Sunday, 16 June 2013

My no other man

  I'm very aminado that I grew up being a Papa's girl even though my mom and I spend time alot.  My dad is one of a kind. He is very funny. He is the best. He is my no other man. :) I learned so many things from him. I  just wanted to share those things from the day I was born up to now.

- Being on the road

  When I was a young dork, my dad and I go to a lot of roadtrip travels ( Batangas, Laguna and Manila lang naman) but those are moments that will remain in my memory forever. One example is we're on our way to Binan, Laguna and nasa may San Jose lang ata kami noon. And then nagplaplay sa stereo yung kanta ng Viva Hot Babes yung lyrics na basketball basketball ang sarap sarap magbasketball. Lalalala. My dad is a kind of father who'll instruct you to dance and he'll give you a reward just for you to do it. So ofcourse, I'm not into rewards like the hell I care? The hard thing is kukulitin ka ng kukulitin like asdfghjkl so sasayaw na lang ako. Wohooo! That was the best joyride ever! Hahahaha. Atleast I made my father happy once in a while.

- He taught me how to drive

  It's his profession ever since :) so I wasn't surprised na sa kanya ako natuto :)) I'm this cray cray daughter who'll steal and distract my dad while driving sa highways or mas malala pag hindi highways. Syempre magpapanic yon. pero pinapayagan ako madalas. Huh! I have a complete trust from him! :p He always says na "Wag kang lalagpas sa white lane. Discipline nene/baby..."

- How to handle money

  When I was young, we had a small restaurant inside the house. My dad is a great cook!! :) He's really good with money. I don't know why I didn't inherit that trait from him. I swear, I'm gonna study how to save money this college. Believe me. I'll post a photo of bank booklet here, just give me 5 years. HAHA.

- "Lokohin mo na ang lasing wag lang ang bagong gising"

  1. My bother and I experienced this quote so much. :)) haha One time my dad was drunk. My brother and I wished for twenty pesos each... Not the usual himself, he gave us agad agad kara karaka! So the other morning, niloloko namin siya na "Papa.. yieee. May 20 pesos kami! hahaha!!!" "Saan yan galing *smiles na parang lasing pa din*" "Kagabi noong lasing ka... hahahaha yiii!" "Langya ito. Di nga?" "Hahahahaha. Walang bawian boy!" Here's to the kids who are bitch with their dads hahaha

  2. My dad was sleeping... again and again my brother and I were making kulit like kinakalikot namin yung ilong at pinipisil siya habang tulog nga... hahaha unfortunately, our dad slapped us both :( hahaha naughty kids. -___- But sinuyo naman kami both after. Psssh. Kids, wag kayong gagaya sa mga walang magawa na tulad ko. :))

- Interact with different people

  My dad is a very friendly man. He knows a lot of people. I have a feeling kung tatakbo yun na brgy. Captain sa Alangilan, panalo yan tamo. :)) haha. He taught me how to talk and make friends with older people especially with his co-workers(Ya. Naalala ko nung sinama ako sa First Gas. Potek, pinagtago pa ako sa ilalim eh. Tapos tumambay lang naglaro lang tapos kinakausap ng mga tao dun.  Malay ko wala akong utak noon lol) / boss( Minsan sinasama ako sa party nung mga foreigners! haha shet kung maayos na akong mag-english noon potek dami ko ng nasabi. Haha. Naalala ko nung makikitulog  (wish ko nga nagpaampon na ako hahaha kidding!) ako dun sa boss kinausap ako, hindi ko nagets. What's your name lang pala! Eh kasi british. Iba accent. Ang bilis. Tss. Pero super bait ng mga foreigners, I swear. Namimiss ko yung mga gifts sa amin noon. Hay.) / friends (M2M!) . Yup, Personally and even facebook :)

- Forgiveness
  We've been through a lot. We conquered those as family and I'm really proud of that. Having a complete family for the rest of our lives is one in a million chance. <3

Happy Father's day Papa! I love you so much. :) I miss you a lot. I kept on crying noong paalis ka na because I know, I need to pray for another year just to see and be with you again. I maybe a bitch daughter, but I know in myself that I do those things because we're just so close to each other that I'm not afraid to express my real self with you. You're are the coolest father on Earth. Thankyou for all the things you provided me, especially the unconditional love ever since... Thankyou for understanding me everytime we fight. I miss those throwing of stuff toys so hard because I'm so bored and you're busy with you phone.  I miss those crying sessions while I'm shouting too loud and you're talking with Ninong Poy on the phone and you'll say "Yan nababaliw na naman. Matalino daw siya! Woo". HAHAHAHA. I'm so happy because God assigned you to be my father. :") Thankyou for keeping our family well. :) Thankyou for all your hardworks. I know you're only dream for me is to work on abroad and you'll bring/fetch me  to the airport. I really love how simple is he. Namimiss ko na talaga magdrama sa aking Ama. If I'll marry a man, I want it to be like my father. Someone who'll make me happy with not so plenty tears hahaha gusto ko yung mababaliw ako kapag kasama siya. Haha. :) Yeah. PAPS, MAYBE I'LL MEET AND HAVE A PRINCE SOMEDAY BUT REMEMBER THIS....


This is already long. I have so plenty of things to say but I'll keep it private. Hahaha. Naks nakapag-isip pa na magprivate ano despite of so much stories that has been shared! Just to show na I'm a proud Papa's Girl. I love you Papa Boying. :"""">

Happy Father's Day to all our Dads out there! Have a great Sunday! xo