Saturday, 4 May 2013

You know you're a Filipino if you love SALES

  I remembered a good book about being a Filipino. I saw my blogpost title in it. This Saturday I went to SM since it's 3 days sale! I'm a lover of it. Like, hell yeah! Hahaha. So I decided to wear something comfy and not so stylish because it won't bring me to goodvibes while in the mall. 

  Top: Pop Shop; Jeans: Folded and Hung; Sandals: Grendha: Necklace: Gift from Maycy; Bangles: Gift from Meryll :)

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Thankyou so much xx

Who'll say that we're struggling in terms of money? Lol BECAUSE IT'S A FILIPINO THING!

  Okay. Can I share something? I just can't contained those tickles in pink of me. Okay. This is it. I won't give so much clues you might tease me after hahaha! Okay. The moment I entered the supermarket oh well something awesome has happened!! haha let's just say my peripheral vision is one of the best assets I have (I mean my eyes because they're so tantalizing haha kidding) And I caught him!!!! Yeah. It's a guy. It's like he gave me "Uh teka I know this girl" look. I noticed him immediately. Well, he's tall!  He's white (yeah I like white people I just don't know why haha) He's handsome that's it. Uh-oh. I removed my eyes on him. Baka kasi magfeeling eh. But he gave one more glance!!!
So I was like... wait.. ARE WE? 

Definitely he's not my ex ( I DON'T HAVE HAHAHAHAHA LOL)


AHA! I knew it!!!!


 Is he my future?! HAHAHAHA *BLUSH* hahahaha there! I realized... he's my ex classmate back in 7th grade. Let's just think I've been in 7th grade. I just wanted to confuse you because I'm so much afraid that you'll recognize this guy. Hahaha. So I gave him "Kilala ba kita talaga?!" look. And he suddenly ran to someone, I didn't look. Isipin pa masyado ko siyang type hahaha.  Then I saw the girl beside him. NOW, it's confirmed. It's him. Ayayayayayay! He's now my crush :) :) I'm flushing! because he was the first kasi to look!! hahaha so much kiligs. I wish he is single. if not, let's wait for the break-up! =)) He follows me on twitter. What to do! Dm na lang kami hahahaha kinikikilig talaga ako. Hahahaha. Kidding. I'm contented with this kiligs I feel! If my tita's are reading this forgive me but it's just a crush and this is very justifiable!!! :D One last clue!! He's not a Filipino! hahaha oh my G! Just a crush hahaha

P.S. But it's more kilig if a lot of people view and read my blog!!! No one can break that! I love you my readers! I want to know all of you personally.  xx