Thursday, 20 August 2015

Butterlies went knock-knock

 I planned to be inlove,
 Then I'm out of words.
Seeing attractive strangers everyday,
makes me realize wouldn't go without you for a day.
Your eyes shine the brightest
 Like a burning flame
No - this love isn't same
 For it is the attest.
I have loved you before
And these wings have soared
Mending heartbreaks,
Till I fall for you again.
 My bestfriend said, "You can't be inlove with someone you don't know. It's infatuation."
Years have passed,
I remember I've been dreaming of you.

 - lang LYV hahaha aka Patrice  :)

Hiii. This poem is dedicated to my shattered dreams of becoming a literature student. It's been so AWHILE. I feel like everytime I had to do a blogpost is an explanation should be written. But then, I'm an accountancy student, so I guess I have to skip this part. I love my course! I love this career! I love my future job! We had our Acquiantance party last August 8, 2015 held at Batangas City Coliseum. It's my third time already and forgot that time swept those memories away. Last 2 years for me ( Hopefully, I pray this everyday ) till I bid my goodbye to college! Wow! Fantastic baby! Hihi. Before that, I think 2 years for me will be a long parade to church just like marrying the person who deserves me. Cheesy! Well, I don't know. I don't have any idea. I'm focused to my goals. I am eager to learn from school about the circulation of a business entity. This is how I roll. HAHAHA. Again, I still go home mourning of my low scores... What's new. Haha. This year's theme is Fire and Ice. But who cares, I always don't follow the theme anyway. Lol. My perception about fashion isn't caged from being categorized but what really depends on my mood. If I feel not going on make up ( which is never or seldom, depends... i'm lazy but make up is really my thing so I don't know how to be lazy with it ) or dressing up then so be it. You know, I always talk about freedom. Wear what you want. Write what you want. Because it's always you who will do things not them. Damn all of them, right? lol. Since, I have opened the topic about freedom, few more months till the 2016 elections. As a concerned youth, ofcourse register first my friend ( me talking to myself because I'm not yet registered hahaha but I will find time and so sad that declared holidays are just my free time and government offices aren't open fml right? anyone who works at regular holidays or special holidays please? I know there are still associates / higher position who want premiums in their payroll! Yaay ) and please think a lot of DEMOCRACY that's currently prevailing in the country. Vote for the president who will not revise the 1987 Constitution which is the charter change and the president who won't be a dictator in this country. I don't know much of the political laws well in fact I barely pass my business law subject, what more of the constitution. It's hard but really interesting. I always knew deep down in my heart the love of mine in history and news, coincide.

 At the end of the day, I will always close my eyes and thank God for all the blessings that I received from this school - the gift of studying, competitive classmates and the best of friends. One of the things I will never get tired to thank is truly all of them. I wouldn't come this far without them not only about studying but also life and love learning's. I always realize that 24/7 of being together isn't enough to talk and make fun of things together. Bully friends, I know that God has already embossed all of your names, here in my heart. I love you! Excited to spend more of these years completely through the darkest and the brightest!

Patricia <3