Monday, 18 May 2015

FiercePatrice shades of gray

         Fashion is my true love. It may never bethe first love I got, I believe it's my true and real love :) My bae and I had a fun shoot since she's going to make a portfolio for her requirements in school. I love gray. I love gray so much. I don't know but this color is forever. I missed blogging!!! My 2nd year of college has truly swept my hobby from writing. Woah, wish me luck for our qualifying exams this May 26 & 28! Again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude who became patient for taking all these photos I got from her camera and most especially for staying as my bestfriend since 3rd year high school, we may have and had lots of fights... we cried alot, we kicked each other's ass, laughed to every stories (we never runout tho? haha) we shared, punched our faces about love advices and grew up as each other's critic, I still love you bae. I want to say sorry for the times that I've been a bad friend to you, nevertheless, I think real sisters always fight or share some fights because it's natural but this time, I promise to be a better ate to you & will try to follow ALL your fancy advices (I remember when we were stuck in Morayta and I was asking which sidewalk to pass to reach the back part of FEU and didn't believe you. HAHAHA. Sorry for not trusting you at times but you know that I'm just afraid to be lost ) Thank you for everything. HappyBirthday and I love you of all the baes that I have in this world because you're truly one of the best creature I've ever met! I know, we'll go places together someday in Fifth Avenue & Manhattan, New York! I know our plans will happen in time! Happy Birthday Bea Theresa!! :) 
Dress : H&M ; Shoes:Primadonna ; Sling Bag : Minicci ( Payless ) ; Watch: Baby G ; Shades: Sunnies Studio
Make up by yours truly!Soon, I will do a make up tutorial here in my blog since I already gotmy dream naked make up! 😍 Thanks for dropping by! Please pray for me! Pray for my soul! :D