Friday, 31 May 2013

Lazy Friday

  My mom and I had a fridate this afternoon. I will miss this when I get married hahaha chos joke lang siyempre. Lalo pa ngayon? Alam nyo ba, i'm starting to freak out from the articles and blogs I've been reading about my course. Nakakaiyak eh. Yung mga napasa sa board, 38 lang. May school nga sa Manila na walang pumasa out of 2 pa. Made my day!! HAHA. Am I that bad? Forgive me. I want to laugh it off. I want to laugh despite of these scary stuffs na naeencounter ko. Feeling ko, I have so many tears to release for the next 5 years. Favorite ko pa naman ang Math! :) Hahaha. Pero favorite ko talaga Math. Lagi ko lang talagang iniiyakan mga quiz ko noon. Ha! That's why I kept on laughing because you'll never see those smiles again... ( Scary as it sounds pero i believe) Plus, I think I'm in good hands. Rank 33 ang BSU guys. I'm contented with it. Like what many people always tell me, "Neng nasa kapalaran mo yun... Kung destined ka, mararating mo." Hehehe. Let's study well this coming school year ( I mean forever)!!

  I don't know. I went with a gym outfit. I dress up according to my mood.  That will be my forever fashion sense. I brought a bench towel with me also. Ya. So whenever people see me inside the mall they think na "Yung girl halatang nagjogging. Di man lang nagpalit ng outfit eh, ganda pa naman ( hahaha jk yung ganda pa naman)" I'm just cheering up myself. -___-

  THAT WAS A HEAVY TRAFFIC. I SWEAR. THE GOVERNMENT IN BATANGAS SHOULD IMPLY EFFECTIVE TRAFFIC RULES SO THAT HINDI GANITO YUNG PAGMUMUKHA KO PAGKARATING. Pero malala na talaga sa Diversion. UNJAENA YOUNGWONHEE ANG PEG. Btw, thanks for reading. I owe a lot to my readers. I love you so much. I don't feel so alone. :P Goodnight! Don't forget to pray. Remember Japan? Just Always Pray At Night. x Don't forget to visit my other blog in tumblr. Yup, still alive and kicking sir. :)