Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm feeling 22

  It's feels like a perfect night and dress like hispters, oh oh. Yeahhhhh. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers in the world Di lang halata! I feel so old today. At the same time, fulfilled! Why? I did so many errands for today! I got to deposit my own savings not my first time pero wish ko lang hindi ko na talaga siya agad agad i-withdraw. That's it. I inquired at SMART live more oh yeah haha for a wifi plan. Bought my things and etc. Yay. I want to become a working girl someday, with a very very good corporate job. I'll be the happiest worker ever. SAY WHAT MY FRIENDS! HAHAHA. 

  I'm wearing my Tita's Top. Can you believe it? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOO. BOYFRIEND POLO FROM TITA TESS! :)

  This get-up is close to perfect. Ikr. My mom told me, " Para kang artista..." Oy ah! My mom is one of my haters, I really appreciate what she said. I always appreciate people who tell random things about me. Haha. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. My reason? ATLEAST, I HAVE TOUCHED YOUR LIVES ONCE IN A WHILE. :)

  Some bloggers are liar. JUST LIKE ME. :P I didn't opt for these booties. Comfort first before style, don't forget! :)

  I just bought these sneakers from KEDS. 

  I was really hesitating between Vans and Keds. Same color and same style but DIFFERENT BRANDS.  Nakakaloka nga guys because parehas ko silang sinukat. Litong lito ako even my Mom. Consistent talaga yung salesman ng Keds. Pero gusto ko kasi talaga noon ay Vans. Naglapitan na yung mga salesladies doon and all. Juske, parang may famous na bibili. Hahaha! Tapos, pinaglakad pa nila ako. Hahaha. Yes naman, kunin nyo po akong volunteered model sa runway ng mga brands nyo please. Kahit ako na magbayad. HAHA.

  It's a good choice after all. Choosing shoes has always been my waterloo. Pero lagi na lang ako napupunta sa mga shoes na never ko pinagsisihan. Parang love. Chararat! I mean, just like our lives or my life. It always bring me to good results.

  Special thanks for my photographer, Karla Lisette F. de Chavez! She knows my taste about taking photos for ootds. Karla is one of my girl soulmates talaga. Parang yung mga pinagdaanan ko, pinagdaanan niya. Yung mga dream or gusto ko, love niya din. Basta, so amazing. I wanna meet the boy version of her. Haha!

  Kung anong tinago ko sa katawan, siya niyang inilabas. Hahahahaha! Fashionista din yan. But i'm more stylish than her. Even Maycy. All of us. Pero si Karla lang di nagbloblog! :P

  Thanks to those get laud people who aren't strict!!!!! We had the chance to take mirror shots and everything.

  Nakakatawa kasi yung feeling na ang tagal nyong di-nagkita. Grabe ka Karla, you hugged me sa may For me. Ew you! :( haha Kaloka lang kasi walang tigil bibig ko kakwekwento. Hahaha. Naeexcite ako kapag si Bea Theresa ang nakita ko. Sobrang hug na yan! HAHAHA. Nothing much. I can't find the perfect words for this blogpost because my mind is flying to someone's heart hahahaha asa pa. Iniisip ko kung paano ako mag-aaral mamayang gabi. Wala namang quiz pero hobby ko kasi talaga mag-aral eh! Haha. I'm also worried of my hair tomorrow. Mom bought me already the hair color thing. Sana hindi ako ma-late bukas. Before pumasok, Imma dye my hair in black again. Till next summer. This time, mega blonde. Bleach! HAHA My parents will kill me. I also want to have another piercings... I'm so jelly with my ka-close blockmates na meron. It looks so cool and stylish. Bahala na! The whole clan will throw me under the bridge, If I'll do it!!! Haha. It's a great Sunday for me. Thanks again to Karla ( We miss you Maycy so much! ). Off to books. Lol I love you all my lovely readers.