Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yves Saint Laurent

  "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." - Yves Saint Laurent. Omg!!!! Guys, I'm back to blogging once again! We're done with our prelims in Accounting so Nstp na lang Pe! Hooray!! Next time, I'll post my prelims results! It's not about bragging, there's 1 subject I failed to! ( not failed naman pero ugh panira siya promise hall of fames na sana lahat eh! Swear :/ ) Like what our English prof told us we shouldn't stress ourselves since we can strive more next time! Thumbs up for that, I can't afford to earn more wrinkles these days. I'm curing mine anyway! I'll share it next time too if it's effective. I'm really praying for its success! So much for acads, omg I'm so immuned with it... my life has been circling with school-bahay ARAL ARAL ARAL even in my blog I'm still mentioning it? I wanna die hahaha 
  Are you guys wondering about my title? :) YVES SAINT LAURENT IS ONE OF MY DREAM BRANDS IN THE WORLD. Like what I've said before, I'll only smoke if the brand of my cigarette is YSL! I'll share something about it in the latter part of this blogpost! <3

  Here's what I wore yesterday, Tuesday! It look so classy and sossy! Guys, if you'll ask me why I'm not including the brands of my clothes is, I HAVE WORN THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!! I'm just doing the Mix and Match stuff because I wasn't born a rich kid. Haha. I also think people don't notice it naman kasi okay this is another jeepney story. Sabi nila diba, lahat ng mga nakakatuwa at knowledgeable na bagay ay nangyayari sa jeep or any public places. Natuwa talaga ako. I paid my fare. Yung konduktor, tumingin syempre sa akin particularly sa damit. HAHA. Tapos ang sukli sa akin... 2 pesos lang?! I gave 10 Pesos kasi. Wtf? Do I look old? Do I look so stress? There I realized, mukha kasi akong working girl sa bdo na nagwash day. Sorry na! :""""> That's why I chose accounting. May corporate thingy, syempre I have to be inspired na fashion related pa din itong course na ito. Sa buhay, kung hindi ka gagawa ng sariling tracks and inspirations mo sa buhay, it wouldn't be fun during ng hardships mo. Di ba?

  Here's what I wore today! Orange was my favorite color when I'm still in 4th year. Karla and Maycy were laughing about it. Lalo na si Karla, hay nako! Hahaha. Shoutout to my two bestfriends!!!! Karla and Maycy!!! I miss you both! Let's hang out together whenever you guys are free. Hihi! :') So, another short jeepney story... YES. My change?! 2 pesos once again. They really thought Imma working girl already! How I wish so that I can buy all the things I want. HAHAHA. Syempre, bayad bayad din ng bills sa bahay. Aba, breadwinner ang lola nyo eh. HAHAHAHA.

  I just followed an online store at Instagram! Omg... their beauty products?! I JUST DIED. Especially this one! I'm a lipstick lover, I think all girls are. I'm not so addicted with make-ups. I'm after the brands kasi. Yeah call me maarte pero sarap sa feeling ng nakakabili ka ng wawa cash brands lalo na kapag sariling pocket ang gamit. Just like last year! Revlon. Hihi. This YSL Lipstick costs for 1,800. Aw. Hahaha. Do you think it's okay to buy big brands like this through online? 100 Pesos lang ang Shipping fee pag Luzon. Aw, what do you think? I'll try if I have a lot of money already in the future. This is me, this is real. I'm still saving yet I have so many plans agad agad! Haha! I'm doing my best in studying so that I'll work in a good company in the near  future. Kailangan ko talaga magshopping spree someday. New York, Paris at London! HUMANDA KAYO AKO MAGPAPATAAS NG EKONOMIYA NINYO. WOOHOO. Yeah, while answering the Accounting prelims awhile ago... ganito mga nasa isip ko. Tapos nagmumura. Hahaha. Aba, ang sakit sa ulo ng 50 multiple choice part. Mygad. Inisip ko na lang na per number na magkakamali ako, isang chanel lipstick ang hindi ko mabibili someday. Nakakaiyak. Haha. Just wait for my next blogpost about studies. Hihi. :>

  I would like to greet and thank my Tita Tess for telling me she's one of my readers! I was shocked. I just saw her comment yesterday here in my blog!!!!!!!!! I was kilig. She told me that she always reads my blog and finds it interesting. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sa mga silent readers, uso magpakilala talaga. Hahahahaha. Hay, kelan kaya ako makakapagsimula ng magandang story sa wattpad? Frustrated writer forever... hahaha. Again, thankyou for dropping by. I hope I entertained you! Para sa lahat ng mga bv/badtrip dyan? IT'S JUST A BAD DAY, NOT A BAD LIFE! Smile and learn from it. Stop frowning, gusto mo wrinkles? Ako, I want crinkles. HAHAHAHA. JOKE JOKE JOKE! Have a happy life! Mwaaa :)
Patricia <3