Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Woman in the arena

Are you strong enough to handle critics?

  It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcomings, who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the high achievement of triumph and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
                  - Theodore Roosevelt

  Today marks my second year in the world of blogging. I couldn't be more thankful of my icons because they always inspire me to do better in fashion, school and life. To those geniuses who invented blogger, tumblr and wordpress, you helped a lot of people to share what's in their hearts. I consider my blog as my online diary. In this way, I help in saving stationeries. ( HAHAHA OMG MY INTRIGUING DIARIES. Lol. Funny. ) I consider myself an athlete too. I run. I mean, I'm running a blog. HAHAHA. Excuse my soupness. Yay. What I love about my blog, it lives in reality. Even though others tell it's kind of or really corny, it doesn't change. I don't think it's right to stick with their opinions all throughout. I mean, I read and listen to what people say, good or bad. It still on me if I will make a difference within myself. My forever stand is, people are just there to watch. They are allowed to react but it's not accurate to judge. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena: me, myself and I. My mistake, my choice, my success. You don't know what's inside of me. You don't know how passionate I am to what I'm doing all these years. People nowadays are incredibly annoying. I don't know if it has to do with modern living or whatever. What I'm making a big stress is, don't make a room for people who cause you pain. Just keep on going as long as you're happy and you don't hurt someone. I'm currently reading on "Live your dream" part of the book. I'm so grateful because I got to save all my thoughts and ideas on my blogs. People know me better. I even made a friendship to my trusted friends. I got to do better in school for all those fashion photos and stories I've heard for years. It makes me happy. It improved my inner soul also as a girl and human being. It encouraged me to read more compositions and articles everywhere. Blogging is definitely one of the things I can't easily give up. I cried on this. I cried because I can't create. I cried because my entry is so usual. I cried because I was hurt. I cried because I'm happy. Crazy things came on my way but I handled them like they didn't exist. Time flies really fast. Time flies when you're happy. I will always be the girl who will tell what's inside of me. I'm the boss of my business. I can be happy whenever I want. I don't have to feel sorry about myself to people. I originally made a blog because I'm bored. I was shocked that day when a friend tell me, "Hey. I read your blog." I'm still figuring things out if I will still blog the coming years. By now, I'm thankful that I'm still alive with a normal life. My only dream is to become a better version of myself as time passes by. My blog is truly a big discovery I've ever known. Thanks for reading. Sa panahon ngayon, kami na lang ng blog ko ang nag aanniversary. How cute. I'm really proud to embrace my weirdness! :)) 




Patricia <3

Sunday, 27 October 2013

21 days of layers

  It's been awhile since I had my last blogpost. I'm busy of doing nothing. HAHAHA. The gigising-ng-umaga-internet-muna-linisbahay-kain-ligo-internet-kain-higa-tv-net-late matulog. Hahahaha. I swear I will be productive starting tomorrow. That's my reward to myself after a stressful semester, lazy lazy ass muna pag may time! lol I'll continue reading the chicken soup! HAHAHA. I have three more books in line. Naman? Kunwari, geek! :)) 

  I can't think of a good title. What I know from my ootd is that it's all about layering. It's really a breezy Sunday!!! Layering is the perfect style this season. I'm always on girly style with a touch of classic. I'm into bright colors and navies! If you're following Forever21 on instagram, you'll see a lot of layered ootds there. I also saw Nadz and Mary Anne today. Those chitchats we did. Hay nako. Ang walang kamatayang ehem. HAHAHAHA. I also bought a new jacket! Ofcourse. Sale. SUPER SALE. That's why I didn't let the opportunity pass!! hahahaha. You'll see it on my next ootd blogpost. Cheerio, Au revoir, babushka! 

Patricia <3

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

School diaries

  It's tuesday and we were so disgusted from our enrollment. AHHH. The system is really nice. REALLY. Hahaha. I had a great morning today because oh yeah *drumrolls*. I'm a university scholar!! This is for you Papa! :"> Salamat at abot yung general average ko. 1.75 daw sakto. Eh kasi naman inalis yung PE at NSTP, dun pa naman 1.25. Tamang kabado na. Thankyou Lord! I didn't expect this :) This is my first time to receive an automatic scholar that's why I'm so excited and yeah I just can't hide it. Lol. Finally! <3

  We had our lunch in the canteen because we weren't in the mood to go outside in our favorite carinderia! This is my forever meal this college. I will never get tired of eating Pork steaks! I'm so amazed with my rice! It's like a smiley face! What a great morning! :)

  My kind of serious selfie! 

  With my favorite girl, Monieminaj!

  AHHH! Got the chance to have pictures with the ultimate crush ng campus. He's just in 4th yr high school. No to child abuse! lol We were so delighted kasi nakakatakot ma-reject. Haha! At guys, nakausap ko pa siya! Hahaha. I said, "Okay lang? :)" "*Nods nods* smile" UGH. HAHAHA. I see my cousin, Jazril, to this cutie guy. Just a crush. Thanks Kyle! 

  Oh bet na bet ng isang bata dyan! Sabeh ng Ms. Bb. Pilipinas pose?  haha

  These cutie kids! They were selling candies and due to my extreme kiddie heart, we bought goodies from them! I miss my childhood. I went with the same situation back in elementary. :)

  Hahaha. Another cutie guy we saw while chilling out! I don't know his name. Hahahahaha. My friends just said, "Oh yan si!!! Bilis picture din!!!" Also a 4th year high school student :) Hahaha! Thanks again! 

  I had an amazing time with my friends ( as always). I realized 4 things today! 1. Why do guys bite their lips in taking pictures?! Look to our third photos in the collage. 2. I'm so old. I can't belive this. 3. I can make things happen if I really strive hard. It's all about determination, euquilibrium and faith in others, oneself and God. 4. It's all about little things too. I got happier when I saw the smiley rice! How's your day? :) Thanks for dropping by! Spread good vibes. Think pink.

Patricia <3

Monday, 21 October 2013

There's more to life than college

  A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself. Today, I will share to you a blogpost containing all the ups and downs of my first sem in college. I can still remember my "College Jitters" blogpost. Time flies so fast. I'm truly grateful about it. :)


  I was really scared that I might not find good and true friends this time. Oh well, God really loves me because he introduced me to a bunch of good people! Even though I'm the only one who didn't graduate in IS, they never OP-ed me. :)) I idolize/admire each one of them. They have their own stories, own characteristics and identities that's been my inspiration in life. Through thick and thin ang friendship na ito. Haha. I remembered when i can't enter because the guards are so strict. I wore slippers with heels! It's still slippers daw. Monie acted so well that's why the second time I entered the gates, HA! They did't notice me! Ahihi. Also, the PYSCHO PROJECT! THOSE RATS. HAHAHA. Everything will keep confidential about it. *EVIL LAUGH* I SWEAR, THEY'RE ALL SMART. SMART IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. I'm so proud, I'm a part of this group. I love you guys. Looking forward to the next coming sems! I EXPLAINED IT ALREADY. LAB U! 


  Sharing my grades to my dear readers. HAHAHA. I'm so shy to post this on fb because it didn't meet my goal. I want it to be all line of 1. Don't judge. This is the way I live my life. I set my standards too high. I like it anyway. I'm so disappointed of myself. I only got 2 in my major subject. REALLY A FAILURE. My English? AHAHAHA I'm thankful of 2, so much. If you would only know my exams in English. TOO HARD, I WANNA CRY. HAHAHAHA. Thank God, I'm so active on recitations that caused my prof to call me "ANNE". :)) My pyscho, hahaha. OMG MY UKNOWN MIDTERMS. MENTAL BLOCKED! hahahaha. I'm just complaining ( a little bit ) in Filipino and Math. Why 1.50 only. HAHAHAHA. I think, it's a good start. Next time, I will really weigh things. I will study harder ( IF YOU ONLY KNEW. THIS FIRST SEM IS THE BESTEST VERSION OF MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TO STUDIES. SINCE BIRTH. NEVER DID ADVANCE READINGS REGULARLY. NEVER LIKED MATH THIS WAY. OMG. This is the first time I could say, MATH IS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT! KINIKILIG AKO. HAHAHA.) I will practice the art of diskarte. I will.. hahaha. So many I will-s! It's really hard in my school. I mean, I don't like the policy for the accountancy students. In the 2nd year of summer, we'll get the qualifying exam. 70% will be from the GWA ( General Weight Average ) and 30% from the results of the qualifying exam. The challenging part is!!! The school will only get the Top 90 students who can freely continue our course. Our course have 9 sections! 40 plus students each. Imagine? -___- Yes, and if I failed? I will still remind myself that I'm not perfect. I claim to have high standards but just like in accounting ( oh well ) everything will remain in balance. Laging may masama kapag sobra. Dapat sakto lang sa buhay. They say, grades don't define you, JUST YOUR FUTURE. LOL. But, what my friends and I realized today? IT STILL DEPENDS. Just do your best and set your hopes and love to what you're doing in it's highest level. 


  The transition of high school to college is too close yet so far drama. LOL. Close because, I don't think na totoo yung walang pakialaman sa college? It depends but for me?  No. People around you still care. They also say, puyat ka na nga sa college, tres pa din? I don't know. Hahaha! If you'll be choosing Engineering as your course, I think I'm not in the position to give my opinion because Trigo, Chem and Physics. I know it really hurts. Hahaha. Hindi nagtuturo ang prof. IT REALLY DEPENDS. Grades really depends on them. Nuff said! Hahaha. Boring sa college. Hell no. There's a lot of things you'll discover to it. A lot of people you'll see. A lot of stories you'll hear. Mahirap ang college. DEPENDS. HAHAHA. If you don't study, yes it will be. Pero kung sanay ka sa cramming at natural kang matalino, goodluck kasi ako hindi. Slow ako eh! hahaha. Try the advance studying. It really works. Siguro, madedevelop lang talaga sa college ay... madali ng makipagkawpa tao. Naks! haha I don't know, for me, yes. Tsaka diskarte. Always use your common sense. Wish ko mamaster to. Hahaha. Analyze every decisions you'll make. Lagi naman, sa lahat ng oras at pagkakataon. There's more to life than college. Goodluck for me and the rest. Push pa. Pray pa kay God. Tiwala lang! 1 down, 9 SEMS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I made a compilation of videos of our section. Lol. If you can't view it so well just click the link HERE!! YEAH HERE LOL Guys, thank you for dropping by! I hope you like this blogpost. Virtual hugs! Goodnight. Off to sleep. Hahaha. Still early for tomorrow. :)
Patricia <3

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pinker than Pink

  My blogpost title is so funny! Do you know that Bluer than blue song? That's my title inspiration for today. Talk about blogging problems! I'm back to fashion blogging once again! All right!!!!!!!!! No more sadness and blue vibes in the air! :)

  Thanks to my momma who took my photos. She looks more fashionista than me! 

  What about Kuya photobomber? lol
  The I-have-headaches pose. Lol

  The WANNA-VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL-BE pose. Candice! Miranda! You're my queens!

"Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it."  Leaving you a quote I saw from my favorite photo website which I'm not going to tell again because I'm selfish! =))) I'm all in pink today, super girly! Let me tell you a short story behind this ootd post. While my mom's taking pictures of me ofcourse, tawa siya ng tawa sa mga kalukahan ko! Kahit maraming taong nadaan, not so naman. Mga 2 or 3 people lang. Napatingin kami sa guards. Omg. Tawa sila ng tawa sa akin. Hahaha! Atleast, I made them laugh once in awhile! It's very important in our daily lives, we have to make others happy. I told you that I'm reading a book and one of the stories from there is very touching. Chicken soup is a collection of short stories which conveys genuine values in reality. One story is all about HUGS. There's a man who loves to hug everybody. EVERYBODY MEANS, ALL. No exception. They went to a home for the old people and those suffering from illness. He saw a man. He hesitated if he will hug him or not maybe because of the man's situation. But then, his friend told him, go for it. Don't doubt of him. Give him a hug. So Mr. Hug gave the man a warmth hug. Then the nurse or authorized person said, "It's the first time that he smiled/ is happy for so many years. Your hug must be powerful." Mr. Hug is now my newest icon in life. I want to hug everybody too! What do you think? Dapat isulong to sa senado! umay na sa pork barrel! hahaha If we have a law about hugs, AHHH. We can freely hug our crushes na! HAHAHA. Okay, sorry for my soupness. :| I'm wearing a statement shirt from Penshoppe! "HUG THE HATERS." Ofcourse, it's on sale! lol. I hope you like this blogpost! Thanks for dropping by! Think pink! :)

Patricia <3