Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One step at time

  Heyah everybody! Whaddup man?! LOL! I went straight to home (such a good kiddo! but deep inside nagtitipid haha ang daming events this August so I guess I really need money. Yeah, that feeling na parang sa expenses mo nakalaan na parang may pamilya ka ng binubuhay? Ano pa kaya if meron. Hay! Thumbs sa prof namin na nagsabi, "Saka na kayo magboyfriend kung mag-aasawa na kayo") since we had our early dismissal today ( No prof in Nat Sci. Let's do the self study again! haha ) that's why I'm currently doing my blogging duties today!

  Sorry for the Iphone photos only recently. I promise after Midterms, I'll do things right. I have the excuse haha I don't know why do I always feel tired and retarded! Anyway, this top is from my brother. Ayaw niya i-suot. Haha. Ako lang ata talaga ang nagsusuot lahat ng damit ng tao. Pati sa Ama ko, lola ko, Tita ko and etc. Hindi naman sa wala akong damit, pwede na nga akong magpagawa ng walk in closet sa dami eh haha uso magjoke! Haha. I just like to experiment and try other things on how I'll carry myself on the road's runway! Oh, sabeh? =))

  Comfiest ootd ever!! Comfy yet still got the swag, man! The prints are epic ( cartoon monsters from Disney!) 
  I'll just share some few life lesson texts today. We need to unwind and reflect once in a while :) This morning I found a blog, she's a bridgetine too! I like her blog so much. The way she uses his words? Just like a pro! I won't tell who she is. I'm shy ya know hehehe because we're not close. She's older than me! Isip isip din tayo bridgetines pag may time! Haha. She blogs her personal life too. Basta, you'll gonna love her blog if you'll know. Hihi. Just to show I read a lot (NOW). I believe that you can't be a good writer if you're not a good reader! :P

  YOLO! Don't live your life in the past. Better learn from it na lungs. It's alright to make mistakes but it's not okay if you won't learn from it! We deserve to be happy. We deserve everything in life because we are all humans created by God. 


  Hashtag medyo naligaw. Sama na natin, nailagay ko na eh! Hahaha. Yup, I'm planning to live the life of sketching again! Feeling marunong diba? Hehehe. :) I played fashion before it was cool. Why do I mean with that? Hindi ko naman po nagustuhan ang fashion ng basta basta. Not because I saw someone wearing nice! I was reading a newspaper tapos na-attract ako sa fashion page, tapos yun. Nainlove talaga ako sa pagdedesign. :"> I'll organize my papers and things. Gusto ko ituloy yung first love ko. <3 I'll buy a lot of pencils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to start and post those sketches here in my blog. <3 <3 Stay tuned please ;)

  Never give up. Cliche as it sounds, try and try until you die and succeed! Patience is a virtue!

  So what we go out? We're just having fun!!!! Nanananana I don't memorize the lyrics. HAHAHA. Such a nice song. According to our Psychology book, adolescence is the stage where we have exta freedom to do anything we want! Minsan di masamang mantrip, makitropa tropa chill. Basta wag mag eeuphoria. Haha. Naaalala ko mga kwentuhan namin nina Karla and Maycy. Hayyyyy. Missing them so badly. 

  Hay. This place! I want to reach a place like this someday. It's oozing and relaxing! This is the place with extra "oomph". This is really part of my bucket list before I die. To the man I'll marry, I'm commanding you to bring me here before I die. I'm gonna die if you won't! SABEH? Mamatay bago mamatay?! =)) 

  "Pag mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, masaya ka sa ginagawa mo :)" - Ate April. I remembered our very old conversation! I think it's 5 or 6 years ago :) May mga conversations ka talagang di malilimutan sa buhay mo, it is! She was taking an education course. I used to like that teacher thing when I was a kid kaya nakapagtanong ako noon. In anything we do, we have to love every bit of them. It's the key to success too! 

  I'm speechless now. Haha. Medyo napagod. Promise, you'll see the Patrice version 2.0 after midterms! I have so many books to read sa iBooks ko kaya i'm hoping na maiimprove ko lahat ng dapat iimprove. I need to take those things step by step. Kaya nga there's a song na one step at time. Darara dara dara. One step at time, there's no need to rush is that learning to fly or falling inlove. Yes, one step at time! Thanks for dropping in my blog! :) 

Patricia <3
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