Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Little Things

  I hear you heart beat to the beat of the drums Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone-eeeeee. Hahaha. I miss our Ek trip from that song ( because last April during the roadtrip, Karla and I were listening to this song! Feel na feel namin yung road trip vibe! ) Anyway, I had fun today with my blockmates!  

Moni: "Friend ayos ka lang?" Me: Oo. Monie: Friend, bagay sayo ang damit mo. Ang puti mo. Anong gamit mong soap? Me: Ah... Hmmm? Moni: Dove? Me: Oo. Ngayon. :) ( I don't stay from one brand of soaps. Whatever is available na lang. Hahaha ) Yep, I really try not to repeat clothes. I don't wear my new boyfriend polos because I'm saving them from important events. Still, I'm worried! I think I need two new dresses, heels or pumps and a pair of new colored jeans. Hayst. I need cheap stores! :(

  Photos while riding in the jeepney... Hahaha it's so fun because we're moving! Thanks to Steve Jobs for the best quality of photos from Apple. Hahaha.

  Stuffs I bought! :) I paid it for 42 Pesos only. I got the lowest receipt! Aba sa hindi ko trip yung iba eh. Haha. Pero I fell inlove with the eiffel tower kanina. Icocollect ko talaga yun. Smalles to the biggest one. We'll come back next time! Thanks to Save way Bauan! hahaha I think it's a chinese store because of their low prices! They belong to Micro Business siguro! Hehehe. Our prof in Accounting is a bridgetine too! She graduated at BSU in college. I can see myself from her in the near future hahahaha medyo mayabang! medyo assuming! medyo ambisyosa! Let's see if I'll survive. 

  God will never leave us. It's us who always leave him... Have faith. Thankyou fr dropping by! Please follow me on GIFBoom. @fiercepatrice Thankyou! My hands are actually sweating from the video button on Instagram. I feel so shy lang. Haha. Pag kasama ko si Jen, promise. Nahihiya talaga ako. Yun nga lang, jelly galore na ako sa mga may video na! Please, samahan nyo ako wtf! haha