Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday Roadtrip

  I'm so damn tired ( blogging keeps me awake. Be touch naman oh! ) I was at Laguna the whole day. I can't imagine what we've gone through like omg this life is so grr lol. I have so many stories to tell. Now, where do I start? Hmmm. We went to Sta. Cruz, Laguna  to finish some errands for my grandma's operation ( hay let's pray this will be a successful one! I won't agree if not! ) Sta. Cruz, Laguna is located at Far far away land! ( Yes because it's 2 hours and a half drive from Calamba. Calamba only, and we're going back to Batangas at the same time. Imagine how many hours we have travelled? It feels like... Antartica. Oa but true. ) I'll share lots and tons! xx

  Laguna has very large lands that's why universities there offer courses like Agriculture. I remembered Bulacan and Pampanga, ( How I miss my Hekasi subjects. I was memorizing their land measurements, whatever and so on.  ) that's when you'll realize, God is really powerful to provide his people such beautiful things. ( Naks. With Values pa ang blog ko. Proud blogger here! Proud Filipino here! Tayo'y mga Pinoy! Tayo'y hindi Kano! Wag kang mahihiya kung ang ilong mo ay... [ sad but true but... hay err fine] PANGO. HAHAHAHA. )

  After 2 hours and a half! Finally we reached RED CROSS of Sta. Cruz! I'm so wasted but what am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you? lol

  See that 1 bag of A+ frozen white blood? THAT'S THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS TRIP. ( Ehem hello Pre-Med students of the world! I'm giving you a sneak peek to your one of a heck world! )

  Their kapitolyo is located at Sta. Cruz too! I was amazed when my mom told me " Madalas ang kapitolyo talaga nasa dulo " Me: " Bat ang atin, hindi?"  She didn't answer. She didn't know what to say to a very wise little girl like me. ( Try to imagine how clever I am while asking her that time sabay hawak sa baba! Chos :> )

  I just noticed!! Everytime we'll pass a town, they have this product. Lambanog is made from Vinegar. It's a wine or a drinks or what? Basta watch Rated K and Matanglawin kasi. Lol!

  Those 3 photos are from Anne Curtis' restaurant!! I think it's in Los Banos! ( Sorry I'm so confuse. Sunod sunod kasi nadadaanan namin and I can't remember or memorize all of them! They're tons! haha ) It's name is ISDAAN! HAHAHA but the theme of the restaurant are something temple, buddha and whatsoever. Weird! But don't make fun of it, they got lots of customers. Nice one Anne!! :)

  UP Los Banos!

  When I saw them? I closed my eyes. Look back again. Closed my eyes. Look back once more! Omg!! They're so cute! They're on their way to a party ( Obviously! )  

  I'm really happy and LOL-ing to this photo especially if I'm zoom-ing it. They made an effort to give their best shot for me. Hahahahahahahaha. I love clowns so much! 

  @ SM CALAMBA! It's my first time there!! Hahaha. It's really unfair for me because back when I was still going to Anihan ( near Carmel Ray, Calamba) they don't provide activities such as going to Sm Calamba! I was so jelly when Jen told me that they do now! It was the fastest mall gala ever since we're in a hurry!

  Top: Esprit; Bottoms: F and H; Booties: Shubizz ( These booties are the comfiest! I will never trade these shoes. Never! * Even if we give you 1 Million Pesos? * - NO. * How about 1 Gazillion Euros plus trip for NYC forever and a ZAC EFRON? * - GO AND GET IT. YOU CAN BURN IT WHENEVER YOU WANT. HAHAHA. Sorry for being me? Lol Sorry for low quality of pictures. My mom took it. Blame her! Blame me also. My bg was against the light. DUH.

  Though it was really tiring, I had so much fun! Imagineeeeee. We almost reached the whole province!! Calamba, Pansol, Los Banos, Pila, Sta. Cruz ( Those are few of the towns I barely remember! they're obviously incomplete!! haha pasensya na tao lang) I'm into Laguna people! They're so kind. They're approachable. They're good. Unlike some of the Batanguenos and Batanguenas. I really agree that some of us are barakos and matatapang! Nakakainis especially yung Dra kanina sa Regional. She's so mataray and naninigaw. Excuse me you only reached your degree, doesn't mean you have to throw your manners. What if it's the person's fault, could you please lower the tone of your voice? Sorry hindi kasi namin naaral ang mga naaral mo eh. Talino mo kasi eh. Galing mo nga! The best. Goodluck in the future. :) I also want to share if you're clueless for a place of hot springs? PANSOL, LAGUNA is the place for you! Their resorts and hotels are so plenty to the point na magkakatabi lang talaga sila. Kamusta naman business sharing nila doon? Haha! Really thanks to those people who gave us right directions! I also remembered a scene... there's this little cute girl. She's with her mom and dad! ( Her dad looks handsome hehehe bad! Pero kamukha nung crush ko na taga San Pedro, Laguna. Si Rico bebe. Hehehe. I'll transfer to Laguna na talaga! ) The cutie was really bv. I looked at her. We're looking to each other. Then, she smiled! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHE'S SO CUTE. HAVING SINGKIT EYES. OMG! I smiled back :) Then I told my mom ( Parang bata lang no? Sinasabi pa rin sa nanay nya! Lol), I smiled again, and she smiled back!!!!! Omg ( ang tagal tagal ko ng hinihiling na magkalittle sister ako but my Dad never granted my oh so wish! :( ) Hay. #SimpleJoys I really had a long day... Goodnight! I'll post something fashionyyyy tomorrow since it's Sunday! I'm so excited on Monday because I can finally sport my porma to school! :) Love ya all! x