Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sometimes you have to break the rules

Sometimes you have to break the rules.... for FUN! YOLO! 
  Entering the BatStateU gates is probably the earliest struggle  for me ( Kaway kaway sa mga pasaway! haha)  in everyday. Why? HAHA I don't dress in skimply style ofcourse. Not my thing! I don't have piercings just like my cousin, kaway kaway Kuya Marc! I didn't kill someone also. Omg no! Haha It's because of my hair color! Yeah if you are a loyal reader of mine from tumblr ( I miss my old blog there! :( ) I dyed my hair last summer. I remembered our research paper days last March! We went to BSU Alangilan for a library research. Idk wth has happened to me that day and I went with shorts. Actually it's not the shorts you're thinking of! For me it's somehow decent because it's approaching my tuhod naman. The guards in Alangilan campus is really strict. Thank God, I don't go there! Psssh, never ever again. I will forever hate them. Hahaha. 

  Thanks to the kind Ladyguard who told me the reminders about my hairlaloo for the nth time in a right manner. Thank God she didn't notice my semi-flipflops. It looks like Sandals naman. Pasaway talaga eh ano? Hahaha

  While waiting for our last subject. I asked Joice to have a picture! hahaha Joice reminds me of my old classmate and a good friend named, Lindfel. Hi Lindfel, I hope you're one of my readers :(( haha The way she talks, the way we talk! hahaha I'm very curious seatmate. I always ask her a lot of things. Wala lang. Feel free na talaga ako sa kanila! =)

  Meet Almira! :) She's the first one I got to text! She's my first friend! She's one of my jeepneymates! haha :)  Natatawa ako lagi sa kanila ni Kleinel kasi ang kulit kulit ni Kleinel sa kanya. Haha. Laging pinagtritripan! Naalala ko tuloy noong otw pauwi ang Bene sa outing noon! Lagi nilang pinagtritripan si Harmon. Napapaisip ako sa mga taong ganon, wow ah haba ng pasensya! Hahaha I admire people who have long patience! :)

My seatmates if it's not alphabetical! haha

  From L to R: Glecie, Kleinel, Clarissa, Christine, Almira and I!

  *Insert Moni, Ate Zen and Andrea here* :) I will be forever grateful for these people. I didn't expect that the start of the first sem will be a good one. I have read from blog, " Wag kang masyadong ma-attach sa blockmates mo, hindi mo sila kasama forever, magkakahiwalay rin kayo! "  I don't think so. I have a feeling na parang I can't afford to lose these new people. Sana next sem ulit. Kahit 1 year lang oh! Haha!  I had a great Wednesday but if you're a loyal reader again, you'll see my other blog. Yay because the latter part of the day is kind of creepy... pero it is talaga!!!! There, I'm off to bed! My class tomorrow will start by 11:30 and will end at 4. Good schedule right? I'm inlove with my life!!!! Have a happy life! I love you! :)