Monday, 13 May 2013

Songs you might love

  Summer is a time for entertainment and all. Some of us go to the beach, amusement parks, malls or simply at home. I love musics especially if I'm on a roadtrip, it feels like i'm in Hollywood! haha Idk if you still get me because when I was young I had dream about hollywood :) :) As promised. I'm currently listening to these songs! :) If you click them, it will direct you to youtube (Official videos) I made it easy just for you!! xx

When I was your man by Bruno Mars. Yeah a sad song but I still like it on late nights!! :) :)

Just give me a reason by PINK I fell inlove with this song a long time ago.

Tonight by Jessica Sanchez ft. Neyo  it will bring you to a clubbing and hippie vibes yeah! Throw yours arms in the airrrr yeah!!! hahaha

Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj same as tonight! :)

It's a beautiful day by Michael Buble  saw it first from MTV, then I was watching a Jamich Video entitled Unsweetened love, a tune played and I knew it in myself na yayyyy yung type ng song na parang way back into love :) basta bagay sa weekends tapos you're with someone... yeah on a date tapos shizeem sa sweetness! Haha talk about being a hopeless romantic O//////O :D

Don't you worry child  Another party party song :)

  I hope you like these songs too! I'm just saving you from boredom also hehehe but if you guys know these songs already, oh well... are we soulmates? Pag alam yung kanta soulmate agad?? I don't know maybe. :P Have a great Tuesday! Let's stay happy! I love you all <3 <3