Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Required RED

 This blogpost is dedicated to my good friend, Karla. Charot, she'll kill me after Ikr haha It's another petiks day for us. We had our orientation at the amphitheater. I'm so scared of my course... Few people have survived. I'm so jelly to those who are in the fifth year already! Sobrang bow ako sa inyo mga ate. Tips naman dyan oh! 

  Today we are required to wear something in RED. Why? DUH it's because we're celebrating the drug awareness day fyi. :P Dinaig pa ang Valentines at Birthday ng school eh.

  I borrowed this top from my Mom. It's from Bench. This is a very old one, she said. Wag mong isuot yan. Luma na! Since I'm too lazy to change, I wasn't bothered at all. I've been wearing old clothes, let's just say I'm used to it. There is just something I find romantic about things that have been around before me, and the idea that they naturally hold stories I can only dream about!

Left to Right: Joice, Ate Zel, Moni and Glecie! :)

  Left to right: Me, Clarissa, Christine, Mattias ( we call him Sloppi too! I'm not sure of the spelling. He's half swiss), John ( Wait John ga nga name? Not sure hahaha sorry! ) and Jude. Hahaha. 

  With my chika buddy, Joice! Some of my friends call her Ate because she's undeniably tall. I can't call her that way... di ko feel. Haha! Medyo maaabot ko naman height niya! Hahaha sanay na ako  dahil nina  Rica and Shaira. Omg I miss my fashion bffs! We have talked a lot of stories. Kpop, family matters and everything. I'm comfortable with her!! :)

  With Andrea! She's my girl crush in the room. So pretty at walang kaarte arte. Single. Bat dumadami ang populasyon namin? Bakit?! Hahahaahahahaha Just kidding! It's a nice day again. Pero gustong gusto ko ng mag-aral. Haha. May quiz kami bukas, thank God!! Oh di ba? Saan kayo nagkita na ako na nahiling ng quiz? Di ko kasi magets bat wala akong maaral. Pwede namang mag-aral, ayun advance study. Lagi silang wala eh! Haha. Bahala na sa Accounting. Self study na to! There! I'm done with this blogpost! Thanks a lot for dropping by. Virtual hugs! xx

Love, Patricia <3