Sunday, 16 June 2013

Joy Lee Inspired OOTD

  Hello my awesome readers! I just went to a semi corporate attire for today and I also consider it a Joy Lee inspired outfit! Do you know Joy Lee of Missing You? I'm gonna kill you if not! Kyaaa that's my first favorite Korean drama series! EVER. The first foreign thing I watched was Meteor Garden pa and they're tawainese! HAHA.

  Joy Lee wears fine dresses with long coats I used a blazer only because hell yeah people around Batangas City will kill me na if ever haha! and ofcourse her pretty booties!!!!! She has a signature thing with her boots right? Yung ginagalaw galaw niya while nag-iintay sa rain and she'll recite "DARATING HINDI DARATING, DARATING HINDI DARATING" :P

  Every Sunday is a day for me to be called SCENE STEALER! Ahahaha *sings I don't care I love it in her head! lol* That moment when you heard them talking about you because of your get up!! And then they will look again to your oh so dramatic boots? MELT! HAHAHA I'm used to it. Like what I always tell to myself " Girl. CONFIDENCE! ABA PINILI MO YAN. PANINDIGAN MO YAN! HAHAHA BACK OF BITCHES, I'M REALLY STYLISH EVER SINCE. KILL YOURSELF GANON! HAHAHA. "  We need confidence everyday. It doesn't mean we have to be overdressed everyday. I mean it's very important in school, friends, and etc! But don't be so over confident!!! People might recognize you as Feeler or mataray. Just an average level only! :)

Ready? :')


  I'm inlove with this gal! I love her fashion sense. I like the hair. So perfect. 

This is the scene I'm talking about! Her black rubber booties! :)

  She is the first Korean to endorse a famous cosmetics Brand, MAC! I'm inlove with those orange shades! I swear I'll really buy one this year!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!! I'll save money for it. I SWEAR. I WON'T EAT MY WORDS here because hey this is a lipstick thing! Yummy :3 haha Anyway, she has a twitter account! I'm following her but she doesn't tweet in english. Korean Problems, why oh why?! 

  Thankyou for reading! Hahaha. Just keep on reading. Help me to earn money through Nuffnang!! :)  I have an early class for tomorrow. Omg. I don't like my Monday schedule! Yay. I feel so retard right now! I'm tired. I have so many things to do. I haven't studied and ironed my clothes. Hell this. Don't make gaya of me my dear kids. Haha!  Again, thankyou for dropping by! If you haven't read my old blogposts, just read them whenever you're free! I love you! Take care everybody!