Friday, 5 July 2013

Signature outfit

  I missed blogging so much. If you only knew... I was barely living from Monday and awhile ago! Thank God internet connection is back. New contract with new network. Wow ah! This is a late outfit post last Monday. I chose my title as SIGNATURE OUTFIT because last week and this week, I pulled off this ootd! It's really crazy how it went. Sometimes, I look sexy and there's a time I looked like a boyish girlaloo. It's so fun anyway! I was so busy this week also. I had to settle some accounts and important papers too! Oha feel na feel ko. It's like an ojt to my dream corporate job. Pinapadeep ko lang. Hahaha. But I really felt like a PRO! 

  Why do I have to be sexy? HAHAHAHA Why do I have to proclaim such things on my own? HAHAHAHA Seriously, I'm getting thinner and thinner effortlessly. I don't take my breakfast but I  make it to a point that I'll drown my tasted buds from plenty of rice and viands. Dinner? Normal one. I don't know. My jeans are getting maluwang. I don't use belts anymore. Ewan, katamad ba? Haha.

  I also dyed my hair in black again. I miss my copper blonde already. Next time, I'll dye it in red naman. 

  But my cheeks are getting chubbier and chubbier. Yucks. Ew. *Vomits vomits* Hihihi. Thank God it's friday! I had fun today. As always. :) Something unexpected happened. I didn't expect that I'll be going to the CCT's auditions. Kleinel kasi. -___-" Yeah, but thank God! We passed the auditions. I hope I'll fulfill what I've promised when I go to college. I wanted to bring the old me. I was active way back then in elementary. Let's just see if this thing will work in the future. New people, new environment. I won't spill all the details. I'll just tell those on my upcoming blogposts! As of now, we're all squeezing to our pre-lims next week! So help us God! Go for the gold! Lezz do this Accountancy students. Pero guys, we'll not be having our prelims in accounting because yeah it really sucks, we don't have a prof yet! So annoying but all we can do is to wait. ;) I read an article from candymag today. The story tells about a bestfriend-went-to-a-relationship stuff. It says, "WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO COME ALONG, SOMEONE YO DON'T KNOW SO WELL. LEAVE SOME SPACE FOR MYSTERY AND ROMANCE." It may sounds cliche but hell yeah, don't rush things. Life is all about waiting for good things to come. Still, better things come to those who work on it. Let's wait and work in return. I hope you gained something from me today! I like it we'll be having a journal in English. It thrills me because there's a day we'll choose a bible quote, vocabulary words, inspirational quotes, brain teaser and a diary! I love my life. Virtual hugs!!!! :)

Patricia <3