Life of Patrice

Blogger of all seasons, fashion material, student, Music and Video introducer wanna be, secretly loves to become an editor, dreams of becoming a UN Ambassador ( Kenya is part of her bucket list ) and you're future CPA with a second job as a flight attendant to every stewardess dream airlines, Emirates! 

  Patrice Anne U. Bagui was born on March 11, 1997. She's an accountancy student from Batangas State University. She went to Alangilan Central Elementary School and graduated as First Honorable Mention in elementary. She spent her high school days in St. Bridget College and graduated with honors. An official fashion blogger since November 2011. True blue candy girl from the same time. When I was young I do a lot of activities. I was part of a mini band, joined a lot of contests like Math Quizbee, Science, Speech and History. Studying is obviously my past time and a thing I've been enjoying since my parents oriented me about school. I'm a lover of life. I'm not perfect because I get bad vibes sometimes too. I'm a hopeless romantic girl that will explore the city of lights someday. I do blogging because I love to dress up. I love to write and share my thoughts to my trusted readers. I want to travel the whole world with the people I love. I want live in a contented life, still here in PH ( Till I die). I'm proud Pinay. I'm a fashion enthusiast. I want to learn different cultures. I want to meet different people. I would love to work and go on a corporate job to my dream networks and banks when I get my degree. I'm a girl who's trying to figure out everything around the world. I simply love everything that's Dreams beyond Imaginations in Today's Size Zero Age world that would be LEAVING YOU VOICELESS

  Don't be ashamed of where you came from. Be proud of what you've reached for. Don't take life very seriously, have fun. Yolo. Be yourself even though it may sounds cliche. Work because you love to not for you have to. God created everything unique and beautiful in their own way. Let's be grown-ups, but there's this little kid inside our happy hearts that will remain forever. We have to deal with changes. To my avid readers, it's so inspiring everytime you give me good and bad feedbacks.  Thankyou from giving me a little of your time. I would be happy if you'll tell me so that I can personally thank all of you. Audrey Hepburn with a regal updo, City of Lights, Tumblr, Blogging, Fashion, Friends, Family and God... I can't imagine my journey without you. I'm blessed. So stay tuned from my blogposts. There's always room for improvement, right? You're my inspiration ( In Celine Dion's voice) I love you, yes you! xoxo Email me for collaborations or anything you have to tell me. xoxo