Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Boy Crushes *Insert kilig memes here*

As promised! This is my other version of the previous "My Girl Crushes". Are you excited? You ready for drooling sessions? Hihihi. Seat back and relax girls!! haha who knows I have a boy reader right now :) Well! I have!! They tell me that they're my readers. But I'm in doubt if in this blogpost, I'll catch guys attentions! Hahaha creepy!

1. Zac Efron

  *DROOLS!!!!!!!!!* He's so cute and... the right term?! HE'S DEFINITELY HOT!!! Okay, I'll tell you a secret. I actually first search for a topless photo of him. HAHAHAHAHA. I didn't put it here because omg my jaw is almost on the floor!! You search those topless photos on your own. Type type din pag may time!! Hahahaha plus he's a model from Penshoppe! Yeah! :)

2. Zayn Malik

  AND THIS PHOTO MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD HAHAHAHAHA WTF ZAYN? YOU'RE ON DRUGS OR YOU'RE IN PATRICE?! (Drugs=Patrice because I'm addictive hahaha kidding! Kidding! Forgive me for being conceited! hahaha) Well, he got some earrings which made him naturally hot. Hot because yes I saw another photo of him (Yeah shirtless with her gothic girlfriend). I don't intentionally search ha! You know tumblr feeds will always bring you to exotic pictures that's why I chose to be here hahaha grabe siniraan ang tumblr! Walang utang na loob!! hahaha No I love tumblr :)

3. Owy Posadas

  The first photo of him is my current lock screen! :) :) I also love the second photo because he's a fashionista guy too! Of course! What do you expect from a fashionista girl like me? I'm into fashionista people too! like Lance De Ocampo! I just didn't include him here because he's taken now :( hahaha Okay. Another thing is... I just wanted to share my thoughts about Owy Posadas... particularly CHICSER. Some of you... maybe hate them right? But hear my side first before you jump into conclusions :) YANG MGA OTHER FREAKS DYAN NA MAKAPAGTWEET LANG PARA COOL PARA IN SA TREND NA HATE DIN NILA CHICSER? MY GOD ASHAME OF YOURSELF DATI NASA BIO NYO YUNG MGA HOT CUTIES NA TO DATI FLINAFLOOD NYO SILA NG I LOVE YOU AT WHATEVER FVCKING TWEETS AND THEN GRABE KAYO MAGMURA SA KANILA NGAYON?! FINE LET'S JUST SAY PEOPLE CHANGE. BUT THAT'S NOT THE CASE... YOU STILL HAVE TO RESPECT THEM AS A PERSON. THEY ARE NOT FAME WHORES OKAY? KASI FIRST MAY MGA TAONG GUSTO SILA! NANGYARE LANG NA BOOM SUCCESS!  EH YUNG IBA NGA FEELING FAME WHORES DIN EH. ANONG NANGYARE? USO USO DIN?! YOU SAY YOU HATE FAMEWHORES? SO ARE YOU TELLING ME GUYS YOU HATE YOURSELF? DAMN IT RESPECT THEM. 
I'm not saying these for a particular person. MADAMING TAO SA MUNDO GUYS. MALAY MO TAGA MANILA PINAGSASABIHAN KO? PERO MALAY NATIN TAGA BATANGAS CITY LANG! ANG MALALA BAKA UGH SECRET HAHAHAHA MATAMAAN GUILTY. MATAMAAN TALO. GE, IMIK PA. May back-up naman ako eh. >:)) Alright. Hindi chicser ang may problem on my own opinion. Nasa fans. Pero I don't have a problem naman since I'm just stating the obvious or simply telling what's inside my head! Again, kung may nainis ako sorry talaga but this is my blog I have the right to express myself and thoughts. If you're jealous? Go create your blogger account dick heads! :)

  Hahaha sorry I want to turn in a different aura na!  Natawa talaga ako that day. Memories. Haha. Yung feeling na nakapatong lang ang kamay mo tapos hinigit niya?! DIE! HAHAHA It feels so good to be a fan girl. I swear, i'll miss this when I got in college. Atleast, I experienced that! No regrets just shout! hahaha. YOLO!!! :p

4. Lee Min Hoo

  Got this photo from my Bestfriend's Facebook!! Credits to Judith Maralit  :) Omg he's so cute!!! Did you know that marrying a korean is one of my dreams in life?! hahaha I remembered that usual Sunday at the Supermarket in SM. There's this group of Korean people, one guy talked to me!! But I'm so clueless that time, hello! I was so young then. If I'll encounter another one this time, I can speak some words to them now! haha ( Yeobseyo oppa!!! Unjaena youngwonhee!! Papali!) HAHAHHA WTH WITH UNJAENA YOUNGWONHEE!!! HAHAHA It means FOREVER AND ALWAYS. That would creep them out haha Korean guys remind me of good looking people that's why I grew up dreaming of them. There I realized, not all! Got a proof!! So tell me why Ryan Bang isn't?! Hahaha Naaah he's sort of cute din naman. Let's just see if dreams really do come true.

5. Derrick Monasterio

    I saw him at personal already. He's really tall. He's so handsome. He sings well. Whenever you talk about Derrick, he always reminds me of "She will be loved" because he sang it when he went for a mall show at Sm Batangas! That day I saw Elmo Magalona and Julie Ann San Jose too!! Imma fan of @MyJaps too! She's pretty and cool! No artes and I love people who are just like her! :) I'm just sad that my favorite show doesn't appear on tv anymore. It makes me feel so old!!  #TweenHearts :(


  I don't know so much about him. Hahahaha. But he's really a cutie. Very boyfriend material, right? OH KOREAN GUYS FOR PINAYS!!!!!! What do you think? :)) I'll travel first Korea pala. Ang gwapo talaga eh. Nakakaasar lang the fact na sa wattpad lang sila pwedeng maging jowa! Hahahahahaha.

  So what do you think of my boy crushes? Any violent reactions? You can drop your comments here! I would love to hear some of your thoughts especially if you use anonymous and then you're going to fight with me hahaha duh. I hope not :) I will remind you again of these things. 1. These are just my opinion yes ang pagpapatama ay opinion 2. This is my own and so mine blog (not yours! You're just a reader) 3. Be yourself (Oh come on! No room for pa-sweet acts here) 4. Thanks for the respect :) hahaha this is just for fun I hope no one will get so serious about this, okay? :) I love you my readers! Thanks for the views last night. Rank 249 made me so happy! I love you!!!!!! :D