Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happiness is rain

  I'm inlove with rain ever since. I just don't know why. Charot. HAHA. I can't focus right now because I'm currently talking with my two bestfriends on the phone. It's so funny and yeah, I'm loving this multi party call thing haha LOL!

  It's raining that's why I had my umbrella in this photo! hahaha

  I really suggest to invest in a good brand of Umbrella. :) I'm using an automatic umbrella from Fibrella. Haha. Whenever I hear Fibrella, I always remember a wattpad story entitled "548 Heartbeats". Another good story! 

  Dami ko naitawa today! Mga 50! hahahahaha We had/ did nothing today. Thank you for not seeing us our dear professors! We enjoyed talking, eating and shouting like kids while on our way back to Room 201 just to see if we have a  prof  na! Wala kasing dalang payong yung iba so dalawa ang nakisukob sa akin! Hahaha utas na ako kay Vanessa! Bet na bet ko talaga siya! Kakatawa! Hahaha I have colds right now and it's killing me softly.... hahahaha ang sabaw ko. I have a joke!  What's the fastest soup?


:( :)))))

Oh Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Ang lungkot ng araw pagdating ng Tuesday... you know the song? Just correct my lyrics if it's! Hahahaha I don't believe this song anymore. Yeah I used to believe that Tuesday means Tearsday. I had a happy Tuesday today! How's yours? :) Tell me what happened to you today, chat me. Text me so that I can call you also. Anything. I love talking to people.  Connect? HAHAHA. Stay safe and dry! I love you all! <3