this to ever resonate with you. When it’s over and whatever love is left is put back in the fridge like a sad plate of leftovers, you will finally understand that you have the power to hurt someone. You can either hurt them or love them and it’s up to you to decide what kind of role you would like to take on in future relationships. What feels more comfortable — being the one who loves more or being the one who’s loved less?
You will fall in love with someone who’s cold and always seemingly pushing you away. When all is said and done, they will be forever known as the one person you couldn’t get to love you. Unfortunately, it will hurt and sting worse than the good ones, the ones that chopped up your meat for you and picked out an eyelash from your eye and were nice to your mother, because love often feels like a game we need to win. And when we lose, when we realize we couldn’t get what we ultimately desired from a person, it makes us feel like a failure and erases all the memories of those who loved us in the past. It’s a permanent smudge on your love resume.
You will fall in love with someone for one night and one night only. They’ll come to you when you need them and be gone in the morning when you don’t. At first, this will make you feel empty and you’ll try to convince yourself that you could’ve loved this person for longer than a night, but you can’t. Some people are just meant to make cameo appearances, some are destined to be a pithy footnote. That’s okay though. Not every person we love has to stick around. Sometimes it’s better to leave while you’re still ahead. Sometimes it’s better to leave before you get unloved.
You will fall in love with the old couple down the street because to you they represent the impossible: a stable, long-lasting love. You’re trying to get someone to like you for more than ten minutes. A monogamous “never get sick of ya” love seems unfathomable. “What’s your secret, sir? Do you just say yes a lot?”
You will fall in love with smells, the good and the bad kind. You will want to wear your lovers shirt because it makes you feel close to them and you’re okay with being that PSYCHO who is legitimately sniffing their shirt in public. You will fall in love with sweat, certain perfumes, the smell of the season in which you fell in love. This particular love smells like fall. It smells like Halloween and a roaring fire and leaves and fog and mist and candy and food and family and whiskey and sex and the lint that collects on sweaters. When it ends, if it ends, you will never experience another fall without thinking of him, her, it. The memories will stick to the ground like a mound of leaves and will only dissipate when the weather drops.
You will fall in love with your friends. Deep, passionate love. You will create a second family with them, a kind of tribe that makes you feel less vulnerable. Sometimes our families can’t love us all the time. Sometimes we’re born into families who don’t know how to love us properly. They do as much as they can but the rest is up to our friends. They can love you all the time, without judgement. At least the good ones can.
This is where I’m supposed to tell you that you will fall in love with The One, a person who isn’t too cold or too nice. Their “O” face is perfectly fine and they’re not afraid to show how much they love you. This person is supposed to wait for us at the end of the twentysomething road as some kind of reward for all the heartache and loneliness. We deserve them. We’ve earned this kind of love.
So fine. You’re going to fall in love with The One. You’re going to fall in love with someone who will make sense beyond college or a job or a particular season. They’ll make sense forever and won’t ever want to leave you behind. I’m telling you this not because it’s true but because it NEEDS to be true. Everyone is entitled to this kind of love, so why not? Have it. It’s yours. Blow out the candles on your 30th birthday, holding their hand, and let out an exhale that’s been waiting for ten years. Do it. Now

I fell inlove with these texts too. Thankyou so much for reading this blogpost. I hope you'll continue reading. If you haven't read my old blogposts, just see my blog archieves. Thankyou so much. I hope you're having a good time with me and my baby blog. I love you my readers!  Virtual hugs! xo P.S. I'm planning to change my name, I mean I want to use my nickname. What do you think of Patricia? I miss my old friends/ old relatives who call me that way. I'm hesitating at the same time because a lot of girls are sharing the same name "Patricia" hahaha what do you think?! Kleinel is calling me that way. I find it pretty cool. XD So call me Patricia now. Thankyou! :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Princess Snowhite

  Thank God it's Friday!! But we have NSTP every Saturday, what's the use of our weekends? Hay! I got a low score from our English Quiz unannounced kasi hahaha I'll be alert always and forever this time!! I went to the hospital also to visit my grandmother and I think she's doing good naman. Thankyou Lord! Ofcourse,  what can we say HEAT NATION? HAHAHAHAHA To tell you honestly, I'm not a fan of NBA lalo naman Pba, never ata akong nanood. Haha. Walakompake sa basketball. Sa player, meron haha But I love Miami Heat. I just don't why. Siguro mga 2nd year or 3rd year lang ako nagstart since wala talaga akong care. It was a battle between Heat and Bulls. I suddenly cheered for Miami. There it started! Hahaha Congrats Bird Man! Bye bye Spurs Gurang! hahaha I just copied Karla Aguas! She's the first person I know who called them that way! Just visit MYX's website for her video blog about the Game 7 thing!

  Princess Snowhite because whenever I wear this top, it feels like a princess. Promise!!! Hahahaha That's why I bought this a long time ago. It reminds me of Princess Sarah also and the quote of... Damit mayaman! 

Something Selfie!

  I also want to make a stand about my GOOD FASHION SENSE thing. Hahahahaah. I was so happy yesterday from our Psychology activity! I signed a lot of papers from my blockmates. Hindi naman sa feelingera pero natouch ako na kahit di ko sila nakakasama eh alam nila Bumenta ako sa "Expensive Phone" hahaha nahiya ako kasi dun sa may nagagalit sa Iphone hahaha sorry na talaga, sana talaga masaya ka. Hahaha! "Sexy" thankyou po sa naniniwala na sexy ako. Yay! Buti naman narealize nyo. Haha joke lang! "Prettiest girl in class"  Hiya ko naman sobra, inisip ko na lang na kapag di ako sumulat eh maartehan sila sa akin haha pirma na lang no choice na din sila eh! Hahaha. "Moves like a model" Thankyou. Trip ko to. Please walang bawian! Ang saya ko like I didn't expect! Hahahahaaha. Lastly? :) " HAS A GOOD FASHION SENSE! :) " Thankyou for that. Para kasi sa isang fashionista, we don't dress to impress. Seryoso. Ewan ko lang din sa iba pero never ako nagdress para sa event na madaming kasama or what because if that's the case sana nagtry na lang mag-audition sa mga ek ek diba? That's my advice to those famewhores! Go for ABS CBN OR GMA guys! :) FASHION ENTHUSIASTS DRESS TO EXPRESS. When we say EXPRESS, it's all about the real you and living up to your own principles. It's so nice that there are people who recognize you or more like appreciate you for what you wanted! Sa mundong ito, mahirap mapansin. Sa panahong ito, it's hard to appreciate little things for a level up world. Haha. Promise, I'm a very shallow person. Na-aappreciate ko yung mga nasa truck na malalaki tapos bubusina pa rin sa akin. Na-aappreciate ko yung mga nagdridrive na nag bebeep beep. Haha! Pero as in never mawawala sa memory ko yung old lolo na nagdridrive ng car tapos bumusina, sabay open ng windows sabay kaway. Aw. Thankyou! Hahaha kind of creepy ba? Matatakot ako kapag tumigil sa harap ko tapos kinidnapp ako! Lol please no. Hahaha. I'm aware that they first notice my attire. Lakas pumorma eh. Just like what always my Papa tells me. "Baby.. hanep ka na naman sa porma! *sabay kiss na may malakas na sound*" Hahaha! I'm not afraid to tell things because it's purely true. :) I'm just afraid to pretend and act like a good one. I dream to become a bitch someday. I want to become a member of it!!!!!


Are we sharing the same dream? Therefore, I love you! I love you my readers. TO DEATH! Virtual Hugs!!! :)