Saturday, 11 May 2013

Back to BASICS

  Hi Sunday! I told you that I bought new jeans from FOR ME. I always tell the prices of my clothes especially if I got in from a red tag/sale. Guess how much? :)

  Back to basics because I wore basically, basics. HAHAHA. Got that? For me basic clothes are really essential because we can use it in different occasions. Plus like what Karla Aguas again told her readers, BASICS are cheat stuffs on repeating clothes. I super agree on that. :)

  I don't know what kind of jeans is this. Bungalow ataw? Not sure guys!  Something from 90's. Those wide styles at the bottom part of denims from old magazines I have read (Yeah old influence works in present!) . 

  White Top: From LOLA! HEHEHE See I use family clothes. Yesterday was my dad's! Just to show I can wear different clothes with confidence on roads and busy streets of Batangas City. I don't support SHOPAHOLIC MOVEMENT from now on because this June!! YEAH We are planning to have our SAVINGS BREAK the whole year with the cooperation of the whole family. It's so exciting especially on my part because I'll be the one to take care of the money. Yiheee feeling ko accountant na ako hehehe feeling ko may ari ako ng isang finance company! hahaha excited na talaga kami ni Kuya Marc pumasok. Rak na yon!! May time kasi na blockmates kami. Ano kayang feeling na may kamag anak ka sa room?! Haha!!

  I changed my mind. I opted to my comfy heels from Barbie Shubbiz. Actually parang pang beach yung look na to kasi kulang na lang maxi skirt!!! hay let's go the beach soon bitches! :)

  Happy Mommmer's Day to all the Mommers in the world. To my mom, I haven't greeted her today seriously. HAHAHA. Maybe before we sleep. Yes we are sleeping in a room. Tipid sa kuryente, isang takbo ng ac. :))) Ofcourse people always tell me Patrice kamukhang kamukha mo Mama mo! I was like Baka nanay ko? Hehehehe. Well, I do believe. I'm thankful first, she's my mom. We've been together ever since I opened my eyes. Idk. I can't afford not to see her in a day. Syempre unlike nung iba nasa ibang bansa mom nila, eh siya she never leave my side. Second, I inherited her looks. She's really pretty, I swear :) no wonder... heheheh joke! And yes we don't have a perfect relationship. Everyday she scolds me random stuffs. Minsan talaga hindi ko na pinapansin. Tapos maiinis kapag hindi pinapansin. Tapos kapag sasagot ako, nanagot daw. Ano ba talaga? Pakamatay na ako. HAHAHA. But it's okay, you're my mom, I'm just your pretty daughter. Nakuuu she hates me if I say things like these! HAHAHAHA. She always support me in different choices I like. But not all, syempre naniniwala talaga ako sa Mother's knows best. Kahit sa pamimili ng damit? Kahit ako'y isang expertista sa world of Fashion, hindi pa rin ako bibili ng damit kung hindi siya nagagandahan. Basta. Lahat ng gusto ko binibili niya. Kahit wala daw siyang pera, masunod lang ako. :) SNIFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Mame! Second Best cook in the world! ( syempre si Paps ang 1st aminado naman lahat ng chefs sa buong mundo hahaha)

I love you readers! Oh tomorrow halalan na! Masasabi ko lang? I don't like that Binay girl. I'm on Vice Ganda's side!! I AM FREE TO EXPRESS MYSELF ESPECIALLY THAT THIS IS MY BLOG. Again, thankyou for respecting and your time. I love you mwa! :) 

P.S. I bought it by 388 pesos!!! :)