Sunday, 28 July 2013

Do your thang

  Weekends is/are (you decide guys. I'm confuse! but I think it's "is" haha) almost over. Hay. Can this month get any faster? My quote for today is related to it! I mean, sometimes I want shorter days and longer nights, ofcourse for me to have rest! haha If that's the case, time will fly so fast. They say, Time flies when you're happy. Why is it like that? I'm not happy yet time flies so fast?! Sometimes I wish to fastforward everything just like what happened in "Click", a good movie I really cried of! I guess, life's really confusing. It's in you at the end. :)

  I forgot to include "Do your thang by Rihanna" yesterday! If you're a loyal reader of mine, you would probably know that I saw a lot of artists from GMA last week! Barbie Forteza sang and danced this song! She's a good dancer! Tapos, I just discovered na sadyang pineperform nya yun kasi nakita ko sa Instavid nya, na ginagawa niya rin yun sa SM Tarlac. Medyo tamad? Paulit ulit, ayaw mag-iba! haha Do your thang guys hahaa! Excuse Mickey's butt anyway! 

  AHHH! CandyMag has got to be my collection since High school! I started collecting it since November 2011. I love magazines ever since. Noong elementary ay Total girl pero di consistent. Siguro napatapon na yong iba. Kasamahan ng mga barbie ko! Shet. Alam nyo ba Grade 6, nagbabarbie pa din ako?! Samantalang yung mga kids today, iPads na ang mga hawak. Priceless pa din yung feeling na nagbabaliw baliwan ka mag-isa kasama ng laruan mo! Haha. August 2013 is my favorite issue so far! I like the cover so much! It's on pastel! The cover girls are Jasmine and Laureen! ( I received tweets from them na! Hehehe. Define lucky? :) ) I'm so proud of Laureen Uy! Feeling nanay haha. My cousin told me na before maging isang cover girl, dapat may naprove ka na! :) Iba na talaga si Laureen Uy. Medyo nasubaybayan ko siya mag-grow up from Binondo Girl pa! Such an icon! :)

  Say hello to my new flats! YAH. I'll collect shoes now. HAHA. I mean affordable shoes. They're from Primadonna but it's not so cozy at all. I don't know? HAHAHA. Can I share something like this? Okay. So kita nyo ba yung blue sheer top/ see through ko from Penshoppe na first ko sinuot sa EK tapos second ay sa MOA. Noong una talaga, shet sigaw ako sa ganda dun. Pero ang mahal, almost 600. So I told myself that I just have to wait for it to be on sale. So, na-plan ko na talaga sa isip ko na yun isusuot ko sa EK last summer. So, nagulat ako na new arrival eh nagsale agad the next week. So shock nung I bought it for 279 pesos only! So just what I've planned, karaka-karaka ko siyang pi-nurchase! Again, I bought it with my own savings. Ever since I started my love for fashion! Mostly eh pera ko. Oh well. After all, saan ba nanggagaling pera ko? AHAHA :) So if you always visit Penshoppe now, it costs, 500 pesos. OMG. Alam nyo yun? That feeling na pinagbigyan ka talaga ng Penshoppe last summer. Grabe. I'm so happy. Buti nga, ako lang meron pa nun dito! Hahahaha. I don't buy cozy things except pag may pera talaga or bigay or ewan haha. We have to make sure of things, ofcourse. What is sulit mommy? It's getting more of what you need. TVC of Kris Aquino and Bimby! :) 

  I remembered the song, Terrified! haha I also remembered our jazz chant when I was still in 2nd year high school :) Edgar Allan Poe, a POET, I guess? HAHAHA. I can't explain it to you guys. It's for you to find out. Medyo tamad mag-isip. Hehehe. Aaral pa ako eh! :P I hope you had a great weekend! Don't forget to indulge yourselves a bucket of happy thoughts. This is life. This is my life. This is just a piece of my universe! <3
Patricia <3