Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Better day ❤

  It was a better day because I have spoken and thrown some stories to my blockmates. HAHAHA. I met a lot of IS graduates too! Really thanks to my sister Moni and Almira! They introduced me to their old classmates. They're all so nice! Pero nakakahiya pa din haha pero atleast talaga! I just went with a lazy day outfit because I didn't feel going to school awhile ago. I just wanted to stare at my screen that's like forever...

Top: Papa's; Jeans: Random; Flats: Barbie; Necklace: Gift from Nadz! I miss you Nadine!! <3

  I hesitated to my planned ootd because it's like a sheer top slight lang eh I'm just afraid to be noticed. I think, I failed hahaha

  It's so hard to copy the famous pose of Ate Karla Aguas. Haha. I have a different version. 

  Just got home pose! Messy bun+ beach slippers+ Mickey as the bg= MY WORLD. 1 prof a day makes students bored anyway. Hahahaha. We met our Math teacher already and hay how I wish it's Mam Domingo... a woman with understanding, compassion and sense of humor. Mega sigh! Still thankful because I have my new friends. Thank God!! Still, High school friends are IRREPLACEABLE. :) I don't where will college take me! hahaha everytime I talk to them, they always remind me of my old friends from high school. Yay. Pero ang sweet lang na may magtetext sa kanila na kung nakauwi na kayo pati everytime may makakasalubong kami, ipapakilala ka kaagad. Namiss ko ang vibe ng public. Ang saya lang. Ang babait. Lord, please don't forget to guide me everyday, that's my only wish!