Friday, 14 June 2013

Time flies when you're busy

  I had a great day with my blockmates. It was our first time to meet our English teacher, he/she's the best! Our professor is half Filipino and half Filipina! Just like what she said We were laughing the the whole afternoon with her! Yay <3 <3

Top:  Hollister; Jeans: For Me; Flats: Payless

  Back to the old times, Orange is one of my favorite colors! What a coincidenee with Vern Enciso. I have loved blue. I changed my blog too. Yay

  'Twas a great Fridate with the two of my pretty blockmates. Andrea is wearing a violet shirt and Kleinel wearing the gray one! I'm starting to love my new life with new people. I never expected that it would be a happy week for me. All I thought was Omg I'm gonna live my life with the quote of forever alone but it's not!! I wish this vibe will continue until forever. Haha! I'm always with Richmon, Glessy, Clarisse, Christine, Almira, Joice, Kleinel and now with a newfound sister Andrea! Pero magkakilala na kami noon pa haha pero by names lang. Thankyou Lord for these people. Thankyou for good professors. We're not sure if they will remain good even if the real lesson starts haha pero feel ko naman is yes! Thankyou for the great week! It was really awesome. I'm inlove with my college life! :"> Good decision, I guess. Thank God I listened to my parents' decision! The school itself and ofcourse!! My course I think I'll break my promise of becoming a flight attendant someday! Let's just see! haha Tomorrow, we'll be having our NSTP Orientation from 8AM to 12 PM. I'm not used to getting up so early anymore. I love my schedule so much!!! :( I'm so tired right now. I'm receiving a lot of private messages from plenty of people right now! Haha Sarap chumika with all of you! Wait, I'm down to my last sentence for this blogpost. 
Everything doesn’t happen for a reason. Everything happens because of a reason. Let’s not leave this to a supernatural force just to make ourselves feel better. Anything that happens is a consequence, a riple effect to our actions. Leaving you this beautiful qoute I saw from my tumblr newsfeed! Have a great weekend my beautiful and sexy madlang readers! I love you! Spread Good vibes and happy thoughts! :*