Friday, 3 May 2013

My Girl Crushes

Alright. I'll confess to you those girls I look up to. Well! It's all about beauty and fashion. Scroll down, wooh!

1. Anne Curtis
  I know this may sound common but yes Anne deserves to be called DYOSA. I remembered our one day Photography class in Laguna. The photographer/teacher told us "Si Angel Locsin may hawig kasi na hindi maganda pero si Anne Curtis kahit saang angle maganda eh." True! I searched a photo of her and uhh she's so pretty talaga. I chose this photo because this an Audrey Hepburn version of her. Anne Curtis will be the Audrey Hepburn of Philippines. I envy her. I envy her lovelife hahaha she got a french boyfriend. lol. Definitely Anne Curtis will rank as the first :)

2.  Vern Enciso

  Ofcourse why would I forget her in my list? She's my super inspiration in blogging. The way she dresses and uses her words, way perfect for me! I saw her first from Candy Magazine because she was featured in December 2011 issue. She's very pretty inside and out. She's my friend in facebook! Just to show how humble she is. I want to become like her when I grow up. I want to become an ambassador of different brands I trust.  She's moving to another blog. Visit her current blog

3. Bai Fern

  This thailander woman is so pretty. She's "Nam" of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I started stalking her because she's the fictional character used in a wattpad story ( Three Words Eight Letters). I follow her in Twitter @Baifernbuh and Instagram @Baifernbah Followe her too! She's just so pretty. I'm just wondering why she's still single. Hahaha. 

4. Karla Aguas

  SHE'S SO YEAH GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL look! :) I saw her first from Meg Magazine November 2011 issue! She was part of the Metro Fashionistas. So I searched her in Twitter! I was shocked when I discovered that she's the girlfriend of Nico Salva! They're both from Ateneo. And she's now an official MYX VJ! Yay! I want to become a VJ too since Grade5!! I'll make a private audition too someday. Just give me time to pamper my face and improve my english skills!! I swear you'll see me there too!! Haha. She has a blog too! :)

  As you can see some of them are just local icons only but I prefer it over international women. Choose Philippines! Yes I advocate Philippine Tourism. I'll work at PAL someday!! I just don't know when and how! Hahaha :) The next blogpost will be "My Boy Crushes" I think that's more exciting than this? Ofcourse!! I'll share hot men I know! It will drive you to drooling sessions! I'm thinking if I'll include my personal crushes. What do you think?  hahaha Again!! Being beautiful must come from inside and out :) Even though it sounds normal I think that phrase is so much true in real life <3

I love you my readers xx Thankyou for reading. Just drop your comments here. Anonymous comments are allowed but I would be grateful if you don't :)