Sunday, 21 July 2013

Walt Disney

  Holla my readers... I lost my energy na. I walked all day. -____- I went on a window shopping! Omg I have so many things to buy talaga bwahaha! Anyway, I have good news! It's my second time to deposit my savings in my bank account! hahaha how about you guys? Can you deposit some of your money on mine too? Wahaha if you want just pm me I'll give my account number hahahaha. I saw a pretty heels from Barbie. It's on sale too. I've been eyeing it ever since because of it's color, Pink! I checked the size, omg not my thing because it's 37! You know, models have large size of feet talaga bwahahahaha! Mine is usually 9! hahaha

  Seriously, I already typed a paragraph kaso tinitrip ako ng connection ko. Tinatamad na ako. Zzzz. This a Barbie Forteza inspired outfit. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a little dress and sneakers (Feb 2012) Yesterday, she's wearing a skater dress and sneakers again too! I think it's Keds! Yeah! TeamKeds! haha. This sweater is the best investment ever! I won't go into the details of it, secret lang kung saan binili and how much! Only my super kaclose in life know it. Hihihi! :)) Don't you love the baby ribbon in it? :)

  Sorry, i'm so drained... hahahahaha! There, I remembered! I saw a lot of paintings of New York stuffs. Ugh. I wanna buy... ganda! Bibili ako noon kahit isa this year, para naman pag down na down at pagod much ako eh mapatingin lang ako sa frame na yon ay daig ko pa ang nag-take ng enervon! Happy happens! haha! Mario Maurer and Bai Fern is going to Philippines this August for Penshoppe ad! OMG I WANT TO GO SINCE IT'S FOR FREE. Let's go!!!!!!!!!! Bai fern <3 not Mario hahahaha. It's Monday again tomorrow. We have prelims in PE! Yeah finally, the last one! Petiks lang haha joke aaral ako promise :)) I need to make a ppt presentation pa for the report in Pyscho! I ALWAYS BELONG TO THE FIRST GROUP OF REPORTERS. WHYYYYYYY?! CURSED MY ONLY VIOLET INDEX CARD IN THE CLASS. WAHAHAHA! Have a happy Sunday! I'm so excited to watch my favorite sitcom later! HAHAHA Forever favorite, Pepito Manaloto. Ofcourse, everyone's favorite? GGV! Thankyou for dropping by! I love you all! 

P.S. Walt Disney because I remembered a picture from tumbr, kids are watching tv tapos walt disney yung nakalagay. Diba before we watch disney movies, may nalabas na logo? :) I wonder, ngayon kaya that we're living in a modernized world... Nawiwitness pa rin nila kaya 'yon? Techie na kasi eh. Candy crush, 2Fuse and etc na bet ng kiddie people kasi. Wala lang. Iba na talaga generation. That's why I do believe that 90's Kids will be the coolest grandmas and grandpas in the universe!!! <3