Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Last na naman!!!"

  It was a great Wednesday with Bene people. We're just 7, 3 boys and 4 girls. Still!! I had fun with the girls.   Kelan kaya maaalis ang chika sa mundo? Let's not dream of it!!!  Life would be boring! Haha.

(c) Kimberly :)

  I went to a not so prepared ootd. Hello, it's very near to my place. Fiesta din sa amin pero hindi naman kami taga dito. Hahaha!  Thanks to Kimberly and Gabby for inviting us to come over to their houses! Shock naman ako alam nila yung the very first blog ko ever sa tumblr. Pati mga kalokohan ko and all! Ayos ah. Hahahaha. Tapos nagkakagulo kapag tumblr usapan. Yay. We talked a lot of things. Hindi ko na tanda yung pinagreresign nila si Rojen na nagpakalat noon ng paper sabay pirma na lahat, haha I just realized nakakaloko pala noon mga kaklase ko. Hahahahaahaha. Those High School days... it's really true you'll laugh about everything  that happened from the "Yesterdays". 

P.S. Anyway! I have a new favorite song! Hung Up  by Hot Chelle Rae. I think this is already old but not so! Haha. The song reminds me of New York City!!! Did you watch Kris TV today? I got so many fashion tips. Sige promise hindi na ako gagaya ng styles kina Vern and Miranda. I learned that I should enjoy my youth days first. Don't rush things. I can't bring back the old times anymore. Yay. Sweet sixteen! And it's true we should invest on basics first so that we can easily mix and match things. Yay. I wanna try also online shopping! Apartment 8 is the most affordable online shop because Olivia and Fifth is kind of expensive!!!!! I love you readers! :)