Thursday, 6 June 2013

SYML the fourth!

  It's the fourth week of the most awaited SONGS YOU MIGHT LOVE segment on my blog. Hurray!! I hope this won't be the last. I made an official logo for it guys, omg! Give me some applause! haha Medyo feeling VJ/DJ ( Too much Simply Kpop, Myx and MTV in my head).  I don't care as long as I'm happy with what I'm doing, no worries. Not your problemo, not your life! =))) I really hope, this segment helps you somehow? Yes in a way!! :) So here it is!

It's Time by Imagine Dragons

  Everytime, I'll catch the smart tvc it's like... UH I WANNA SWITCH TO SMART NOW NA PLEASE LIKE AGAD AGAD MEDYO NAGMAMADALI. Hahahaha! Chris Tiu is so hot. This is now my favorite song because it reminds me of new beginnings in life. This is actually my college jam. It's time to begin, isn't it? I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit I'm just the same as I was. Now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am. Lalala. Even though we'll take different paths in college, let's not forget where we came from and who we were. I also think that yeah it's time to change my sim card. I just don't know when? If I could just buy a smart microsim already, fully furnished! Nang dahil kay Chris Tiu na hottie!! Lakas! What an effective tvc for me! I miss our speech class!! Hahahaha. College people, you just have to search this, I swear you'll love it. Trust my taste just this once!! :)

I love it ( I don't care) by Icona Pop

  From S4 TVC!!! Hahahaha I watch commercials now!!! Yay. It will bring you to a party and hippie vibes. I don't care!!! I love it! :P

Brighter than the sun by Colbie Caillat

  I know this is an old tvc but somehow it's still new? say what! hahaha I remembered when it's still new. My cousins and I were singing loudly this song with whatsoever lyrics. It was fun after all. Tvc from Solaire. I haven't been there. Could someone take me there? Looking for a rich boyfriend haha 1 Nico Salva or Zac Efron please! Kidding. :D

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

  To tell you honestly, this is last week suppose to be! hahahaha  staring back at me lalalalala. Click the link :)

Can I have this dance from HSM3

  "I graduated this year but I never got my Zac Efron" This!! This is my favorite part from the movie. I'm inlove with Zac's line "My prom is wherever you are..." Omg If I was Vanessa? Oh boy... melt. :)) This song is just dedicated for those who have lovelives onlehhh! Hahaha

 Tada! We're done!!! Btw, you know the loperamide tvc? I can't find a decent video of it that's why I didn't include it here. I was so LSS from the song Lonely is the night when I'm not with you with the girl's voice. If you're interested, you may search it on your own! Type type din pag may time!  For more music updates just visit MYX. I swear, I have never typed the right url of it (just now). Stay tuned for my upcoming blogposts!!! Don't forget to drop at my Tumblr. Send me anything that will save me from boredom. Make my life complicated haha echos bored to death forever. Thankyou again! Till next SYML fifth! Love ya all!