Wednesday, 27 November 2013

List of little things that make life even better

   Cough & colds + headaches + fever = I'm gonna die now. Haha. The last time I felt sick was summer! I didn't show it to my mom that night because she won't allow me to go on Bene's outing, that's for sure. What a sneaky kid! Just like Verniece's old blogpost, I'm gonna blog this topic because I'm also sick! HAHAHA. 

1.) Good grades ( I appreciate myself whenever I get high scores or just simply confirm to myself that I understand the lesson especially this college. It's another simple thing that can easily make your parents proud. )
2.) Ice cream ( Rainbow paddle pop is my favorite. Cheap yet tumblristic look. ) 
3.) Kids ( I miss my old high school classmates' siblings/ cousins. I'm so close to them. I miss playing with them. On the brighter side, I have cutie cousins too! I'm so proud because girls are now running our family world especially on my father's side! Well, ako pa din ang panganay sa magpipinsan na babae. Haha )
4.) Music ( I love party party musics! haha Something Avicii-ish, Swiftish & random because it's up to my mood! lol )
5.) Blog readers ( Especially if they find their free time just to read :* )
6.) Good book ( It improves your vocabulary! yeah! I'm not that poor anymore in it. I'm getting good scores in our English exercises. I't's time to say goodbye to my Grade 2.00 in that subject! Haha. )
7.)  When my closing entry / opening entry / statement of financial position are balance! Hihihi. I love the first chapter. I promise to love this major like what I have done in Math last sem. HAHAHA. #AccountingProbs
8.) Get together ( Old friends/ HS times/ Family & relatives ) whatever it is. It's just nice seeing people after a long time!
9.) HUGS! ( Psychological fact! )
10.) Quotes ( Call me addict but I can't get off my bed without checking instagram and tumblr first. I always look for good quotes I will live by to start my day right.) "What you think is what you become." This is really true. This time I will not see life's hard. Everything can be studied and worked on. 5 years from now, I can see myself happier as ever because I survived the qualifying test, major exams and ofcourse, the board exam! I want to become Chiara Ferragni in the future too. :"> I want to study law for the coming years, have my blogging crew mansion in LA, clothing line and an Andrew Arthur. HAHAHAHAHA. If I  failed? Atleast I set my hopes and goals in life once in awhile. I did my best! Naalala ko mga teachers kapag may contest noong bata ako haha. "Kung kaya nila, kaya mo rin!" I thought it was corny pero there's a big truth in it! :D

Patricia <3

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sequins, Secrets and Silver linings

  It's funny how I do an advance flashback over things that happened this year. Few more days to go and 2014 is about to cover the world. I mean, I'm already thinking of thoughts I will include for my goodbye 2013 blogpost! Haha. I hate myself for being futuristic, I even shared it to class. HAHAHA. According to what I've learned in Psychology last sem, people who think so much of future are smart ones! I have a huge chance for being one! Lol. Today, I opted for my kind of fashion look! I usually wear tight jeans, tank top, blazer and my signature booties. 


  I would like to thank a lot of people on this blogpost. First, big thanks to all fans of Manny Pacquaio who are really watching on their houses and feels like holiday that cause me to have confidence to have photos again outside the mall. Hihihi! Second, I already sent a message to my Tita Claribel for sending me cozy tops! I'm wearing Charlie Russe tank top. Yay. It reminds me of a book I didn't finish back in 4th year high school! It's entitled, "Sequin, secrets and Silver linings." I saw it near the front desk. The book is so attractive and too girly for me not to grab it. Too bad, I have to return it because I can't finish it in a week only. Life was so hard that time but I have to say life is harder now. I still have 3 books to read! :( We'll have two days  of no classes this week and the whole next week too! I'm half happy and sad. Happy because I can have plenty of time to rest and no baon. Aroys. Lastly, my mom who took all the pictures from my #SmartLTEIphone5s HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. JUST BEING VERN&Vernice, Lance De Ocampo and other fashion bloggers. Lol!! I'm so excited this December! My sizes are... Shoes: 8 or 9; Tops: Medium; Bottoms: 27; Strawberries; I love stuff toys; Barbie stuffs; Books; I MEAN ANYTHING. I just love presents. I want lots of it. :) 

Patricia <3

Friday, 22 November 2013

To the next level

  This week has been a tiring one as ever. A week where a "That moment when you realize how college life is exhausting your inner soul... inch by inch." HAHAHA. I'm not frightening those graduating high school students! Just stating a mere fact! :P. Second sem is really a bigger challenge for me this time. I'm like, YEAH! If I finish this, 8 sems to go! Don't lose hope! I will never give up on having an imeldific business! haha I guess, I'm just bombarded of tiring vibes this week! I planned to do something different these coming weekends! I'll change my body clock, unfollow so many international and local celebrities in Instagram so that I won't be stuck there forever and etc. >:D< 

Finally done reading "Chicken soup for the soul." I suddenly remembered my 2nd year English teacher. She always encourages all of us to read good books. She even required us to share one book in front of the class. I shared a girly book which I think is very familiar to everyone, Princess in the Spotlight. I put all my effort in that project. I can still recall she included me in the list of students who will participate in the literature challenge for the English week. I WAS LIKE, NO. HAHAHA. I don't personally read books, before! Just like what Zayn said in Best song ever music video, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. Hahaha. I considered joining it first, for experience. Second, my classmates are too convincing for my life. Third, UHM DAHIL SA KAPARTNER. HAHAHAHA. :") My favorite lines to be shared only here! :) 

Life is too short to hide affection
- From the "ON PARENTING" part. Sometimes, we tend to hide everything that's running in our minds from our parents. At times, we forget to say thankyou and I love you to them. I was moved from a short story about a son and father. His father was so busy from tons of work and business related things. That day, the father realized how worthless he is because he doesn't have any time for his only son. He talked to his son and told how much he loves and cares him. They both cried. The son told him that he's about to committ a suicide but thank God, he went fine. Imagine? Our guardian angels are always present. If you love someone, tell it and show it. Life is really short.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It's doing what it takes despite one's fear.
- My interpretation for this quote is, example. My mum said that my Dad is a coward person too. I mean, I never notice it. I haven't seen him cry. Really. For me, he's the bravest man in the world. I remembered an article about why it's embarassing for a guy to drop tears. Why are they so brave. Haha. I can still recall a very bad dream about a witch and my bffs! I was so scared that time. Katabi ko pa sa pagtulog ama ko. Kwinento ko. Wag daw matakot! HAHA. My interpretations are so plain and shallow. This quote also supports, "You'll feel bad for yourself to the things you didn't do rather than the things you did."  Take chances. Believe in yourself. You can do it. 

I only took 2 quotes because I want you to find a chicken soup book too. It's super duper good. Napaisip talaga ako noong dati ko siya narinig. 3 years ago maybe. WTF is the book title?! Is this some other kind of cooking recipe? lol. When do we usually eat a chicken soup? When we're sick? Stress? Fungry? Bored? Happy? Chicken soup is a food for soul. Adios amigas! 

P.S. I wrote the latter part several weeks ago! medyo may clashing! haha

Patricia <3

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stripes on checkered

  Do you still remember when was the first time you did a composition? :) My new English prof asked us, "What's the difference between Paragraphs and Compositions?". Nobody's raising his/ her hand. I think hard. "Ang paragraph ay may sentences. Ang composition ay may paragraphs." Still no one's answering our prof. "Okay, how about paragraphs first?"  I raised my beautiful hand, lol. " A paragraph is consist of several sentences." I didn't answer what's in my mind. I'm so regretting because what's exactly in my head that time is what our prof noted us. 

 I don't have fixed thoughts. Did you notice there's a clash from my first sentence here in this blogpost and the following ones? I planned to talk about "TITLES". I never follow the rule in writing. I always think of titles first before proceeding to chikas and eklabus of my life. Yes and I suddenly opened the topic about not doing what's really inside of me. My example right here is so lame so that those not lame situations I have won't be revealed here. Haha! I tend to do the "playing safe" mode in my life. I'm not a person who always take risk. I first consult everybody before I do something.  I can relate it to my ootd because, education is our ticket to a better future! HAHAHA. Just cracking a huge joke. LOL. I opted to something different for today. Something not a dress still I can be a scene stealer. You can never go wrong with prints. Check your closet and maybe you're missing out this kind of style. HAHA. Don't get me wrong like, Wow si ate feeling fashion expert. What I'm highlighting is, look for your old clothes or napaalis sa magandang patas na damit kaya dapat hanapin problem. Girls always be like, WHAT TO WEAR?! Always look for the brightest side of your life. Appreciate the things you have. Take good actions. Learn from your mistakes. Find for a goal. Set your standards high. Pray. :) 

Patricia <3

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hiatus Thoughts

  HAHAHA DRUMROLLS FOR THE QUEEN OF HIATUS IN BLOGGING, please! I've been neglecting this blog because I feel so tired and all. Sometimes you'll see yourself saying, "Damn you all. I quit." I think having a good break is very important to everybody. :D So, I got pictures from my instagram ( @fiercepatrice ) because I didn't take photos last Sunday. I made a photo collage after my more than one week rest! 1.) We bought a shake near the cemetery this afternoon. It's so cute. I think I'm inlove with green again! Hashtag, first year highschool feels! I can still remember my green pants + greenbag = ootd. HOW BADUY! lol 2.) OH! I'm so happy my mom bought these two for me :) I've been suffering to I-DONT-HAVE-GOOD-SLIPPERS and JEEZ-NO-RING feelings! lol 3.)  We had a good merienda prepared by the one of the best cook I know on Earth, Ninang Mila. They said it's an advance birthday treat for my Papa. Hahaha. K! 3.) I've been a follower of Cara Delevingne. It was only today that I discovered that she's a bisexual. I still love her tho. I love her weirdness especially her annoying wacky poses! lol 4.) I LOVE ALL OF THEM. THEY ARE SO CLOSE TO PERFECTION. EVERYTIME I LOOK AT THEM, I WAS LIKE... I DON'T WANT TO EAT FOR A LIFETIME FROM NOW ON. Candice is my favorite VS ANGEL. Miranda still got the best face ever... huhuhu. Dreams. Lol. 5.) Christmas is everywhere. I just want to share what happened this morning. I didn't mind the christmas lights I wrapped around the christmas tree. I was choosing over pink, orange or red again motiff for it. I chose pink ofcourse. I lighted the christmas lights, wow! Exact, man! hihihi. I call it, destiny. <3 5.) I gained so much from the sembreak. Imagine how mountainous my rice were!! Especially on dinners. It's like a meal of a guy. I don't know. The food isn't that delish ( fish all week! Who's familiar with tambakol? yeah! ) So inch by inch my tummy's getting back to normal. Thanks to VS ANGELS OUT THERE AS MY BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS! HAHAHA. 6.) It's a good quote for everybody to read. Stop chasing so much. Do something for your what you have in present. :) 7.) My everyday watch, swatch. Still wishing for a baby-g. Haha. My favorite flavor of clinique perfumes! Wild flowers. It's almost half a bottle. I'm figuring out how will I survive if it emptied! Huhuhu OA OVERLOAD HAHAHA :)))) There! It's so good to be back. I'm always online naman. My tweets and insta posts are unstoppable. Haha!! Now, I'm off to a long night of catching up from our Accounting ppt.  So far so good profs! Love it :) Have a good night guys!

Patricia <3

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Life after death isn't death. It's still life.

Death is part of a normal cycle of human beings. I've always been curious about life after death. Whenever I hear, read and watch documentary stuffs about it, I always over think about it. It scares me. Just like what I learned in Greek mythology, there are Gods before-birth, duration of life and death. I only forgot their greek names. People have different beliefs. From my grandmother's 10 days of wake, I learned a lot. Yes, that's why my blog was in hiatus for a week. I didn't expect my vacation will be like this. She will be missed and always loved. She can rest in peace now. She won't suffer anymore. God will take care of her in heaven. I'm grateful that she's my grandmother. I'm proud of my roots of where I came from. They say, you can't choose a family. God only can. If I'll be choosing a family in another life, I will always choose them all over again. There's no forever as long as we're not with God. I can still remember what my teacher told us in class, "Family is where we have good memories especially in the past." 

I will always treasure those violet bills you used to give me! I will never forget how yummy your luto was ( those eggs with malunggay and misua meal every lunch ), those nights you used to fart loudly!!! Sometimes I consider my memory low but I can still remember things that no one could ever do. I hope to see you in the future, there, in heaven. ( Always dream of going there when I die. I think it's everybody's dream destination. )  Nanay,  you will stay forever here in our hearts. May you rest in peace. 🙏

Patricia <3

Friday, 1 November 2013

Great minds think alike

  November is my favorite season too. We go to several cemeteries to visit some  of our families who already passed away. November reminds me of the fast approaching Christmas too. Jen and I are into something cozy this season. Hahaha. Why are we born this way? Way maarte. Lol. Embrace yourself!

  Didn't see some close friends that day. Why. >< I planned to wear a skirt but I asked Jen first of what she's wearing that's why I opted to leggings also. It happened that Liz Uy wore the same style too. I think we are meant to be. HAHAHA. I want to work on her company. :( Kahit mensahera lang, I'll be grateful. =)) Stylist assistant, that would be awesome. How about Marketing officer or Finance consultant?? BETTER. Hahaha. I can't wait to graduate. Let's go 2nd sem!! Thanks for dropping by. Create deep conversations to people who won't judge you at all. Share quality time with your family. Make good memories. Love yourself. 

P.S. I'm so lss to "Abot Kamay". It's an old school song. Wee. I wish I was in high school again. <3

Patricia <3