Thursday, 18 July 2013

Does the moonlight shine on Paris?

Du ru rum du ru rum du du

You say you've been overseas

I say over where
You say just a holiday
My Alsatian heir
I say I've been working late, working overtime
Haven't seen that sun since sixty-nine

Does the moonlight shine on Paris

After the sun goes down
If the London Bridge is falling
Would anybody hear a sound
If you follow that sunset will it ever end
Oh Does the moonlight shine on Paris
Oooh du ru

  I remembered my old favorite song, Moonlight Over Paris by Paolo Santos. If you haven't heard about that song, Omg the world has rotated for years!!!! It's so old already haha Nah. Discrimination isn't allowed in my blog. Hihi. I advocate good vibes and happy living in this world. Everyday is a chance to learn and enjoy things in life! Chumacharot. Hahaha! Nothing, I mean have something to spill. Writing a title for a blogpost/ composition is one of the hardest things to decide. Yeah, that's one of my blogging dilemmas today! Sana naman kasi umusad na kami sa lessons sa English no?! Pwede bang bumalik sa third year and have a lot of movie marathons about medieval period tapos humarot sa panonood ng Romeo and Juliet?! Grabe ang harot ng dalawang yun ever. Ew. Haha. Pero to mention, my favorite lit movie is about kay Queen Elizabeth II or the first? Omg i don't know. Basta ang puti puti niyang nilalang sa mundo. I miss those days! I miss my seatmate, Trixie! Yeah, I call her that way pero siya si Tricia Pascual ang aking review buddy. Whenever magrereview kaming dalawa, aa taas ng scores ko. Pati daw siya! Dapat hindi na lang kami naghiwalay forever para sana forever high scores no? HAHAHA I hope she's my reader too. Yiheeee! :) 
  While listening to our Math Prof ( She's a pretty woman. Yes, down the street. Pretty woman. HAHA. I mean she's like my old teacher in Math way back in third year. OMG my hatest subject, GEOMETRY! Wondering why? She's a fashionista too. I like her clothes, so much. They're both into cover ups in dainty colors pa. Oh diba, feeling sweet 16! haha joke pero bagay naman. Maganda sila both! ) I noticed her watch... Yun hindi nakikinig si Patrice, alam na yung lesson eh. Genius! HAHAHA. Nakakasawa na kasi makinig, paulit ulit na! Para lang pagsesermon ng mom ko. HAHAHA. Joke! I mean the watch really caught my attention because of it's design!
  It's everybody's dream. I was checking my instagram feeds, there I saw Kim Chiu and Xian Lim! Natatawa ako kasi yung mga fans, nagtatampo na since it's really obvious na magkasama sila pero they don't post photos together. HAHAHAHA. Pero ang sweet no? EUROPE GALORE WITH THE ONE YOU REALLY LOVE. Yun talaga dream kong relationship in the future, yung sosyal at may class. Kaya aral aral din muna pag may time my friends! <3 

   It's my second time to wear our uniform! Finally, it's now fitted! Look, i'm so sexy. HAHA. Just kidding. I feel so bloated these days. Next week, I'll be going back to my balance diet. I'll try not to eat plenty of rice on evenings. I won't neglect my standing-after-I-eat-my-dinner tradition next time too. Hihi.

  I can't believe it guys... we're having our midterms in the next two weeks. That feeling you just rested in your couch for minutes and you have to study over and over again?! AHHHH I don't know what to say. Psssh. Our school has fast facings. Let's do this. Kembot natin to guys!!!

  I'm itching to cut my hair again but I won't chop it in pixie style ofcourse! NOOOOOO even if you give me 1 million cents, no way! hahaha I want a Korean Cut. :"""> Tony and Jackey or Len Len's? HAHAHA Let me think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Follow me on Instagram! @fiercepatrice thankyou! Kanina while I was sitting in the jeepney, narealize ko na ang magiging name ng future clothing line ko. :) Aba kahit hindi fashion merchandising ang course ko aha aha kaya ko magmanage kakabili ko lang journal tapos yung columnar kong isang pad feeling ko masasayang! I bought 10 columns, 12 ata dapat! Mabuhay ang bansang Pilipinas! hahaha. I realized that FiercePatrice is already a good name of a shop. =)))) Iniisip ko rin na PB from Patrice Bagui or simply Patrice Bagui just like Louis Vuitton or Coco Chanel diba? Name sila mismo ng owners nagiging sosyal lang pakinggan kapag famous at big time tapos naabbreviate sila. What do you think?!! Ako ang magpapabagsak sa mga yan swear basta mapangasawa ko lang mga apo ni Lucio Tan or Henry Sy! Haha They are my idols. I can't imagine how rich they are. I just found out na si Lucio Tan pala may-ari ng PAL? OMG hindi pa rin nawawala yung Flight Attendant vibe sa heart ko. Hehehehe. Tapos siya pa may ari ng Jolibee. Tapos si Henry Sy? NUFF SAID. I hope di ko makalimutan mga idol ko para hindi ako mag give up sa buhay. Idol, i-search nyo sila please!!! 

  Hashtag medyo baliw! We'll have a long quiz in Filipino, tomorra! Oy even it's Filipino, we have to study it in a serious way. Ang lalalim na pala ng inaaral sa gramatika ng wikang Filipino kapag nakarating na sa kolehiyo. Hanep. Tapos malalaman na score bukas sa Accounting, WOAHHHH. IRIT TAYO! OMG THIS IS IT. Libre ko kayo sa Calda Pizza kapag nameet ko yung expected score sa isip ko. HAHAHA. Please Lord, kahit walang lovelife for 5 years. HAHAHAHA. Joke, kahit 3 years na lang. Wait, two years na lang?! HAHAHA Joke joke. Whatever my score will be, I'll accept it. Anong magagawa ko, yun lang kinaya eh. Atleast hindi ako nagchecheat. I believe, CHEATERS NEVER WIN! 
Don't give up from the things you really love. There is a saying, don't wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain! When I was young, I do dance in the rain. Literal! Hahaha. Saya, promise. Di ko yun ipapagpalit sa mga new memories. Wala na... *kamay kamay moves* Wala na ang bad memories. I miss "Missing you" :((( Have a happy throwback Thursday! Thankyou for the comments Tita Tess and Celina. <3
Patricia <3