Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Etude House

  Hello there! Just got home from school! Everytime talaga na pauwi, ang saya. The best ang mga jeepney mates ko. Ang dami kong naitawa. :)) I guess, I was really bored while in the classroom earlier. Accounting is really drowning. Yeah, I finally understand it ( sana nga ) but I think... I'll cry a lot in this subject. It's so hard to analyze. Yeah, it's just the beginning but I'm having hard time already. I don't know. I can't pretend that it's easy because I won't get anything from it. Hay! Can I just sigh here? I need a long sigh, literally and virtually! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Yeah! I'm better. I read  an instapost about 50 ways to take a break! Must-see. :)

  Today, I pulled of a different shade of lippie!!!!!!! Yay when will I use the term "pucker"? :( Maybe if I'll have MAC in the far far away future. HAHAHA. It feels like a korean. Ofcourse, I bought in a Korean Store and as I was watching my favorite Korean Drama, Love Rain! Omg... Yoona from Girls Generation and I are sharing the same color of lippie lipsyyy! Sana may Jun din ako! Sana may Jang Geun Seuk din ako. Woah. Please. Gwapo gwapo talaga ng Koreans. Hay. Gusto ko Korean maging nationality. Don't get me wrong. HAHA. I mean that's my 2nd choice! I don't have the plans of leaving PH permanently. HAHAHA. Natawa nga ako kasi nung palabas na kami, may mga nagprapractice sa baba. Tapos it's more fun in the Ph yung song tapos yung mga nasa likod ko sabi. "It's more fun in the Philippines?! Mas masaya kaya sa Korea!" Natawa ako. :))

  Best reminders ever. Yah. You have to remind yourself that you're pretty... even if it's in a way only! Sorry for the mura. Shhh lang kayo ah? Wala, naubos yung allowance ko for the whole week. Nagtataka talaga ako kasi Jco lang binili ko. Yung sa Etude naman ay sa account ko. Wtf lang diba?

  Annyeong!!!!!!!! Imma Korean :') It's from Etude House located at the 2nd floor ewan ko kung Northwing or Southwing? Baka sa Centerwing? HAHAHA Joke. We just asked the guards, use your mouth when you have time din no?? hahaha! I won't tell the price. Find it on your own or ask me in personal. HAHAHA. It's in orange shade particularly, tangerine in color! Finally!!! I have now strawberry shortcake pink and Tangerine!!! What's next? RED?! NAHHHH I'll use it when I reach 18 na lungs! Gusto ko violet! Or berry smooch pink or the lightest pink... Nicki Minaj Mac please! haha

  Thankyou for dropping by! I hope I did something awesome right in my blog. I'm just drained. I want food. I want to sleep forever... hahaha no! I want to live while were young. ANU DAW?! HAHA. Thank God it's Thursday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to rest like there's no tomorrow. Yay. Let's study! Let's go, let's go. I wanna be the richest girl ever. HAHA. I want to have lotsa of luxury cars, oh my jaguar and Lamborghini! Let's dream... the impossible dream. Nothing impossible. Everything's possible. I have to say goodbye! God be with you <3

Patricia <3