Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Royal Prints

  Another fine day with my friends and classmates. Why? We didn't see our loving professors on three subjects for today! Well that was half good and half bad. Good because I got to share a lot of stories with my seatmates. Joice and I talked about Kpop, Girl's Generation to be specific! We watched certain music videos on her phone! I'm inlove with Yoona so much! I think what Kerstein Clarete texted me last week is true! Wow ah! Nagpaconvert ka na?! Hahaha. While Almira and I talked about Elmo Magalona because she's a fan. Me? I saw him on personal once and I follow him on twitter, that's it. But I know how it feels to become a fan girl that's why super relate! Haha. While Venessa accompanied me on commuting to go home since we're barangay mates naman. I had fun with her, she's so funny and loud. Actually I am one too, I just don't feel acting hyper these days. Charot, arte ng lola mo! Lol I learned a lot from her. She's so nice. Everybody is!!! :) Half bad because our prelims is fast aprroaching. Goodluck for July 8-10. 

  Top: Style Co ( from Ninang Mila. I'm so shocked when I saw the tag! I asked Ninang. "Ninang alam nyo yung style co? Omgggg! She said it's a gift from our relatives in States. Whew. I thought yung online shop dito sa Batangas City eh! hahaha ) Shoes: Naturalizer ( Pasalubong from Ninang Cel! The shoes are so comfy. I won't ever trade it with somebody! )

  I chose Royal Prints as my title because naks do I have to explain ba talaga?! haha The color of my top is Royal Blue and It has prints on it. Royal and Prints. Just like Plains and Prints. Lol. 

  Yeah! At dahil nagladlad na ako hahaha I'm not a gay guy! I mean, medyo showy na ako sa Fashion sa klase. Hahaha. Today, when I opened the door... it's like... They're like "Tingin head to toe marathon" hahaha Hashtag medyo mayabang! A lot of people asked me also, Ba't hindi ka nagfashion designer? Yeah. Tapos na-encounter ko din na mahinhin daw ako. Naiinis talaga ako sa sarili ko pag ganoon. Ayoko ng pa-girl sa arte. Ewan. I don't know. Napapansin ko din ang private ko. Too much twitter in my head that's why I was influenced by the artists I follow! Hahaha. I'm completely opposite of what they think. One thing I'm sure, Mabait talaga ako! Hahaha "Mabait ka!" made me laugh awhile ago. Thank you blockmate! hahaha

  I have a chika also! Who would have thought that I'll be elected as PRO of the class? TELL ME. Yung feeling na wala kang pakialam sa mundo, yung di ka na naboto kapag di kasali mga kaibigan mo. The feeling na last position na, last nomination pa and suddenly Shanne  our president said, " I nominate Patrice for PRO." I was shocked ofcourse. Wow ah laki ng tiwala ni President ah! We're not even close. We had some small conversations only. Hindi naman sa maarte or what, tamang reklamo lang! hahaha I told my mom the story and what I got? BAKIT PRO lang? Ayaw nga mapasali diba. AYAW. 

  Stuffs I got from my aunties. They will always be the sponsors ever. My favorite picks are the aero bag, levi's skirt ( How I wish it's a short instead! ) and the boyfriend polo from Dockers! Yiheeeee. All I have to buy are plenty of jeans and good brands of make ups! <3

Thankyou so much for dropping by! I hope you gained something from me. Haha. Virtual hugs!!

Love, Patricia. <3