Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I swear to post something like this!!

 I am so thankful that I was directed to this site. Special thanks to Loujie Delica!!!  I met her from last year Centennial Summit. She's from Quezon City, ofcourse a bridgetine also. Plus, she's into fashion. Basta talaga sa fashion, madali akong makakasundo guys.  Yay. Moving on, back when I was reading Vern's blog... I'm thinking of how she does collage photos like this one I made. I'm so glad I found Polyvore :) It's a fashion site where you can create stylish looks by just choosing stuffs on your own. I'm so happy that technology or I mean people today made our fashion life so easy just like this!!! About the look, this is my dream style for the upcoming months. I'm planning to say goodbye to my girly styles and dresses. Yes hopefully. It depends if I'll get plenty of stuffs from my family sponsors and myself. I want to dress like a woman. Yeah it doesn't sound good because it's like gusto ko na agad magbye sa teen years ko. I was just inspired of Vern and Miranda Kerr. I can't wait to spot pointed heels and save money for it. Please primadonna no!!! Hayaan mo akong wag gumastos please. Other side. Pleaseeee I want to wear something like you!!! Haha. How I wish there's a nearest H&M store here in Batangas. Ang saklap na hindi marunong mamili ang Papa sa Dubai na yon ang tatak. Na meron akong paper bag pero mismong item wala! Na yung kapatid ko merong shorts from H&M ako wala. Biatch. Alam nyo na igigift nyo sakin ah! Anything from H&M. :) I already spotted this faded jeans at Penshoppe. Let's just stick with local stores. Yay. And Oh before I forgot, the chanel earrings are so love. They cost for 23K. Oh my. I gotta work hard in the future! So what are you waiting fashion people of the world? Sign in to Polyvore because fashion never stops at one side. Don't forget to follow me there @FiercePatrice and like my collections :)

P.S. If sometimes I forget to give people credits, just tell me. If my grammar is wrong, correct me. I would be happy to edit it again! I love you readers. :)

H M printed tank top
$12 - hm.com

Acne blue skinny jeans
$340 - liberty.co.uk

Mango bag

H m jewelry
$6.13 - hm.com

Gathering Eye spike jewelry
$20 - generalpants.com.au

Ray Ban ray ban optical