Monday, 10 June 2013

Smart Casual

  And I'm like yeah everything you heard is true... everybody knows I'm hung up on you! Oh oh oh neseye ne eng lehet minamahal kitang tapat! Spell sabaw? Hahaha. Finally, 1 day down... Idk days to go! It was a boring one because only one professor has met us.  Some of my blockmates are really friendly. They made an effort to ask everyone's name and did little conversations  too.

  Top: Beverly Hills Polo Club; Jeans: RRJ; Flats: Payless; Bag: Lacoste

  I went to a smart casual because I don't want bad impressions from people out there. Next time na lang ako magpapakitang gilas sa fashion haha not now! Aarte muna tayo na simpleng pasosyal hehe For those who haven't started their classes, I suggest to wear something like this! Nux Polo shirts are one of the most comfortable tops ever. I'm a big fan of Polo Beverly Hills Club when it comes to polo shirts. I find it so matured! Skinny jeans are really essential to teens. We can wear it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Mag iWantTV na tayo LOL.  Just collect them all in different colors! Ofcourse, who wouldn't mind wearing killer flats at the campus? I saw some girls wearing heels today and I find it not so good idea! Remember guys, being comfy is the most important thing after all! 

  The pose? Very VERN ENCISO. :""">

  I had an awesome first day at the latter part. Lol. The thing is, they're all friendly!! Is it just me or maybe us? Haha with Maej, Matt and Jude. Nagrecess kami eh wala namang teacher eh leche haha College is definitely a different level from high school. EVERYTHING! But I know this is just the first day only, there's more on the coming days! I'm looking forward to all of my new friends. They're all good and sweet as well. Haha! We have a gay classmate, what more can we wish for? HAHA My advice is wag masyadong mahiyain talaga. Be talkative. Be comfortable. Lastly, wear your prettiest smile! Let's just pray for better things to come! I also read from a magazine, Don't be yourself. BE BETTER. Everyday is chance to improve yourself for the best stuffs that will come on your way! :) Let's do this my co-freshmen. Minsan lang tayo magiging baby ng campus, let's savor and enjoy the moment! I love you all! <3