Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rock your LBD

  The usual Sunday for me! I checked my closet and sorry to say I don't have a new dress for today hahaha if only I have sponsors like Vern and Verniece :( Anyway!! Check out their new blog! Plus if you're following Verniece and Lance De Ocampo at Instagram, you'll get kilig! OMG They're so sweet. I think they're almost in bf-gf relationship! That's how I realized how Lance is super duper handsome and he's tall! Well, Verniece? She's a living barbie doll, no wonder she'll catch a good fish! hahahaha there! I just shared things.

At last! Got  new jeans. Clue? It's an extraordinary one. Anne Curtis wears those kind of jeans. Again, it's on sale! :D

Again and again, LBD (Little Black Dress) is very essential inside our closet no matter what happens. I can't find a gorg top! Why? :( :( And follow me at Instagram: fiercepatrice haha thanks! I love you my readers. Stay tuned with my upcoming posts. So much things to say.  xx