Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Queen of Anything

  Happy [Feeling, showing, or expressing joy or pleasure; characterized by good luck or fortune] Heya all. Whaddup again? Yeah, I'm feeling happy and free! There's something about going home without so much problems in life from the fact you had great time with your friends, got high scores ( would you believe it? We're two as the highest in Accounting quiz! haha I was so shocked. Feeling ko may girl crush yung nagcheck ng papel ko. Basta wala ng bawian ng score! It's 84/87. Haha. ) and I'll just attend a one  late subject tomorrow (2:30-4pm only!) ? Damn it, i'm so happy. I can freely watch Love Rain with no morning rush tomorrow. I'm inlove with my life! ( Natawa lang ako kay Richmon na sana daw ichachat niya ako kanina kasi nga Love Rain na. Naaalala niya daw ako dun.) I just like it when people remember me in little things I do. Like sa mga sinusuot ko, haha at sa mga mga wattpad stories ayan, I'm the fairest of the Queens sa mga larangan na yan. They're my drugs! Wag kayo, yung idol ko na Tita na Flight Attendant sa Emirates, nanunuod din ng Love Rain! Oh, I feel like magiging Flight Attendant in the future or if not, baka pang mamaganda lang daw 'yon! Loljk! Haha. 

  I'm loving the Batangas City weather recently. It's so cold especially in our room! Omg. So wearing long sleeves isn't OA at all. I still feel cold even though I'm wearing one, what more to those who's wearing t-shirts only? YAYYYY Define hindi lugi sa tuition? :))

Excuse my mom's legs! I actually scolded ( haha medyo bad girl) her but she didn't do.

  I'm the queen of Vanity too. I love taking selfie photos. They're addictive! haha. Please follow me on Instagram! @fiercepatrice Pretty pleas, thankyou! (:

  Again, thank you for reading my blog all the way. I can't believe some of my blockmates read my blog too. I'm so touched and kilig. :"> Can I make my announcement here too? Talk about PRO duties! haha BSA 1103, you have to wear something red for tomorrow's film showing! Please spread this news all over your circles sorry hindi na talaga ako nagloload. Nakakatamad promise. Kahit bigyan nyo pa ako ng pang load. Ayoko talaga, like ayaw. Ewan. May sumpa! There! Stay tuned everyone. Medyo feel na feel. Gusto ko talaga maging speaker. Haha. Cheerio!!!!! :)
Patricia <3

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One step at time

  Heyah everybody! Whaddup man?! LOL! I went straight to home (such a good kiddo! but deep inside nagtitipid haha ang daming events this August so I guess I really need money. Yeah, that feeling na parang sa expenses mo nakalaan na parang may pamilya ka ng binubuhay? Ano pa kaya if meron. Hay! Thumbs sa prof namin na nagsabi, "Saka na kayo magboyfriend kung mag-aasawa na kayo") since we had our early dismissal today ( No prof in Nat Sci. Let's do the self study again! haha ) that's why I'm currently doing my blogging duties today!

  Sorry for the Iphone photos only recently. I promise after Midterms, I'll do things right. I have the excuse haha I don't know why do I always feel tired and retarded! Anyway, this top is from my brother. Ayaw niya i-suot. Haha. Ako lang ata talaga ang nagsusuot lahat ng damit ng tao. Pati sa Ama ko, lola ko, Tita ko and etc. Hindi naman sa wala akong damit, pwede na nga akong magpagawa ng walk in closet sa dami eh haha uso magjoke! Haha. I just like to experiment and try other things on how I'll carry myself on the road's runway! Oh, sabeh? =))

  Comfiest ootd ever!! Comfy yet still got the swag, man! The prints are epic ( cartoon monsters from Disney!) 
  I'll just share some few life lesson texts today. We need to unwind and reflect once in a while :) This morning I found a blog, she's a bridgetine too! I like her blog so much. The way she uses his words? Just like a pro! I won't tell who she is. I'm shy ya know hehehe because we're not close. She's older than me! Isip isip din tayo bridgetines pag may time! Haha. She blogs her personal life too. Basta, you'll gonna love her blog if you'll know. Hihi. Just to show I read a lot (NOW). I believe that you can't be a good writer if you're not a good reader! :P

  YOLO! Don't live your life in the past. Better learn from it na lungs. It's alright to make mistakes but it's not okay if you won't learn from it! We deserve to be happy. We deserve everything in life because we are all humans created by God. 


  Hashtag medyo naligaw. Sama na natin, nailagay ko na eh! Hahaha. Yup, I'm planning to live the life of sketching again! Feeling marunong diba? Hehehe. :) I played fashion before it was cool. Why do I mean with that? Hindi ko naman po nagustuhan ang fashion ng basta basta. Not because I saw someone wearing nice! I was reading a newspaper tapos na-attract ako sa fashion page, tapos yun. Nainlove talaga ako sa pagdedesign. :"> I'll organize my papers and things. Gusto ko ituloy yung first love ko. <3 I'll buy a lot of pencils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to start and post those sketches here in my blog. <3 <3 Stay tuned please ;)

  Never give up. Cliche as it sounds, try and try until you die and succeed! Patience is a virtue!

  So what we go out? We're just having fun!!!! Nanananana I don't memorize the lyrics. HAHAHA. Such a nice song. According to our Psychology book, adolescence is the stage where we have exta freedom to do anything we want! Minsan di masamang mantrip, makitropa tropa chill. Basta wag mag eeuphoria. Haha. Naaalala ko mga kwentuhan namin nina Karla and Maycy. Hayyyyy. Missing them so badly. 

  Hay. This place! I want to reach a place like this someday. It's oozing and relaxing! This is the place with extra "oomph". This is really part of my bucket list before I die. To the man I'll marry, I'm commanding you to bring me here before I die. I'm gonna die if you won't! SABEH? Mamatay bago mamatay?! =)) 

  "Pag mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, masaya ka sa ginagawa mo :)" - Ate April. I remembered our very old conversation! I think it's 5 or 6 years ago :) May mga conversations ka talagang di malilimutan sa buhay mo, it is! She was taking an education course. I used to like that teacher thing when I was a kid kaya nakapagtanong ako noon. In anything we do, we have to love every bit of them. It's the key to success too! 

  I'm speechless now. Haha. Medyo napagod. Promise, you'll see the Patrice version 2.0 after midterms! I have so many books to read sa iBooks ko kaya i'm hoping na maiimprove ko lahat ng dapat iimprove. I need to take those things step by step. Kaya nga there's a song na one step at time. Darara dara dara. One step at time, there's no need to rush is that learning to fly or falling inlove. Yes, one step at time! Thanks for dropping in my blog! :) 

Patricia <3
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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Do your thang

  Weekends is/are (you decide guys. I'm confuse! but I think it's "is" haha) almost over. Hay. Can this month get any faster? My quote for today is related to it! I mean, sometimes I want shorter days and longer nights, ofcourse for me to have rest! haha If that's the case, time will fly so fast. They say, Time flies when you're happy. Why is it like that? I'm not happy yet time flies so fast?! Sometimes I wish to fastforward everything just like what happened in "Click", a good movie I really cried of! I guess, life's really confusing. It's in you at the end. :)

  I forgot to include "Do your thang by Rihanna" yesterday! If you're a loyal reader of mine, you would probably know that I saw a lot of artists from GMA last week! Barbie Forteza sang and danced this song! She's a good dancer! Tapos, I just discovered na sadyang pineperform nya yun kasi nakita ko sa Instavid nya, na ginagawa niya rin yun sa SM Tarlac. Medyo tamad? Paulit ulit, ayaw mag-iba! haha Do your thang guys hahaa! Excuse Mickey's butt anyway! 

  AHHH! CandyMag has got to be my collection since High school! I started collecting it since November 2011. I love magazines ever since. Noong elementary ay Total girl pero di consistent. Siguro napatapon na yong iba. Kasamahan ng mga barbie ko! Shet. Alam nyo ba Grade 6, nagbabarbie pa din ako?! Samantalang yung mga kids today, iPads na ang mga hawak. Priceless pa din yung feeling na nagbabaliw baliwan ka mag-isa kasama ng laruan mo! Haha. August 2013 is my favorite issue so far! I like the cover so much! It's on pastel! The cover girls are Jasmine and Laureen! ( I received tweets from them na! Hehehe. Define lucky? :) ) I'm so proud of Laureen Uy! Feeling nanay haha. My cousin told me na before maging isang cover girl, dapat may naprove ka na! :) Iba na talaga si Laureen Uy. Medyo nasubaybayan ko siya mag-grow up from Binondo Girl pa! Such an icon! :)

  Say hello to my new flats! YAH. I'll collect shoes now. HAHA. I mean affordable shoes. They're from Primadonna but it's not so cozy at all. I don't know? HAHAHA. Can I share something like this? Okay. So kita nyo ba yung blue sheer top/ see through ko from Penshoppe na first ko sinuot sa EK tapos second ay sa MOA. Noong una talaga, shet sigaw ako sa ganda dun. Pero ang mahal, almost 600. So I told myself that I just have to wait for it to be on sale. So, na-plan ko na talaga sa isip ko na yun isusuot ko sa EK last summer. So, nagulat ako na new arrival eh nagsale agad the next week. So shock nung I bought it for 279 pesos only! So just what I've planned, karaka-karaka ko siyang pi-nurchase! Again, I bought it with my own savings. Ever since I started my love for fashion! Mostly eh pera ko. Oh well. After all, saan ba nanggagaling pera ko? AHAHA :) So if you always visit Penshoppe now, it costs, 500 pesos. OMG. Alam nyo yun? That feeling na pinagbigyan ka talaga ng Penshoppe last summer. Grabe. I'm so happy. Buti nga, ako lang meron pa nun dito! Hahahaha. I don't buy cozy things except pag may pera talaga or bigay or ewan haha. We have to make sure of things, ofcourse. What is sulit mommy? It's getting more of what you need. TVC of Kris Aquino and Bimby! :) 

  I remembered the song, Terrified! haha I also remembered our jazz chant when I was still in 2nd year high school :) Edgar Allan Poe, a POET, I guess? HAHAHA. I can't explain it to you guys. It's for you to find out. Medyo tamad mag-isip. Hehehe. Aaral pa ako eh! :P I hope you had a great weekend! Don't forget to indulge yourselves a bucket of happy thoughts. This is life. This is my life. This is just a piece of my universe! <3
Patricia <3

Saturday, 27 July 2013

SYML the sixth!

  Tada! Songs You Might Love is back! Despite of my busy life in school, yeah Midterms is fast approaching! Just 1 more week and I'll squeeze myself to books again! Yeah, I mean despite of those things, I still make a time to write here in my blog tho it's not about fashion. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger. More like, writer? HAHAHA NAH. I'm just inspired from the new books I've downloaded ealier from iBOOKS. I swear, if only I'm good in English, I would pursue a literature course. I can't contained myself from the relaxing words the authors use in writing good books like them! It's so perf! Anyway, I'm presenting you another set of good songs! You'll love them too bits! I guess we need to take a break and have time to listen with these songs! 

Best Song ever- One Direction
  HAHAHA. Honestly, I don't like that much this song. I think this isn't a song? HAHA! Just watch the music video, I swear... You'll fall inlove with Zayn! He's so... masanting! Haha Kapampangan word I learned from my cousin! I also remembered our schoolmate. He's still in High school. That guy and Zayn are so kalolike material! Grabe. I want to ask their mothers like, "Mygosh. Ano po ginawa nyo sa anak nyo at ganyan kagwapo?" :))

  Yeah, you heard it right! Imagine Dragons are now my favorite band. I love their music type so much. It's true that medyo african vibe, the song! haha I don't know much about Africa. I just like to reach Kenya someday! :)) And this is the official music of the newest Toyota Vios! See, I'm so updated! :P

  This is my real LSS song. HAHAHA. When you're ready come and get it. NA NA NA NA NA NA! HAHA This is an old summer song already! Yet, it's still summer in states so let's just say i'm a blogger from California. Haha. 

  This one too! is... old. :)) HEHEHE. Aamin na ako, wala na ako mailagay! hahaha joke! HAHA I know jokes are half-meants but yeah, lately I've been lss-ing with this song too! I remembered our late evening conversations last Tuesday with Jen. Sa sobrang tagal ng byahe guys, napag-usapan naman lahat lahat. Napunta kay Taylor Swift na flirt ang usapan haha joke she's not flirt! She's just lovable! haha sabi ni Jen, feeling nya daw si Ed Sheeran yung bago. Oh well? Everything has changed! 

  I remembered my old favorite song, Party in the USA. HEHEHE. All songs with USA are my favorite! hahaha Imma big fan kasi. Di'ba. New York talaga ang mega aliooper dream. Kapit lang tayo sa accounting! hahaha

  Last song! Woohoo! I felt the 70's vibes even though I wasn't born at that time! TREASURE... THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE. Oh yeah! Medyo napapakembot. :)) Actually, I'm a late bloomer sa songs! haha super thanks talaga sa taxi na nasakyan namin last Tuesday pa rin because si Kuya Driver, yun ang song! Jen asked me, "alam mo yang kanta?" "Hindi but familiar :))" Jen: "Treasure, Bruno Mars!" ahhhh it was there that I realized na yun yung sinayaw ng mga PAO sa audi! Eh kasi... andun ung crush ko. Nakamuscle shirt. Emegesh. Crush since 2nd year. Yun la'ang. Crush lang talaga. Hayst. HAHA. Check this song! :)

  It's almost six in the evening, I gotta read and study my books. Hay. I have so many stories to read in my phone. Wattpad and even real books na soft copy. Grabe lungs, if only I can read them at the same time. HAHAHA. Medyo nakakaproud talaga kapag isa kang great reader. :)) Kahit ano pang babasahin yan, basta may words and ideas, you'll learn alot. I was moved nung sinabi ni Jen, "Dami mo talagang binabasa?" kasi andami kong naiishare. Best example is here in my blog, I get to share not only my ideas but others too! See? Walang kwenta man sa inyong paningin, atleast hindi bisyo ang pinagkakaabalahan, naks! Medyo good girl! :)) I remembered my old book in English, it says... "One book a day, makes you wiser anyway!" I hope you learned something from me! Thankyou for dropping by! Goodluck to our lives! Like what I always tell my friends? Go for the gold! <3

P.S. Can I just brag something? Last Thursday, my groupmates presented our report in Psycho. Fail pa nga because there's no available projector so stick na lang sa Lappy gosh. Haha. Pero, ang bait lang ni Lord. I presented my report so well. Ofcourse, kabado kasi guy yung prof namin. Tapos yun nga, fail. Tapos, I really prepared and understood my report nga may mga health nursing pa akong nabanggit, I explained it so well with all my heart, soul, mind lahat lahat. =))) Tapos, nakakatuwa na yung teacher mo, tumatango! Mga kaklase mo nakikinig. Nakakadagdag ng self-esteem sobra. Tapos, ang nakakatuwa pa? Ako lang yung hindi tinanong. Sa akin lang walang tanong. Which means, naintindihan nila. Tapos sinabihan ka pa ng ilan mong classmates na, ang galing mo magreport. HEHEHEHE. Medyo pasikat. HAHA. Joke lang! Nakakatuwa syempre, nag-effort din ako. Oh di'ba? Hiya naman nila sa eyebags ko!! :) Well, tulad nga ng sabi ng nanay ko. Since Kinder ko  pa daw pinagdadaanan yang reciting na yan. Kung magaling talaga ako sa English, aa dapat nag Communications na lungs. The next, Korina Sanchez ang peg. HAHA. Joke! Pero syempre, related yun sa corpo job kaya medyo kilig! :) Yung iba sa lovelife kinikilig! Ako sa pag-aaral. Abnormal mang pakinggan pero yun ang katotohanan. I love you all, mwaa chup chup, chupachups! hehehe. :)

Patricia <3

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Etude House

  Hello there! Just got home from school! Everytime talaga na pauwi, ang saya. The best ang mga jeepney mates ko. Ang dami kong naitawa. :)) I guess, I was really bored while in the classroom earlier. Accounting is really drowning. Yeah, I finally understand it ( sana nga ) but I think... I'll cry a lot in this subject. It's so hard to analyze. Yeah, it's just the beginning but I'm having hard time already. I don't know. I can't pretend that it's easy because I won't get anything from it. Hay! Can I just sigh here? I need a long sigh, literally and virtually! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Yeah! I'm better. I read  an instapost about 50 ways to take a break! Must-see. :)

  Today, I pulled of a different shade of lippie!!!!!!! Yay when will I use the term "pucker"? :( Maybe if I'll have MAC in the far far away future. HAHAHA. It feels like a korean. Ofcourse, I bought in a Korean Store and as I was watching my favorite Korean Drama, Love Rain! Omg... Yoona from Girls Generation and I are sharing the same color of lippie lipsyyy! Sana may Jun din ako! Sana may Jang Geun Seuk din ako. Woah. Please. Gwapo gwapo talaga ng Koreans. Hay. Gusto ko Korean maging nationality. Don't get me wrong. HAHA. I mean that's my 2nd choice! I don't have the plans of leaving PH permanently. HAHAHA. Natawa nga ako kasi nung palabas na kami, may mga nagprapractice sa baba. Tapos it's more fun in the Ph yung song tapos yung mga nasa likod ko sabi. "It's more fun in the Philippines?! Mas masaya kaya sa Korea!" Natawa ako. :))

  Best reminders ever. Yah. You have to remind yourself that you're pretty... even if it's in a way only! Sorry for the mura. Shhh lang kayo ah? Wala, naubos yung allowance ko for the whole week. Nagtataka talaga ako kasi Jco lang binili ko. Yung sa Etude naman ay sa account ko. Wtf lang diba?

  Annyeong!!!!!!!! Imma Korean :') It's from Etude House located at the 2nd floor ewan ko kung Northwing or Southwing? Baka sa Centerwing? HAHAHA Joke. We just asked the guards, use your mouth when you have time din no?? hahaha! I won't tell the price. Find it on your own or ask me in personal. HAHAHA. It's in orange shade particularly, tangerine in color! Finally!!! I have now strawberry shortcake pink and Tangerine!!! What's next? RED?! NAHHHH I'll use it when I reach 18 na lungs! Gusto ko violet! Or berry smooch pink or the lightest pink... Nicki Minaj Mac please! haha

  Thankyou for dropping by! I hope I did something awesome right in my blog. I'm just drained. I want food. I want to sleep forever... hahaha no! I want to live while were young. ANU DAW?! HAHA. Thank God it's Thursday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to rest like there's no tomorrow. Yay. Let's study! Let's go, let's go. I wanna be the richest girl ever. HAHA. I want to have lotsa of luxury cars, oh my jaguar and Lamborghini! Let's dream... the impossible dream. Nothing impossible. Everything's possible. I have to say goodbye! God be with you <3

Patricia <3

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Girl's day-out!

  Holla everyone! Just got home from MOA. Yup, you heard it right. It was an unplanned gala for us. I was out the whole day too. Don't get me wrong, I already did my assignments! hihi! I just have to study my past lessons! :)) Forgive me if the photos here in my blog isn't organized. I have no time to arrange them one by one! I'll just describe them! :)

  OOTD! It's only my second time to wear this top because basically, i find it hard to pair with other tops because it's so revealing! This vest is very versatile! I swear, it always compliments my clothes. One of my best investments ever. The weather in Manila today is damn cold. I don't know. It's so cold, i was really shaking while eating our late 2nd lunch! haha

  My other half. She's my bestfriend, my cousin and everything. Hihi! I sound cheesy? Her birthday is coming. I need to find a cheap gift hahaha medyo nagtitipid!

Me after I bought a half dozen of Jco.

  Meet the younger versions of Vern and Verniece! Hehehehehehe. Medyo feeler. Pero totoo naman. Kasi, me kahit magunaw ang Mars, si Vern talaga kahit alam kong mas maganda Vern pa rin while si Jen, makaVerniece talaga! 

  Isn't she lovely? Isn't i'm lovelier? HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding!

  Stuck in line @ Jco. That moment na may sobrang sweet na couple sa harap nyo? Foreigner yung guy. Wtf. Medyo napag-usapan na magdidivorce din yan because usually ang mga foreigners eh never nagtatagal sa relationship! Medyo judgemental! Hahaha.

 Yummy maki from Kimono Ken! 

 While waiting for our food! 

Forever 21 is <3

@ Kimono Ken

   Jen and I! 

  I bought a new lipstick from Etude House! Tangerine! Yeah, I'm trying a new shade. YEAH. It's my second time to buy my own branded lipstick. I swear, it emptied my savings but they're just so irresistible. I believe, I gotta treat myself once in a while. :)

 One of the vain people I know on Earth. HAHAHA. Jen loves California Maki! 


  I swear that's the last time I'll order a lot. Hindi ko kasi lagi nauubos. Medyo nagsasayang sa pera. Joke. Nakakaumay kasi. Medyo wag kayo oorder nito. Hahahaha. 

  Our rich banker. This gala wouldn't be possible without this pretty lady. It was her treat. Thankyou so much Ate. Thankyou for the day and telling us a lot of things! You're such a good inspiration. Mwaa <3

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I love this photo of us!


I really have a long hair. HMMMM.


  Leaving you this last photo! Kisses to all my loyal readers! Wuff you all! Mwaaaa! I swear, I had so much today. Being with co-dalaga's hahaha is really an achivement. I left our house alone, I arrived alone too. It's worth it. I learned a lot even though nung pauwi na, it went scary. Well, it's late and Imma girl! I hope you understand these paranoid moments! HAHAHA! There. It was a happy Tuesday for me after all! Happy 44th Batangas City Foundation Day to all Batanguenos! Woohoo! Long live! Classes again tomorrow. Dream big and work on it!

Patricia <3