Tuesday, 4 June 2013

College tips 101

  Hello froshies ( Hello to myself too) hahaha. Yeah most of us have already started their classes (Jelly. Hindi naman sa nagmamadali ako pero nang matapos na kasi lahat. Lol!). To those who'll give OBF (Naks feeling Ateneo haha wala trip lang, one big fight naman talaga sa first day. Every first is an obf!) on Monday, June 10! Omg. This is it. I'm gonna die. *Scream and shout* Oh yeah! HAHAHAHA. I'll share some of the things I have read. I know it will help you! :)

Three Magazines, I relied to!

  I eat alot of veggies. This is one of my favorite section. Kaya there's a medicine desire inside of me. Basta all about health, beauty, fitness and all. Siguro Nutrition and Dietetics siguro. Lol.  

Old magazines still help!

It's also fun to read online! I swear you'll laugh the whole time. Ang kenkoy ng mga higher years! :)

  I won't study in a far place but I included this one! This applies to those who'll live in a dorm. Kasi ako yung type na madalas na makaiwan ng towel. Saka marerealize kapag tapos na. Ahahahaha. Sisigaw na "Mameeeeeeee! Towel!" Hahahaha. Or I'm gonna put my old clothes again and get my towel afterwards. Hassle. So, I'm reminding you team nakaDORM! :)

While reading 'em all, I was really stressed. Nastress ako sa part na fake friends daw sa college. You just reached college, fake na? -___- and it's hard to balance love and studies daw. (Naks may plano! hahaha atleast I'm open minded. I can plan things all throughout) What stressed me most? My course. My subjects. I'm afraid. I'm not smart but I'm beautiful hahaha this is what we called, self esteem!! You just have to cheer yourself whenever you feel down. Lol. But, I think hindi necessary na handa na super like isip ka na ng isip about college. You need to relax first. Be positive. Enjoy the last minute of staycation. Minsan kailangan natin ng sarcasm sa buhay eh. AHHH Whatever  it is, I'll just keep in mind that "Yung mga gago nga sa pag-aaral, nakasurvive tayo pa kayang mga dedicated at magaganda?! hahahahahaha laugh all the way!!!" Forgive me hahaha. Btw, before I bid my goodbye to this blogpost... Please if you want Goodvibes in your life. Do check my tumblr, see the 4th page I think... I reblogged a funny gif of Winnie the Pooh there! I swear... You'll laugh the whole time. Less stress!  Goodluck everybody. Keri this!! :)

P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming blogposts. This Friday, I'll publish an SYML post. Next week is all about college. I'm praying for free time. Hopefully! I love you all so much. :)