Thursday, 27 June 2013

I think I'll have a heart attack

  You make me glow... Ohh. But I cover up. Won't let it show, so I'm putting my defenses up. Cause I don't wanna fall inlove. If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack.... Hahaha. This is my jam for today. I don't want to share it here. Even in tumblr! I told this awhile ago via chat with my cousin, Jen. Bahala na if I'll tell this to Karla, Maycy or Bea Theresa. (Omg. Naalala ko, 2 years ago. I was with Bea when I saw this creature and I grabbed Bea's hand so fast tapos tumakbo kami. Wtf. This monster is killing me. It's so scary that's why I decided to keep it from you guys. Yiie. Oy ah I know how to make secrets, SOMETIMES! :P) I'll share to you what caused me today from HEART ATTACK! :)

  This is an Angel Locsin inspired outfit. Do you watch Toda Max? Hahahaha She's always with this get-up! Except from the pants. She'll be in boyfriend polo with sando and shorts. She's effortlessly beautiful!

  I'm loving this Aero tote bag. Hihihi. It's floral and easy to handle. 

Ang taba ko naman ata dito? :> It's still okay, medyo mukhang bata ako! Hehehe. I'm crossing my fingers na sana wag talaga ako magmukhang losyang sa course na ito. Did you know that I smile while reading my books on different subjects? Hahaha I don't want to obtain plenty of wrinkles at a very young age. You should try this also. Just smile while reading so that you'll avoid getting wrinkles and everything!

  I'm so inlove with this white sleeveless top because it's so kalokalike with Ate Karla's!! Hahaha You don't believe me? Check it here!

  Heart Attack REASONS for today!

1. First Quiz in Math

 I was so pa-easy easy with the lessons. Not much. Pero I did study naman, yung type lang na hindi nag-isip ng mga possible problems. Saan ba magkikita ng complicated? Atsaka, di talaga ako magaling kapag analyzations! Nahirapan ako ng sobra dun sa problem na nakakalito. May Venn Diagram pa naman yun. Ayos na eh. Getchable ko na yung mga atleast at at most. Yung problem lang yung nagwalang hiya. Patrice, goodluck.

2. Secret :P

3. Keys left on the table

  We, Filipinos have this tradition that we'll leave our house keys under the dormat, under the kettle and ours is inside the toot! :P So I checked it there... It was opened! I was like, Yung totoo? May nagnakaw? Shit! Thank God no, because I opened the windows and I saw the keys on the table! I thought my mom put it in the storage already. She's responsible for that! Omg. How will I get them? .....
Thank God once again because I was born with natural knowledge and wisdom and all. *Light bulb! Bright idea!!!!* Haha. I got the mop with no rug in it. So it's like may kawit yung thing na yon. I moved those keys using the mop! It took me 10 minutes or less. Holla!!!! I'll tell it to my mom and I'll scold her. It's payback time!!!!! Hahahaha! Wtf. How's your Thursday guys? Thanks for reading!!!! Virtual Hugs.

Love, Patricia