Sunday, 9 June 2013

College Jitters

  I can't believe my college life will start tomorrow. OMG ASDFHJKL  And i really thought I would be forever alone! Thank God I met ( via fb ) some blockmates. Thanks to Dayan Conti, super! I'm so excited to meet all of them. Ayan hindi muna ako aarte masyado bukas haha they might hate me agad! Lol There's this pressure because of le course and ofcourse the new environment itself! Thanks to Almira and Kleinel! They're both kind! At magaganda pa. I'll look like a toad with them tomorrow lol sorry if I won't give you lotsa and good thoughts for today. I'm on bad mood right now...

  Today, I decided to change my photo bg. I tried to find our tripod but I failed! So here's to the kids who use books and tables with the self timer... How I wish I have my own photographer for free!

  I have worn this dress over and over again but I have no choice but to wear it again! I can't throw it ofcourse haha I'm not an artist to do that thing. 

  That moment when you realize you hair is kinda long! This is the prettiest photo of the day for me haha! It's like a candid photo which is yes because it's really hard to take a picture of yourself ALONE! The bg is outside the house so it's very awkward to do some poses because people/neighbors might see and laugh at me. That will be the next answer to my most embarrassing moment on your slambook my friends!

  So you really have to be alert! If you can just see me that time? I was like. Look at your right and look at the left. LOOK. RUN and set the timer. FASTER, someone might pass by!!

 I feel so girl from this photo. (: I decided to use my oldest sling bag from my auntie's package way back 2009 I guess so It's from Nine Co in United States! I'm close to their family especially to Lola Edios and Tito Remelito! I remembered our conversation this afternoon.  Him: Kamusta na kayo? Me: Okay naman po. Kayo po? Him: Ayos lang. Pogi pa rin. Wow ang hangin tito! Hahaha but nah! He's really good looking! Aba it runs the blood, right!! haha 

  We went to church at 4 pm. Everybody was staring at me. Uhm let me tell you the real story behind it They first looked at my shoes before the dress and le mukha! It's like... Head to toe. Haha. Wow I can't blame those people. Every Sunday, I do overdress. Not everytime as much as possible if I can wear white shirt and pants malamang susuotin ko during lazy days. Well, I'm always lazy di nyo lang naabutan!  I also remembered a scene awhile ago. I was heading alone to the house and then there's this little girl na nagsalita ng malakas GANDA NAMAN NG SAPATOS! So I looked back and gave her a smile :) Just a light smile because I was crying that time for a secret reason. Haha. Plus those people inside the jeep. Psssh. I'll get their eyeballs na talaga grr pero it's one in a million experience because may nagliligawan sa harap ko and then pinaparinggan nila ako. I'm not crying because of lovelife. DUH.

I know these bad feelings won't last. I know I'm being too shallow again but I can't help myself to be like this. I'm just looking forward for another day tomorrow. I'm hoping for good and cool blockmates tomorrow. See you when I see you. I love you for understanding every words I say on my blog. My readers are way better than the best. Thanks for letting me know that you're one. Haha medyo kilig! Take Care everyone! Let's pray and lift things up to the Lord. Wow I feel better now. Hay salamat! :)